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  1. I worked for chick in the 70s great guy I remember his salesman Pete who played Saturday night at the movies endlessly i went in cars that Clarkson would kill for The first car i got was a Lambo i had never seen one dodge super bee Firebird gull wing Merc the list was endless And thats not to mention chasing his daughters horse down Mapperly plains with a rope on the back of a low loader when it escaped I got this user name from Pete Hows it going meeowed ?
  2. meeowed


    Thats right he was a good boss but didnt rate the transport manager thats when they were on triumph road meeowed
  3. meeowed

    Model Aircraft

    I was a member of gee dees combat flying team in the sixties I remember prof barry parkinson bill draper no longer with us We went all over the country I bought my first radio gear from grainy sad to see it closing but no one wants to build today everything must be instant with this generation I met some wonderful people aeroplane flying every aspect of society been doing it over 60 years and still get a kick out of seeing something I built take to the air I came across everyone from bank managers to lunatics have enjoyed every minute of it I was a young man like grainy at the time meeowed
  4. meeowed

    Big Brother is getting serious

    They seem to do that quite easily already I believe the police are doing their best but I dont see any techno help in the foreseeable future no one seems to be even working on it and my experience of the police over several decades does not inspire confidence that was before all the cuts Then we have the mikado type justice system resulting in a likely suspended sentence points and a ban on a licence they dont even have and off they go again meeowed
  5. meeowed

    Big Brother is getting serious

    when you see that police give up chasing a scooter rider if he throws his helmet away over concerns for his safety The same criteria doesnt seem to apply to the general public We saw just lately that five police vehicles were involved in a chase This just compounds the problem and ups the odds of it not ending well for other road users Modern technology seems to just produce more and more mindless games to play on a mobile phone when we are crying out for a means of stopping a vehicle remotely The fact that most cars today have a key code would seem a possible way to go They can even hack into childs toys on the news today But then again modern whizz kids returned to a Victorian tram I am sure Einstein would have rapidly worked out what would happen with metal wheels on a metal track meeowed
  6. meeowed

    Big Brother is getting serious

    I was just thinking while watching the t v Surely in the 21st century some brainwave could come up with a means of stopping a motor car in its tracks to avoid the horrendous carnage being caused by Police still playing cowboys and Indians chasing stolen cars The death toll on innocent pedestrians keeps going up drastically No matter how well trained the officers are there is a mathematical distance that any vehicle will take to come to a stop from a set speed Then i saw on a program an electronic magnet being used to stop an Aeroplane engine admitted it was a bit heath Robinson but its a start surely some sort of electronic pulse gun could be manufactured that would disable a vehicles electronics There are rumours that the American forces already have such a tool We have the means of jamming satellite transmissions you wouldnt think it was impossible I am not aware of anyone working on such a tool that would be a god send to end all police chases just a thought meeowed
  7. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    Here is one for all people of tender years When did you last see a copy of old Moores almanac Oh Dear meeowed
  8. meeowed

    Nottingham Hauliers

    another really old carrier was rainbows did mainly east coast When i drove for wheldons textiles I was passed every morning on the m1 at 5oclock by bees of Leicester going like stink always first down the west end meeowed
  9. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    Panic over everyone saw Paddy Tipping on the news today fears of his alien abduction have been proved groundless We can all sleep safely in our beds He is back at the helm as we all sail along on the good ship Titanic meeowed
  10. meeowed

    Seagull Outboards

    When I worked for Wheelhouse he got a xj6 from the auctions we thought it had head gasket gone but it turned out it had burnt the cylinder head out between the combustion chambers I took it to ray pettit and he ally welded it we had the head faced and it went off no further problems I think he made motorcycle alloy tanks as well meeowed
  11. meeowed

    Things you don't see anymore

    Still no sign of Paddy Tipping am getting worried now meeowed
  12. meeowed

    Car dealers

    I recall me and my mate doing several mods to it We fitted four headlights antiroll bars front and back electric radiator fan spotlight on the drivers door and a tigers head that lit up inside when you opened the side door 8track stereo of course six chrome pipes out the side just for show and michelin x tyres worked well but a pain to park up if you got boxed in forget it your walking Our party trick was to get alongside flat hat fred and his bird in his MG midget then slap it into top and wave bye bye meeowed
  13. meeowed

    Car dealers

    I had a thames camper in the sixties me and my mate put a four speed gearbox in had the same problem we put a separate lever in between the drivers legs You had to make sure you were in neutral before you pulled it or you could get two gears together it worked fine otherwise and fitted another cylinder head I think from a Zephyr four it was higher compression 13inch wheels and brake servo when we found out we could not stop the thing on smaller wheels Went round switzerland several time with it great days meeowed
  14. meeowed

    Things that pee you off

    When you looked at the effort for the likes of gay pride What a shocking indictment of this council no banners people in the crowd didnt know what it was for All those lives lost At least the lord mayor got to wear his best hat meeowed
  15. meeowed

    Things that pee you off

    I went down the square on sunday for the RAF flypast what a shambles I am not moaning about the flypast being called off but the fact that no one had a clue There was no speaker system to inform the public of the cancellation I asked at the RAF stand they were clueless the police likewise A woman next to me in the crowd knew an hour before that it wasnt coming but it seemed beyond the councils ability to inform the crowd All this for the 100th anniversary The council should be ashamed of such a poor effort meeowed