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  1. I'm in Chiang Mai working. I have actually been working here for the last 13 years & have only returned to the UK once (2002)....just never get round to it & probably wouldn't like it anyway nowadays...if what friends & family tell me is true??
  2. Well....this is a great overall run down of life in rural Thailand. For me, 13 years also, I've seen both sides...rural & Bangkok life. Must say I really do prefer the rural life style but, because of my job (I am not a teacher) I have to go where I'm needed. The hustle & bustle of the city really winds me up and do have several altercations everyday with motorists who think they can do exactly what they want when they want on the road. Despite that, I too wouldn't go back to the UK. My work visa makes it a comfortable way of being able to stay here (no need to show bank balances)&
  3. I'm located around the Nakhon Pathom are just outside Bangkok. Originally was in Nakhon Sawan province for 6 years until I swapped jobs. Much preffered it up there though
  4. Hippos....Bridlesmith Gate....near The Fountain pub.
  5. No sorry....not the Cricketers. I remember this being more of a restaurant
  6. Linda Thorson (Tara King) & Johanna Lumley were more my era. The user name did come from The Avengers but incredibly I didn't know Honor Blackman's charactor name!!!
  7. sad really. My aunty use to own the Tavern in Town Upper parliament st up until about 1996? I always remember being in there when it was the first day of "all day opening hours"....when was that? I was with a guy from Leicester during my college days at trent Polytechnic as it was then. Central TV were in the pub & caught yours truly & the lad from Leicester still boozing at about 4.30pm. As it was also on Central news at 6pm my boss saw it!! Didn't get the sack but never lived it down either !!!
  8. Thanks guys. Who's Cathy Gale? Due to work commitments I've not been able to get back to the UK for the last 12-13 years....though have been looking on various websites & family & friends have sent me pics down the years since I've been away. I just get a little nostalgic when I see "market square"...."Theatre Royal"..."Trent Bridge" etc. It triggered the memory when I was 20 odd & the route of the pub crawl we use to do religiously on a Saturday night.....I was just trying to work out if these pubs still exist
  9. 1, Tavern in Town (Upper Parliament st) not sure if it's still there? 2, Queen Vic (Bottle Lane is it?) 3, Dog & Bear 4, Bell In, Market Sq. (Loved the jazz on a Sunday lunch) 5, Crystal Palace.......just because my one & only time I went in it was the day before it closed.
  10. I was trying to fing the name of the pub which was across from the Sneinten bottoms....the big junction there at parliament St....the pub was at the bottom on the road up to the Lac Market? I do remember the Castle pub, a bit further along on Parliament st but this one has me stumped???
  11. Hello...I'm an expat Nottingham chap based in Thailand for the last 13 years. Was surfing the web looking for history of Nottingham & stumbled upon this site !! Am glad to be here & really hope I can pick your brains for locations that I'm struggling to remember ??