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  1. meeowed

    Big Brother is getting serious

    Anyone remember the prisoner in the sixties were all living in the village now Ha Ha meeowed
  2. meeowed

    Why a Duck?

    Nottingham lingo tends to shorten words we say bye for goodbye when i was in the states as I left the store I said bye to the shop girl She replied buy what meeowed
  3. meeowed

    Chinese instruction leaflets

    I had a Chinese mechanical device and in the instructions it said if you do this it will be much broken ha ha meeowed
  4. meeowed

    World War One.

    I am sure we have all heard enough on this subject I never wished to hijack this thread I came on because my grandfather was killed in 1918 He is not on any war memorial here but thanks to help I received from this site hopefully he will be on the new one when it is finished I am passionate about free speech so i will leave dj360 to live in the liberal left wonderland he seems to inhabit My final word talk to anyone about immigration and they talk in hushed voices knowing the hounds of hell will descend upon them screaming racist thats how political correctness works I thank you for your indulgence and let you get back to the original thread to all the brave lads who gave their all but i fear they would wonder how we let England get into the state its in today meeowed
  5. meeowed

    World War One.

    The BNP over 15 years ago tried to get the chief constable off his backside but due to political correctness and a fear of being tarred racist he was also reluctant to incite the muslim community he did nothing The CPS spent thousands of tax payers money trying to convict Nick Griffin BNP election campaigners were arrested for distributing racist literature only to be released without charge after the election was over You only have to look at the influence of the masonic society in the police force you couldnt be a member of the BNP and be a police officer but you could be a member of the masons a secret society with some really weird practices meeowed
  6. meeowed

    World War One.

    To say that political correctness has little to do with free speech shows a naivety of epic proportions karl marx used it to control the population easily this self censorship is an insidious cancer in our society and a means of gagging opposing views European investment built south africa yes they were exploited but so was everyone here by victorian mill and coal mine owners We have seen the destruction of the BNP UKIP Britain first leaders jailed and now the EDL This is not coincidence this is a concerted campaign The fact that we are now a minority in our own capital city shows the madness this country is descending into I am sure our grandparents didnt fight two world wars to have our country sold from under our feet As to ireland tony blair capitulated to the IRA by giving out amnesty a right he seemed unwilling or unable to grant British soldiers Hence the lawyers feeding frenzy
  7. meeowed

    World War One.

    When I said there were no statues to wilberforce I meant to convey his lack of recognition by the african nations After all you would think he would be revered for his work on the abolition of slavery but no they prefer a man who was prepared to kill and maim people for his political ambitions My grandfather gave his life in 1918 fighting for freedom that includes freedom of speech I dont mind anyone disagreeing with me thats their right to express an opinion Political correctness tries to deny that right Tommy robinson shows how far a so called democratic government is prepared to go to stifle freedom of speech the arrest trial and imprisonment was found to be illegal by the appeal judge He was reading from a document already in the public domain and yet he was convicted of contempt and a press embargo placed on reporters Then you have the manchester bomber openly swearing at the judge in court clearly contempt received no penalty There is little point in voting these days they are all equally corrupt and global companies rule the world today look how little tax they pay they have the power to destroy a countries economy meeowed
  8. meeowed

    World War One.

    The first slave traders were arabs anyone asking them for an apology Thats about as likely as an animal rights demo outside a hal hal butchers I dont recall africans starving during the empire There wasnt a mass exodus back to Africa when slavery ended in the USA and it was an englishman who stopped it No statues to him of course Thats not PC
  9. meeowed

    World War One.

    Thats simple to answer Trogg Political correctness in all its marxist glory
  10. meeowed

    World War One.

    Mandela was convicted on all 8 counts of terrorism To make this man a role model is hypocrisy Winnie mandela was a common murderer and now we have the killing of the white farmers Anyone who uses violence to further political ends is a terrorist meeowed
  11. Have been to shipley boat several times great place some excellent groups on monday and wednesday seems to be bike night lots of great bikes and friendly banter but groups dont start until 9pm most bikers are gone by then meeowed
  12. meeowed

    Nottingham Hauliers

    When I passed my hgv test my instructor told me you had better drive a box wagon You will never hold a load on roping and sheeting Then curtain siders came along much easier I worked for wheldons the dyers and when I got a job at clearways The gaffer Frank had bought the wagons from wheldons when they went bust I finished up back in my old wagon 206 a leyland boxer I really dont know how they get anything delivered these days with the state of the roads and the traffic meeowed
  13. meeowed

    Nottingham Hauliers

    I drove for clearways in the 80s leyland boxer and they also had a seddon atkinson chinese six the gear shift was the other way round first and second away from you played some tunes on that meeowed
  14. meeowed


    I think it could have been part of anti submarine patrol when you think of the alantic convoys but we had sunderlands and catalinas doing that job it was a rigid airship not a blimp I will try shuttleworth collection at Bedford next time I go They may have some records of cardington trials I know they have some airship parts on exhibition I also remember the blimp that came to the forest sight I had a picture of that its certainly unusual for the time Thanks for everyones help will send in if I find the solution meeowed
  15. meeowed


    my sister recalls coming out of woolworths around 43/44 I was in the push chair and crowds of people looking up as this airship passed over and the dark shadow it cast it had engines and propellers We dont recall any markings on it but it seemed to be dark grey I cant believe it was german even they would not have sent an airship over even if they had one I wonder if the newspaper archives would have anything on it there ought to be someone alive who saw it by the hundreds of people looking up at it The shape was long pencil shaped just like a zepplin the memory has stayed with me all my life just wish i had asked my father about it meeowed