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  1. petergee

    Firbeck Schools

    Glad to find this forum's still active. I've just found a super photo of a Firbeck class labelled 1952. I must have gone there (from the Russell school) between 1951 and '54, so the school would have been brand new. Still live in Wollaton today. I can name most of the pupils - but not in touch with any now. A suprising number of the bright boys on the front row went on to Nottingham High School - and perhaps greater things. Peter (front row extreme right).
  2. petergee

    Old Basford Maps

    NEW MAP - BASFORD The Alan Godfrey 1915 OS reprint has just been released. It's packed with railways - the Midland from Basford Station to Highbury Vale; GC from Basford carriage sheds through all the complex junctions at Bagthorpe; GN Derbyshire extension aand Leen Valley line; both branches to Cinderhill Colliery; and even a bit of North's coal railway (and lots of other stuff). This completes the area between 'Nottingham northwest' and 'Bulwell' (published earlier this year). Details are on the Alan Godfrey website. petergee (Wollaton)