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  1. I have done it myself in a moggy minor At the garage we had a board of keys if someone got locked out you took that and one of the keys would fit meeowed
  2. I wonder if any historians out there could help solve a problem for me I watched a program on stonehenge on tv They claimed to have found the final solution They claimed it was built to mark the solstice where they feasted and buried the bones of their ancestors They claimed that they came from all over the country as far as scotland What on earth did they use as a time reference To set off from Scotland only to arrive and the guy on the gate says you should have been here yesterday pal it were great To have built on such an enormous scale if it was just a calendar does not seem right Oh
  3. I think the dismissal dossier by Jenny hocking takes a different view There was no doubt about the queens involvement by sending the foreign and commonwealth under secretary The records show clear involvement by royalty to protect British interest meeowed
  4. I was in Australia when the Queen got rid of Gough Whitlam the aussie prime minister it didnt go well with the aussies so youcan see where the power still resides The papers will quickly be brought to heel and the dust settled meeowed
  5. The latest pics in the Nottingham post show Roy Whartons motor cycle shop on radford road it was packed outside there every weekend with scooters I saw last week in the shop near the rail crossing opposite Wickes at Bullwell a wooller engine it must be mega rare now Plus a cyclemaster in the window meeowed
  6. My father took me to london on the master cutler I thought it was the bees knees 60 mph average speed I didnt enjoy london but couldnt wait for the trip home meeowed
  7. She will be sadly missed she opened a care home on the east coast had everyone in hysterics wonderful lady they will be showing summer wine in fifty years time she left everyone laughing you cant get better than that meeowed
  8. I was in the tryst bar one night when vera called time as we all trooped out she stood at the exit and one poor soul was only trying to get out with one of the bar stools under his coat Why i never knew but she clobbered him and he suffered the full wrath of her extensive vocabulary and was ejected in spectacular fashion meeowed
  9. Vera never fitted in at the strathdon she would walk between the tables then you would receive a smart blow to the back of your head she would remark that was for nothing just wait until you do something I last saw her many years ago at sneinton market with a carrier bag going round the stalls I was told she had an altercation with one of the william youngers management and she was gone shortly afterwards we will never see her like again meeowed
  10. The Albert was a legend with Vera I have seen her get a paddy on his knees clearing up a drink spillage We used to go over at lunch time when I worked at chapel bar garage The apprentice got kahlide on vodka When we took him back to work his legs seemed to be independent to his body so we put him the back of a van to sleep it off A bit later we heard a motorcycle strike up on rushing outside we were met with the site of a norton jubilee on its side going round and round on the foot rest with him on it smoke pouring from the wheel I dragged him off it Then later on I had the dubious pleasure
  11. A friend of mine used to drive the notts and derby trolley buses he had a sample of the overhead lines it was half round solid copper rod with a slit either side for the clips that held it up went into He did tell me how much it weighed per mile I can only remember it was a lot they had a sort of slipper that ran on it not wheels like the corporation There is still a last trolley bus post on Nottingham road just up from gregory blvd island before you get to Berridge road As a young kid i got as far as moorgreen on one with the rest of the kids from our street only to get a tanning from my
  12. midland mag went a long time ago can you remember cliff he swanned round there like royalty We had all starters and dynamos repaired there I know they moved to new premises but I dont know if they are still trading I saw a 1930 electric sports car in there powered by milk float batteries meeowed
  13. I remember globe electric they were on manvers street but were somewhere else before that and of course Brown Brothers huntingdon street The rep was a little tubby chap who would recite every product they stocked and could do likewise with jokes meeowed
  14. was the scrapyard chettles at back of the weigh bridge I remember gt cars being down there meeowed