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  1. Hi Heather, I was your housemother ( Miss Joanne) from 1979-80 All the children at Ramsdale totally touched my heart and even to this day I still wonder what became of you all. Everyone I cared for were very special to me, but can’t deny over the years I still think of you. I’m not sure if you’ll remember but one weekend you couldn’t go home and had nowhere to go. I took you home with me!! Today this would never be allowed but back in the 70’s it was ok. I also took my whole group I cared for to my home for a special tea party in an attempt to give you all some happy
  2. I worked at Ramsdale park school as a House mother from 1979 -80, & I am currently living in temporary rented accommodation, which is on the outskirts of the old school grounds. I walk my dogs everyday around the old site & it has triggered many memories. There were 3 housemothers & the children were divided between us & our senior & 1 housemother lived in. We worked split shifts from 7 am in the morning, until they went to school, we then went home & returned from 3-9pm. We had to enter through what would have been the tradesman's entrance to the far right of the bui