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  1. My name is terry i went to coto from about 60 till Easter of of 64 harry happe was headmaster mr Marsden was deputy head
  2. please please can eny one out theare help me find my wifes best friend christein woods I know she lived on alfrad st top end near carlton rd.she work at Gresham hotel 1967and the welbeck hotel 1968 as a chaimber maid she would be around 64to 65 now.also Sheila mavis Horton who use to live at 29 Hogarth street carlton rd.thay are both maiden names . please excuse my spelling
  3. I was theare from 1960ish to easter of 63 herry happer wes head master then I was in 4c
  4. sheila at hogarth st t from 1963 to at a guese 1970 her middle name is mavise she has red hair .don't know much about chrissy as she was my wifes best friend in the 60s she was working at the welbeck hotel in 1968
  5. yes Sheila has two brothers and a sister .her middle name is mavice she has red hair .as for chrissy that's alli know she was my wifes best friend in the 60s
  6. yes thay are Sheila as two brothers allun +Kenny +a siter jean she is a red head middle nam mavis .I only know chrissy was my wifes best friend in the 60s
  7. hi does eny one out theare know a Sheila Horton late of 29 Hogarth street off calton road. ior a crissy woods who work at the welbeck hotel mansfeild road also the Gresham hotel near midland staition with a Pamela douglas.
  8. Looking for people who were at Cottesmore school