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  1. A friend of mine and I were talking about the cinema he told me you went to the cinema with a glass jar to get a discount off your ticket(this was along time ago.) Like to know if anyone has any memory's like this?
  2. I rember having a nap in the nursery at bosworth school the Meadows then playing in the sand pit. Does anyone know what age you started nursery school at bosworth school
  3. I was born in the old meadow(1946) Hawthorn steet at the start of the street the old iron bridge over the railway line going towards the coal pit and the power station. When I was young I used stand on the bridge looking has the train went by then realised that my head was stuck. My brother used to go at get help to free me. done this a few times like to read if anybody else has got there head stuck.
  4. Don't remember this film but this made me remember a song I think was called don't jump of the roof dear ? If this is the title does anybody know the words.
  5. Drawing marks on pavements (was it hopscotch) Police whistle sweet that worked and you could eat it ? old type whip and top forgot what types they are. foil tops and silver foil yes I collected it forget what for.
  6. Trying to rember the way buses stopped to pick up passages . and the way out of the station they used Bus company's that used it . Any other information or a photo would be appreciated
  7. Thanks the link was very useful. Shears
  8. Like to know the history of radford mill. Like to know what it was built for if anyone knows(Was aircraft parts made here?
  9. COMICS Eagle, I joined the Eagle club(wonder if I am still a member can you still buy it?) The Beano and the Dandy Does anyone remember the checkbook size book titles (I only remember Noddy. Match box size models, l still collect larger size models of different brands. Tin wind up toys my favourite was a wind up crane .
  10. Pkt calculator all you tap in was + × ÷ - PKT transistor radio Watch you press a button to see the time what's your favorite items that you brought
  11. I used to like a pork chop and brown sauce sandwich Going back to my younger days when mum heated up A tin of peas (l think was marrowfat peas) I liked to drink the liguid that was left l called it poly juice Was cabbage water good for you?
  12. I remember at work workers play time (I think that' what's its called) Can anyone remember any others. I remember it from the sixties (did it start in the fifties?)
  13. I worked for j b Armstrong from 1961 when I was 15 at hounds gate Nottingham we moved to Norton street radford then To ilkeston.
  14. For me the Bosworth school in the meadows 1950's
  15. I was a stockcutter in the clothing trade