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  1. Having left Nottingham in 1967 I had forgotten some of the lingo. I forgot that we used to say aye up. Does anyone know what that means? My mum was a bit of a snob and used to refer to some of our neighbours as " common as muck". After living in Australia for 40 odd years my dad still used to refer to women as " me duck".
  2. Just in case anyone worked with her, my mum was Sheila Dwyer. Sadly, she passed away in August 2011.
  3. My mum worked for elastic yarns in the early 60s. Denise Dwyer. Are you referring to the factory that was located off of Castle Boulevard?
  4. Born in Nottingham in 1954. Attended Dunkirk Primary then Clifton Hall until 1967 then went. To Australia.

    1. piggy and babs

      piggy and babs

      you proberbly knew marita farnesy then

  5. Someone mentioned blue bell hill. I had forgotten about that. Where is it? Sorry I am an ex pat and it has been a long time.
  6. Did you attend this school between 1965 and 1971? Or do you know someone who did?