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  1. meeowed

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    this is where i started my working life when it was vernon hollbrook I remember the telegraph pole that went right through the building in the far corner There was a hydraulic lift where the bottom door is and the workshop floor being on a slope which was a bit hazardous when you jacked anything up next door was the blacksmith forge a really grumpy chap ran that but he was a good blacksmith He used to make road springs for us I recall a painter setting up his ladder to paint the bottom shutter he only placed the bottom of the ladder on the steel lift He just started to paint the top of the shutter when the bottom of the ladder slid along the ramp and he came down click click click down the shutter luck was with him and he survived unscathed great days i was fifteen meeowed
  2. meeowed

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    The mechanic i worked with at wheelhouse said to me no one would believe the stuff that went off there I was working on a jensen interceptor in the show room a woman came up to me and said this is nice Then she said what does that do i said its automatic you put it in drive and it changes gear itself She said what it does it itself I said thats right She went straight in the office and bought it I darent think how much a interceptor was in 74 Pete the salesman could tell you some incredible stories about wheelhouse Two crooks came in with a 6.4 mercedes they were looking around chicks corniche saying what have you got to lend us while you fix our car I diagnosed points and condenser on the merc and said i will fetch the bits when ive had my dinner He put his hand on my shoulder it was massive and said i want it doing now Chick said get it done now They were like the krays both finished up in lincoln I went up the road with it fabulous motor
  3. meeowed

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Gospel i went out to it several times had to change the plugs wet through the seals didnt last five minutes meeowed
  4. meeowed

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    wheelhouse sold one i think it was nsu not to sure but the woman who had it used to leave her handbag on the choke while she closed the garage door result absolutely gobbed meeowed
  5. Pete the salesman lived in the house next door to the garage nick was selling fwd motors from there for a while but did no good and yet the pitch was a gold mine when chick had it chick had one client a lady who had won the pools She spent the lot with him starting with roller and james bond aston and twelve months later finished with a triumph 2000 and she didnt know that she had already owned it once before she never kept any motor more than two months meeowed
  6. I worked for chick in the seventies great bloke he would barter all day for fifty quid I worked on some great cars sad loss when he passed on One of the old school meeowed
  7. meeowed

    Radford Great War

    The Nottingham post today gives a finishing date of june for the first world war memorial hopefully my grandfather will be on it well done everyone meeowed
  8. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    The fact he is on around £88000 is bad enough then there is around half a dozen of his cronies on around £60000 who take the flak for him when it all goes pear shaped Theres no wonder we are paying more and more for less police why would you want to discourage speeding when its such a major money earner Since the speed cameras were semi privatized they have been awash with money so much so that the police once got a percentage of the money raised but now it all goes direct to the treasury When the daily mail investigated the selling of of the speed camera network they were told that the cost of the set up and camera would be recovered within two hours of the camera becoming operational and what did the government do with all that money they made cuts to the police meeowed
  9. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    they wont be able to go out if its raining they would go all soggy All the drivers would be doing Norman Colliers act We would be better off with Rowan Atkinson
  10. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    I see Paddy Tipping has surfaced again He wants cardboard police cars now brilliant is this what they mean by thinking outside the box meeowed
  11. meeowed

    This `N` That.

    I remember hunts I used to go there as apprentice to fetch spares They used to chisel out the sandstone at the back to create more storage space meeowed
  12. meeowed


    Many years ago my auntie spent all morning looking for her son only to find out later that he was watching her all the time from the top of that gasometer ha ha
  13. meeowed

    Model Aircraft

    I see that the Gatwick fiasco cost the taxpayer four hundred thousand and no one was caught Its interesting that three hundred thousand was spent on overtime and working rest days Police value for money again ?
  14. meeowed

    Nottingham Castle

    There is a plumbers shop opposite the radford road cop shop He had some paintings of the original castle hanging up it was quite spectacular in its day meeowed
  15. meeowed

    Old Lorries.

    The mechanical horse must have been a restoration as they were long gone by the 80s There were loads in the 60s down wilford road I think they also did a later model with a rounded front When i was a kid they were like bees running about and even railway horse and carts meeowed