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  1. meeowed

    Nottingham Castle

    There is a plumbers shop opposite the radford road cop shop He had some paintings of the original castle hanging up it was quite spectacular in its day meeowed
  2. meeowed

    Old Lorries.

    The mechanical horse must have been a restoration as they were long gone by the 80s There were loads in the 60s down wilford road I think they also did a later model with a rounded front When i was a kid they were like bees running about and even railway horse and carts meeowed
  3. meeowed

    Old Lorries.

    I once came back from london on the m1 in the 1980s to suddenly find cars and wagons going everywhere when the mayhem subsided theres a mechanical horse doing all of 20 mph near newport pagnall meeowed
  4. meeowed

    More trolley buses:

    An old mate of mine now long gone used to drive the Notts and Derby trolley bus He had a piece of the overhead line when they were scrapped it was solid copper about half inch thick He knew the weight per mile it was tons You always knew it was a Notts and Derby trolleybus even on foggy days they used to hiss I took him down to Bournemouth where they had one they were restoring they were hoping to run it at the Black country museum track He once told me that the fog got so bad they parked up at valley road and went to the pictures across the road When they came out the fog had cleared and they got suspended meeowed
  5. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    It must be spring Paddy Tipping has emerged from hibernation I was getting worried We lost the tortoise last year meeowed
  6. I saw an old picture of mitchells garage on one thread at the junction of gregory blvd and radford road I used to get spares from them when they were down lenton then they moved to ilkeston road just over the railway bridge I remember the parts chap had a remarkable memory he knew all the part numbers he would fetch anything to the counter never needed the book Meeowed
  7. meeowed

    Classic cars

    The foreman and I went in a bubble car he came whistling in to the garage and up to the work bench only to find there was no reverse gear couldnt open the door to get out I had to climb out the roof and shove it backwards we also got a bond mini car going it would spin round and round in its own length blanked all the garage out with smoke meeowed
  8. meeowed

    More trolley buses:

    I was still at school think it was yellow it didnt run in service for long i recall the trolley bus only used to slow down some times at the stop you had to hop off the exit platform I went on the one at sandtoft lots of memories came back I was amazed how low the roof was but then I was only little when I used to ride them On the long seats my feet didnt used to reach the floor and the rumble of the poles at the junctions meeowed
  9. meeowed

    More trolley buses:

    Anyone remember a single decker trolley bus being trialed I think it would be in the fifties it ran on the nottingham road route basford I think I was still at school I remember it had very long poles meeowed
  10. meeowed

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    The drabbles dyers van is heading for the goose fair site thats the end of gregory blvd I believe meeowed
  11. meeowed

    Nottingham Hauliers

    You wouldnt want to argue with that lot ha ha meeowed
  12. No one is stopping you meeowed
  13. I seem to recall that the tram was going to rejuvenate Radford road They are still going with the old general conversion looks like it will be ready for the next century meeowed
  14. meeowed

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    I am not wishing to decry Vauxhall they made the one you see as a taxi in heartbeat which used to have an assortment of rods and levers on the steering column gear change it either left you with a box of neutrals or worse still trying to select two gears at the same time not good They seemingly didnt learn any lessons when they produced the bedford doormobile that came with a similar column gearshift which used to shear off Mechanics remedy was to take out a pair of mole grips clamp this to the column to enable you to drive it back to the garage But saying all that I had a p plate astra that did 120 000 miles and never left me at the side of the road once brilliant car I think that the Vauxhall 2000 was the first belt driven camshaft it would be rare today meeowed
  15. meeowed

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Thats right its now lidils my mate worked there many years ago meeowed