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  1. Midland Magneto

    The king pin of midland magneto was cliff he organised everything nello was indeed starter motor dynamo and magneto expert Geoff Pike dabbled in model aircraft radio control I still have a picture of him in an old model flying book I remember seeing an open top sports car of around 1930 vintage in there electric power all on old milk float batteries I raced a bsa goldstar at the time early sixties and it had a persistent misfire and nello got brassed off with me keep bringing the mag in every dinner time to be tested only to find nothing wrong with it we wont see firms like that anymore
  2. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    I was prescribed statins I went into town on the tram and didnt think I was going to get home I felt like I was 90 with shoulder pains legs like lead All the people I have spoken to all gave the same symptons as myself I stopped them at once and returned to my normal self Doctors deny these effects on statins The drug makers are on a fortune with them The nurse said oh well you could have a stroke then someone would have to look after you I replied I could walk out of here and get knocked down by a bus life is pot luck anyway meeowed
  3. Classic cars

    We used to chuck them in the paraffin bin that sorted them for a bit the electric petrol pumps were notorious I went out to many a55 bmc motors always took the apprentice bunged him in the boot to keep banging the pump so we could drive it back never got stopped once by police even with legs sticking out the boot
  4. Shops in Forest Fields

    I seem to remember the chip shop as malloys as a child pilkingtons the pork shop and henshaws the butcher During the war mr henshaw was home guard he had the ladder and stirrup pump for fire watch
  5. Great film my grandad lived on redoubt street in radford it brings back wonderful memories I was taken round the cycle factory as a schoolkid the noise was horrendous thousands of people pouring out when players and the cycle factory clocked off Angry young men determined to change the world but needless to say we didnt meeowed
  6. Speak Nottinghameze

    gerrof te beeroff und gu through twitchell Alley way between the back to back houses Meeowed
  7. Shoplifters

    I drove for Clearways in the eighties when we were on 4am starts they left the wagon keys in the front bumper I recall one old driver went to comet wharehouse and couldnt raise anyone at the loading dock He went round to the office and when they raised the shutter the wagon was gone Frank the boss was not pleased meeowed
  8. Classic cars

    I think that the ford 100e was the first motor you could do almost everything from underneath Prior to that you had to take all the seats out carpets and floor to get the gear box out sidevalves were a nightmare Ford had non adjustable tappets you had to grind the valve stem to alter the gap They gave 11 to 13 for the gap i always set them at 10 if you didnt you got all the inlet and exhaust manifold back on only to hear tap tap when you struck it up First job was decoke unheard of today But there where no works times then you had a job and whenever you finished you went to the foreman for another we called M G multiple gremlins I had a great tool for ford valves it was a jig you sat the valve in first you took the gap you had then set the tool to that then all you had to do was grind the valve until you got the correct gap in the tool so you didnt have to keep taking the valve out the engine because fords had split valve guides there was a mushroom shaped tool to knock the guide out no collets just a figure of eight shape valve spring holder which would come down on any unwary finger Meeowed
  9. Shops in Forest Fields

    I recall as a child having a wooden spitfire we used to run up and down the street with and poor little jim couldnt keep up I always thought he had died at a young age I dont recall seeing him with the rest of the kids we played with As for mr whitlam i remember him banging on my door when my chimney was on fire oblivious to me and we had got it out before the fire brigade turned up They lived on Ewart road then
  10. Shops in Forest Fields

    I remember the whitlams I think the father drove a wagon for sankeys the clay pot makers in bullwell. I recall jimmy sat on our doorstep gasping for breath he was what they called a blue baby in those days he had heart problems. As children we didnt know we were all running about and he would say hold on bill while I get my breath back. I thought the barber was Dons and i to recall anything for the week end. mrs orange and the hardware shop. my mother used to clean for her. mrs Torr whoes husband drove for BRS and Olga who always dressed like a man with a navy blue beret on. We shall never see the likes of those sort of people again
  11. Speak Nottinghameze

    Ezee Ed it
  12. Richard III

    A Plumber opposite the police station on Radford road had some prints hanging up of the real Nottingham castle A magnificent castle in its day After the civil war it was almost derelict and the then Governor had it knocked down fearing that Cromwell might set up parliament in Nottingham with it being central to the country When Cromwell returned to Nottingham he summoned the governor to explain his actions He told Cromwell he did it so as not to give any aid to Cromwells enemies To which Cromwell replied had I known of this I would not have suffered it The governor retired suitably chastend
  13. Speak Nottinghameze

    Put peg int hole un put sneck on giz me ganzi its gerrin cowd and put sum sleck ont fire
  14. Speak Nottinghameze

    Woz gunner ey me dinner burritwoz twot tweet meeowed
  15. Richard III

    I think Shakespeare was more likely right with his portrayal of Richard The fact that he executed most of the people that helped him gain power shows an insecure character and his deformity would have added to his need for revenge But saying that it was nothing new to murder your family rivals in those days I am pretty certain that he had the princes murdered After all Buckingham would never have dared sanction this without Richards approval after seeing what happened to anyone who crossed him No one dared breathe without Richards approval I think he was a cold blooded murderer and the way he played a reluctance to accept the crown shows he was an expert in playing to the people A sort of early Kim Jong Un ha ha But we will never know for sure he may have been better left under the car park meeowed