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  1. I have done it myself in a moggy minor At the garage we had a board of keys if someone got locked out you took that and one of the keys would fit meeowed
  2. I wonder if any historians out there could help solve a problem for me I watched a program on stonehenge on tv They claimed to have found the final solution They claimed it was built to mark the solstice where they feasted and buried the bones of their ancestors They claimed that they came from all over the country as far as scotland What on earth did they use as a time reference To set off from Scotland only to arrive and the guy on the gate says you should have been here yesterday pal it were great To have built on such an enormous scale if it was just a calendar does not seem right Oh
  3. Corbyn didnt show a surfeit of intelligence by campaigning in Birmingham on the very anniversary of the pub bombings He shot off like a rat down a drain Wheres his next stop Wootton Basset meeowed
  4. The video evidence seemed pretty clear but fake news is the usual left wing response when they are caught out meeowed
  5. Corbyns visit to Birmingham didnt go to well did it I think he touched a nerve meeowed
  6. Until the manifesto is made legally binding these pie in the sky aspirations will continue from both parties People have not forgotten Tony Blair his spectre still looms large over the labour party like the grim reaper I am sure if Corbyn gains access to number ten his first press conference out side the door would resemble an episode of Jim Bowens bullseye Look what you would have won meeowed
  7. How on earth you can think the BBC is right wing is beyond comprehension All the red paint should tell you something The seeding of the question time audience has gone on since the days of nick griffin and the BNP The one thing labour seem unable or unwilling to grasp is at the start of any labour government all the money goes off shore No one on the planet volunteers to pay tax The north sea oil companies simply turn off the taps and leave the good old taxpaying public to pick up the bill for corbyns pipe dreams Every labour government since the war has ended in economic disaster and y
  8. I think the dismissal dossier by Jenny hocking takes a different view There was no doubt about the queens involvement by sending the foreign and commonwealth under secretary The records show clear involvement by royalty to protect British interest meeowed
  9. I was in Australia when the Queen got rid of Gough Whitlam the aussie prime minister it didnt go well with the aussies so youcan see where the power still resides The papers will quickly be brought to heel and the dust settled meeowed
  10. HOT OF THE PRESS it seems a close run thing between the Bullingdon buffoon and Catastrophic Corbyn but latest reports show lord Biro and the Elvis militant party just edging it with the save the Frogs policy according to last nights Nottingham Post Although I thought we had saved the Frogs twice already no matter must catch up with Celebrity get me out of here and the latest kate price press release I may even get chance to catch Diane Abbots facebook page Bliss isnt it a wonderful time we live in excitement plus meeowed
  11. i bet jill sparrow has gone to fetch the frying pan look at this lump on my head meeowed
  12. good point brew I was never any good at snap even at school and the lad i played had a stutter meeowed
  13. Replying to jill sparrow We must assume the rumours are not true then the search goes on its a difficult task meeowed I will probably find they have removed my appendage anyway meeowed
  14. At least DJ your doing what some said you should Hope all goes well look forward to more clashes best of luck meeowed
  15. I know the feeling I am sure they speed the clocks up after my teenage years I suddenly woke up one morning as an old man You dont get very long at this life game I tell all youngsters what ever you wish to do get on with it Your life goes so quick meeowed