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  1. midland mag went a long time ago can you remember cliff he swanned round there like royalty We had all starters and dynamos repaired there I know they moved to new premises but I dont know if they are still trading I saw a 1930 electric sports car in there powered by milk float batteries meeowed
  2. I remember globe electric they were on manvers street but were somewhere else before that and of course Brown Brothers huntingdon street The rep was a little tubby chap who would recite every product they stocked and could do likewise with jokes meeowed
  3. It was trumans at one time meeowed
  4. was the scrapyard chettles at back of the weigh bridge I remember gt cars being down there meeowed
  5. I recall seeing some motors in the 40s with an on board jacking system called jackhall i am not sure if it was austin or morris they had a ram on each corner of the axle long time ago meeowed
  6. Thought about telling them i was deceased but then better not push my luck at my age anyone contemplating joining virgin I would think again or you will get caught in the same trap its worse than leaving scientology meeowed
  7. i dont have virgin phone so that doesnt work there is certainly an active policy of ignoring you to stop you ending your contract have to resort to lawyers letter to head office never come across such terrible so called customer service meeowed
  8. Has anyone had dealings with Virgin media trying to terminate my contract for broadband appalling customer service countless attempts to get a human being on the line finally got through to head office only to be passed back to robotic numbnut I visited vic centre only to be met by the same robotic individual who informed me that I would have debt collectors at my door if I stopped direct debit After three price rises in 18 months I was paying £46 just for basic broadband nothing else I have now had to resort to a formal letter of termination by a lawyer This company must have the most worthless customer service on the planet I wouldnt have virgin if they were giving £20 notes with it meeowed
  9. When I started work at hollbrooks garage on woollaton street we had a french Delahaye in I think it belonged to Howitts the printers it was a straight six triple carb and cable brakes All the front end was one piece you couldnt see any joins Big drop tank wings it had a forward or reverse stick on the floor and a electric shift on the steering column similar to the buses The mechanic that taught me had the gearbox out called a cotal gearbox it looked like a bomb and was just as heavy it was a convertable really great car but the brakes left a bit to be desired I also saw a Riley Healey lovely streamlined motor and a gigantic Alfa Romeo open top sports car it had twin spare wheels it sounded like a spitfire coming up from town meeowed
  10. when i was little I can remember one of the Birkin family come to the factory on Gladstone street in a bright red Cord sports car with big flexible chrome exhaust pipes it looked brilliant meeowed
  11. I have just been to the new memorial on the enbankment and the workmen were brilliant one went to check if my grandfather was on and came back with it on his phone I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this quest My father never knew there was a grave I found that at arrass and i was the first of the family to visit he was a gunner in the RHA and was killed 1918 he only had a few months to go The workmen said it should be open in about the end of the month This means so much to surviving members of the family he was not recorded on any memorial here he was born in Radford and the church was demolished and the memorial lost I wish my father could have seen it but i can rest now i have achieved my quest once again thanks to everyone meeowed
  12. Would have made a great Harry potters house This is proper architecture meeowed
  13. Look at parliament street since they banned cars its twice as bad now with endless lines of buses when you think the average worker works one week a month for nothing with taxation to keep our representatives in the style to which they have been accustomed We are the only employers who have no control over what we pay our employees They are clearly above the law We could do with another Cromwell meeowed
  14. When did you last see the drain cleaner wagon not been round here in years meeowed
  15. Quite right they were like a ship in a storm you had to have a strong stomach to go far in one of those meeowed