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  1. I've just given up counting at 40.
  2. Well what do you know! I've just been into Outlook email account settings to have another play and it has all come right all on its own (I think). Whatever, I can now receive AND send emails. Thanks for the help folks.
  3. Thanks for the offer of the loan but I have just ordered one. I have a few old HDD's with 'stuff' on them that ought to be put all in one place.
  4. Well I have just had go at setting it up using POP3 instead of Virgins recommended IMAP. I can now receive emails with Outlook but can't send them yet. The outgoing SMTP server keeps changing its port number. I'll leave it a while longer and have another go.
  5. Its not the battery that died. The battery tells you on it what it is and just clips in on the underside (on mine at least).
  6. No. That was my first thought but apparently more modern hard drives are assigned to the motherboard. The person I bought the computer from checked that my old hard drive was still good using a docking station but I haven't got one of those (yet). Tried ringing Virgin but you just keep pressing 1 or n3 and end up back where you started - total joke!
  7. Bought another computer s/h. Its a nice machine as it happens. My preferred email client is Outlook. I have Office 2003 which I have installed and is working correctly. I am trying to set up up my ntl email account in Outlook and surprise surprise I am having problems. Has anyone here successfully done it and had success? Unfortunately my old laptop has died and at the moment I am unable to get into its HDD, otherwise I would just take the info. off it. (Said HDD is still OK, the person I bought this desktop from has checked it for me). I have been on the phone to Virgin and it is a total and
  8. Mine seems to be back to how it was again. Took well over 5 mins to boot up. I don't suppose it is that up to date, but........... Device name Laptop Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.89 GB usable) Device ID 60511F3************** Product ID 00326-100**************** System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display
  9. Hmm. You say that and as it happens one of the updates was from AVG. I have the free version
  10. Well Micros?$t sent an update overnight which I have duly installed. Computer is now running up to speed again. I suppose it will be OK for about a fortnight again when it will slow down almost to a standstill. I reckon Micros&$t are doing it deliberately to get everyone buying Windoze 11. I'm on Windoze 10. I shan't be going any further.
  11. Currently using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Does the job perfectly well really and its happily sitting on my knee.
  12. Do Macs have a 'current' operating system? I have seen Catalina, Sierra and High Sierra to name three.
  13. Does anyone here know anything useful about Apple computers? I am due for a replacement and I am fed up of Micros**t. Operating systems seem to have fancy names and I have no idea which is which or even which is current. I don't intend buying new for starters - there are plenty of reasonably priced secondhand ones around that I can have a 'play' with first. Buy new later.
  14. This is what I am coming to really. It is difficult to get the proper info on this even online. So far as I can make out you only need a licence, to watch any BBC Channels including BBC iplayer and to watch any other programs broadcast by any other company if you are watching them at the time they are broadcast.
  15. Not specifically computer I know but does anybody know anything about Google Chromecast? I know its a streaming device but are there any fees? Ultimately I am thinking of stopping TV licence so ultimately the TV will go. Presumably it will still work on a monitor.
  16. Nothing to do with Covid, it just happens to be where the quoted comment appears. Slight amusement for today - I just delivered a parcel to Gwendoline House. (That's a person, not a dwelling). ' Bet she doesn't like it abbreviated
  17. It seems to be legit. I have just followed the link and it takes you direct to NHS main website. It is purely for foreign travel. The link in the email takes you here:
  18. Has anyone else (besides me) had an email supposedly from the NHS asking you to apply for a Covid travel certificate? It is to allow European travel. Personally I don't need European travel but in any event it looks phishy. You have 12 hours to accept
  19. Did you call people who laid cobbles, cobblers?
  20. As I read this I thought - 'he's got a Peugot'. Couple of years ago I hired a Peugot Partner van for a week. Every time you turned the ignition on the blessed radio came on - no means to turn it off. When I took it back I said 'how do you turn the radio off?'. He says 'I don't know'
  21. Cost of Mac is very offputting. If it wasn't for that I would swop
  22. Well I am looking at buying a new computer in the not too distant future. What I buy may well have Intel i5 processor. Every new computer from a decent manufacturer that has Windows 10 installed comes with a free upgrade to Windoze 11 when it becomes available. You will still be able to use Windoze 10 in any event.