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  1. AYUP, Ayup, Have you tried the new movie 25 addon yet, its brilliant. All the latest BAFTA Nominations incl. Gravity. Last Vagas, The wolf of Wall Street etc. not on dvd or in cinemas here some of them.
  2. My memories of the El T are from its origins, along with the normal electrical installation that one would expect for that type of premises there were hidden Microphones all over the place so the strange person who owned it could listen to what people were saying about him. This guy also owned a car who's previous owner was I believe Mussolini, there was a report in the Nottm Post regarding the car.
  3. Now we are playing with words :- Should anyone be looking for sympathy, try the dictionary, its between Symphony & Syphilis, or so I was told. Have you got your Lexicon out?
  4. I confess to being a numbers nut. Having just entered the date on a form as 10/12/13, (it could have been 10 12 13 in boxes), it occurred to me that since the year 2003 we have at some point in the year had sequential numbers in the date i.e. 01/02/03 and that after tomorrow 11/12/13 we will not have this occur again until it is 01/02/03 in 90 years & 52 days time.
  5. Carl, our own Carlton Lad has done well tonight by retaining his titles, things didn't look good for him in any round up to him prevailing as the ref stopped him punishing Grove. As Carl himself said he had got free shots at his opponents at the end and serious damage could have been done if the ref had not stepped in. Well done Carl.
  6. Spot On Ayup. Have rerouted as your post, have had 10mins of 1 channel (red) , 5mins of Icefilm (skyfall) and now watching Boxing from Manchester, First fight stopped in the third Andy Lee Stopped the Hungarian and now waiting for the Froch fight to cheer on the local lad. If your interested its on Sport Devil /First Row, from Sky Box Office, not sure what time the main bout starts. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Ice Film Gone 1 Channel Gone Dailyflix gone Hulu Pushing Adds only then Stop. Try google 'UK court stop Streaming' & Read.
  8. Have just got the latest updates to xbmc sorted, any video searched & streaming inside 30 secs. including some pre retail stuff THEN along comes a high court judgement instructing British ISP's to Block Streaming. Most of the good stuff has now already gone and the rest to follow. Maybe there is a way around it but for now it seems too many were enjoying free fun & learning.
  9. One of the things I failed to mention in post 123# was that most of the 'Fothergill' buildings in the town, according to my old boss were designed by Fothergill Watson and he believed the first one he built under his change of name was at the time his offices on Clinton street were demolished & his new one was built on George Street.
  10. For those interested in the Railway Heritage of Netherfield & Colwick. I have a poster in my hand titled 'TRACKS IN TIME' It advertises events at venues across Netherfield 23rd & 24th November. If interested, Web Page which will have full details from two weeks prior to the events. Maps & weekend planners will be available one week in advance from St. Georges Centre Victoria Road Netherfield. Phone details from Leisure & Culture Team on 01159013715 Nearly Forgot, It all Free.
  11. Thanks for that picture Cliff Ton, it has reminded me of the canopy around the County Hotel.
  12. Mick, I shall PM you when I get home
  13. Mick, I see you are having a go, be assured it will get easier, but at first it can be confusing but later with use it is very user friendly. Having done what you have, have you loaded 'fusion'. Also, when you click the icon to start xbmc what appears first on screen, does it say 'wizard edition' then immediately change to a 'Bar' across with Videos in the centre & Files & add-ons underneath it. If so, click on add-ons and say what you see there.
  14. Named after John Thackery, Grandson of Joseph Thackery of the Lace Manufacturing Trade. Joseph came to Nottingham from Manchester to start business due to a spat on Machine Breaking in Lancashire, 1870's. The business past from father to son etc.. His Grandson John built Forest Mills in Radford in 1840 which closed in 1950 which was about the time many Nottingham Lace Manufacturers shut up shop. After the Great Exhibition of 1851 where international recognition of his product came from attaining Gold Medals John took on a Partner, Thomas Hickling. This partnership lasted until 1870 when Thacke