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  1. In Victoria (Oz), 2013 will be the last year of issue for rego certificates, instead relying on number plate scanning software in the police vehicles to identify whether a motor vehicle (car/bike/van/truck) is registered. The driver won't see any reduction though, straight into the coffers of the State government.
  2. A mix of original and current generation Trumpy's. The one in the foreground is a Thruxton 900, which was produced in the last 5 years. I notice a couple of Thunderrbirds in the background too.
  3. Mick, I would say you have the beginnings of a hard-drive bearing failure. And once that happens there is Nowt yer can do abaht it. I suggest you move quickly to back it up.
  4. I think everyone is waiting for an more detailed exp0lanation of this. Can't recall it from my youth...
  5. Commo, wasn't it John, Paul, George and Ringo?
  6. I think the Scottish Highlands are getting to you my lad....
  7. At 14, fairly impressive. An entrepreneur!! Obviously your bosses recognised it and you chose the RAF instead...
  8. Alison, the word is Aussie not Ozzie!
  9. I am sure in my day (50's and 60's), it was a shilling. Although I stand to be corrected.
  10. "When the Shilling went". Brings back all sorts of memories. How long did the shilling last??
  11. When was Woodhouse Way built? I lived in Strelley and where Woodhouse Way is now was Moores Farm, adjacent to the new estates..
  12. Was Harry Ramsden's a chain of F&C's in the UK too? There was one set up in Victoria (East Burwood), but the food was expensive and crap.
  13. Interesting, that there were a number of schools (5) in the area, including mine. Again I didn't realise that mine was opposite the Chedworth Estate