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  1. Ar Airfix. I made planes too, got more glue on me than the plane. Does anyone remember the airfix boxes of tiny solders, Romans, American civil war, and desert rat figures?.. you can still get them, but they cost a small fortune today. Pete.
  2. A first edition of the Beano with a free pair of x ray specs I think they were, was sold for £3,500, at an auction at a hotel at the bottom of my road some years ago. I remember TV21 magazine, Blue Peter Annuals. Hector Heathcote annual. My sister had a girly mag, that gave you paper cut out figures and cut out dresses to dress them with. There were Chopper bikes, clackers, that broke peoples wrists. Screwball icecream ith the bubbly at the bottom. Eye balls that would bounce all over the place. Marvel comic. Loved the ad's in the back cover. 'Sea monkeys', spy kits ect. Happy days.
  3. Ha ha. I used to do the same. Probably could have cycled my way to Nottingham from Sheffield on a real bike,every session.I recall getting off and my legs feeling funny and walking around the house afterwards like I was walking on the moon. Then a gallon of beer, and fish and chips. Reminded me of the first time I visited London on my own. Looked out of my hotel window, and saw a youth on a monocycle like in a circus, eating a bag of chips. My bike had a speedo, I'd always pedal faster at the closing credits of Eastenders. You probably didn't lose the weight, because you didn't cycle through
  4. Thanks mate, well done in taking part in the survey. It may have not been a significant part of the population, but it doe's show our tastes do change. years ago I heard it was curry, and possibly before fish and chips. An interesting topic and result. I often eat Chinese, and when I dine out, the places are packed. Love the one near the Nottingham theater with the palladium front, also, The flaming Dragon corner house. I'm intrigued how someone gets to participates in such a survey, and where it took place. Food being one of my favorite subjects. Thanks mate. Pete. ​P.S.What's your favorit
  5. I used to have a Chinese 3 or 4 times a week, funnily enough, Beef curry and chips, does that really constitute as Chinese?. a;ways though Curry was the nations favourite in recent years taking over from fish n chips but apparently it must be wrong. Pete..
  6. #1520 Love the photo, how bizare. You could kill yourself twice as fast. Wouldn't have gone down well on Dragons Den if it was around back then, or maybe?. De Da Pete.
  7. Thanks Cliff. what a great photo. I have them around my garden pond, but I just get a flash. You didn't have to glue it down did you?. ha ha. Cheers De Da.Good tip. maybe I could get a better camera second hand.?.
  8. Thank you Piggy. it is a great book. I love to dip into it now and again. 1p as well. I'm sure it must have cost a pretty penny new. have a great week ahead. take care. De Da.
  9. Thank you so much Commo. I'll have to try and get a copy, hope it's 1p again. I love old pictures. Not being from Nottingham, it fascinates me. My parents met and lived in West Bridgeford, sorry if I spelled that wrong, I get enough stick already for that. I also hope to see a picture of my parents in street scenes, a slim chance I know. Hope your having a great weekend. have a great week ahead. best wishes. De Da.
  10. A person who is well read by the number of books it would seem. I love books too, and that one is a great Cheers Cliff. All the best Pete.
  11. Looks like an ambassador from the 80's/ 90;s. unusual to see a white one. they were usual a brown mustard color. Great to know your still using it. De Da.
  12. Ha ha, funny. I saw a water otter the other day in the river, a water hotter, an old kettle. De Da.
  13. Wow I'm drooling here. I love American cars and Americana.. Always wanted one. My friends Father had a Chevy pick up, and a Cadillac Elederado. A Rolls Royce too. His gradmother, liked the ride in the caddy best. My friend now drive a huge Dodge 4 b 4. We once rode in a 64 convertible Mustang, like riding in a tank. I personaly new Kid creole, of Kid creole and the coconuts. He drove a grey early 50's car can't remember if Caddy or chevy. an d had one parked outside his home with a note, ''Waiting for parts from the states'. nice whitewall tyres. We have a nice corvet in our village, and I
  14. Any chance of a daytime meet up too, for those who can?. De Da.
  15. ​Hi Jackson, yes I know what you mean about writing. I have been inspired by the amount of butterflies too. i have some love long stemmed purple flowers growing in my garden pond, don't know where they came from, but they come back every year. It's full of cabbage buts at the moment. I'd be happy to post your poem on my site. Don't worry about a thing. if I can help build your confidence so be it. anyone else too. I know you wouldn't but I don't post any poems that do not contain bad language, or adult themes. If anyone is considering. I wish you look. need any help, always here to assist.
  16. A few months ago, I purchased a book about Nottinham in the 40's and 50's. from Amazon. It cost me 1p, yes 1p. £2.80p postage. I ended up getting a mint copy of a hard bound coffee table book, with lots of nice B/W plates. Just goes to show, the bargains are out there, it's just finding them. The book is invaluable to me. Love it!. The Book is called, '' Images of Nottingham' Pubed by the Evening Post. worth every penny!. 1 penny. De Da.
  17. Thank you so much. I just want to start more pro photograhy. I've spent a lot latley on a 3D camera. No point if i hardly use a camera. I soon jump from one hobby to another. but their is so much to shoot, I'll rephrase that, Photograph in your city. Thanks. De da.
  18. Yes your right, all those things. any advice welcome friend. Thank you. De Da.
  19. Hi calfan, if you are referring to me, I want to take snaps of nature and architecture around the city.any advice would be welcome. Thank you. De da.
  20. Sounds good. I'm a bit like that. i buy something and don't use it. you ought to though. so many things to snap. Thank you. best wishes. De Da.
  21. Thanks mate. but how was I to know?. i have qualification in Psychology, electronic engineering. and many others coming out of my ears. But i can't mind read. don't forget I'm new here and not perfect, nor is anyone else. Thank you. best wishes. De da.
  22. What a wonderful piece of engineering. Filmed it last week. What happened to the fish tank, and Massage chairs in the center?. De Da.
  23. Thank you to everyone. I'd like to thank and reply to you all individually but I'm not sure how?. I've already been told not to use the quote button But what how was a newbie to know?.. just wondered if it would be easier to use an a reply button for each post.?. Like I said Thank you. The lengths you lot go to for others is amazing and much appreciated. very interesting about The Carlton, sun Cycles.I remember vaugley, visiting the shop, in the 60's with my sister, who purchased a bike, a blue girls racer. I think the shop was on Carlton road, maybe, Gateford road Worksop. I do know a guy
  24. Wow beautiful. I may get a camera, but I doubt I'll have your skill. Where was in taken the states?. Thank you. I'll look athat camera too. De Da.