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  1. ha ha not counting then it will soon come round so enjoy it dont seem 5 mins and suddenly its gone but it is nice to choose what you want to do be glad when summer returns so i can get some travelling done at leisure ,back to Europe tomorrow think we are going to Germany with shop displays should have gone last week but they altered it ended up in Rome Christmas is coming and they all want there displays up catch you later cheers
  2. i still do a bit of van driving for my mate round corner they run Europe all the time so i get a run out now and again get some good runs still enjoy the travel , are you still working or have you done now
  3. cast iron baths boilers and radiators kitchen units all were hand ball nothing on pallets kept us fit haha ,did you do much work for them through the agency i can remember most of the drivers names still and see a couple of them now and again when in notts
  4. Hello not posted anything on here before but this subject of companies with trucks puts me in there ,i used to work for H&S Distributors in longeaton in the 70's i was a truck driver there for many years until they went bust i use to love doing the night trunk down to london in the wagon and drag no engine restrictions in them days so we could get a bat on we delivered to just about every builders merchant in the uk we were always very busy never enough time to get it all delivered sometimes but we got on with it 35 trucks we had plus one or two agency when really busy hard to believe they when bust happy days i was only young then retired now but would do it all again cheers Steve