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  1. Trackless

    There used to be some trolley buses from nottingham at plumpton station in the seventies dont know where they went meeowed
  2. Shippo's Oss

    I used to work at a garage on wollaton street my first job from leaving school one winter it would be 55/56 I saw two shippos drays stop at the top of the hill the road was two way in those days The driver would put a chock under the wheels to hold back the dray on the descent This particular morning it was very ice covered I looked out the window to be met with an amazing sight of the dray going past with both horses sat on their backsides all four legs pointing straight out in front sliding down the hill with the driver frantically trying to get them back on their feet They only stopped when they reached Clarendon street meeowed

    We make ourselves a target by the constant stream of tv and radio transmissions beaming out from this planet God forbid any alien life coming here could be Jeremy Kyle addicts just a thought meeowed

    The age of the human race comes into play by the fact that had the human race appeared early then the expansion of the universe would have made the travel shorter The origin of the universe give or take a bit is 13.5 billion years if this was converted into a 24 hour clock then dinosaurs who were here much longer than we have been would have appeared at 20 mins to midnight on the first day The human race only turns up at 2mins to midnight therefore when you look at our impact on the planet in such a short existence its more likely we will have become extinct before any other life turns up here We will rapidly exhaust the worlds resources by over population I fear the human race lemming like compulsion to destroy each other will result in extinction Also if aliens did somehow make it here I dont think it would end well for the present population when you look at what happened to conquests of the past to the indigenous populations

    Thats irrelevant because the earth would also bee in the same galactical spin not standing still even intergalactical travel would take millions of years even at light speed you would not be able to come and go at will warp drive will only ever exist on star trek meeowed

    what the basic problem is if such aliens exist its most likely they were created before us to have gained superior knowledge All the galaxies and stars created before us are now accelerating away from us at an ever increasing speed the reason for which is not known Science tells us that the speed of light can not be exceeded therefore even if aliens could attain such a speed the rate of expansion of the universe means that even flat out they would be standing still and would never reach the intended target This would be like a fish fighting a torrent if the universe continues with this expansion they would eventually be going backwards and could never reach our planet The predictions are that billions of years into the future the night sky would be all black because even light from these galaxies could not reach us aliens are best left to the realms of you tube fantasy along with lochness monsters ghosts and yeti this planet was spinning around billions of years before the human race came on the scene and will continue to do so long after we have gone the fact that we have not hit anything in billions of years despite having no one on the steering wheel even if we had one shows how big space is meeowed
  7. Radford Great War

    Hi everyone thanks for all the help I received my paternal grandfather is buried at duisan war cemetery near arras and when i visited I was the first member of our family to do so my father never knew there was a grave I found out by sheer chance from the army museum on cavendish road I was all for bringing him back to british soil but when you look around everywhere is immaculate here there would be graffiti and vandalism Todays generation seem to care little for those who died for their freedom My maternal grandfather Andrew marsden lived on redoubt street radford but my mother was born on bloomsgrove street off ilkeston road where there was a marsden haulage company but I believe he was a collier before the war after the war he had a large cart horse and was a sort of heavy goods driver of his day shifting soil etc its nice to have help from those in a similar position to myself Once again thanks to everyone meeowed

    At least the fish and chips are in focus more than you can say for any ufo pictures meeowed

    I wasnt disputing the possibility of life what i contest is the chance of other life making it here The distances are so great that we havent existed long enough to find any other life meeowed
  10. You know your getting old when you put the tea pot in the fridge actually did this and spent ages looking for it ha ha meeowed
  11. - UFO's - NOTTINGHAM

    just to illustrate the odds of meeting alien life forms if you threw a bottle into the sea in australia and someone threw another bottle into the sea off cornwall what do you think the odds are of those two bottles hitting each other The universe is a very big place and its most likely that the human race has not existed anywhere near long enough for such a meeting to occur meeowed
  12. Nottingham Hauliers

    Keetch had a hauliers but I think its the same one who was wiped out when they formed BRS He then set up an engineering firm on Bramcote street Radford He did all our reboring and crankshaft grinding in the sixties
  13. Cussons Soap Factory (outside views)

    the Whitlams lived on Ewart road when I was a child I would think about 1948 Mr Whitlam used to leave the wagon on the street The last time I saw him would be mid fifties He came banging on our door shouting that the chimney was on fire at my mothers house We had coal fires then and used to block the grate with newspaper to create a draught The whole lot had gone up the chimney and set it alight I remember Jimmy and myself wore big floppy caps which would bob up and down when you walked They were compulsory wear in those days meeowed
  14. Cussons Soap Factory (outside views)

    I played as a child with jimmy whitlam but i didnt think that he survived He was a blue baby he had heart problems I remember him sitting on our step gasping for breath My sister used to do the potatoes for them at the chip shop and when mrs whitlam lived on Ewart road she used to come to my mothers house for a bath because they had no bath in their house I know mr whitlam drove a wagon for sankeys at bullwell
  15. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Spiral on BBC four brilliant have watched all the previous series endless twists pity about the sub titles but really worth watching just for Caroline Prouste meeowed