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  1. Ayup Plantfit. Doing OK but still getting old. This was brought home to me last year when my grand-daughter sprogged us a great grandson. His name is Carson and is 15 months old. He's a proper little livewire and wears us all out very quickly. Very proud to say that his first words were "Gandag". I retired last year but seem to have even less time to do anything.
  2. Now that I own the house I grew up in, I can tell you that the land upon which many of the houses were built was bought by the corporation from farmer Jackson at Old Park Farm.
  3. Really miss Peters posts. He was a good mate and as teenagers we got into some right scrapes. Still don't know how he died.
  4. My son was sitting on my shoulders (he was 2 years old) when I caught his head on the blinds outside The Music Inn on Alfreton Rd. It was the year 1975. There was a lot of blood so I ran back to the car and quickly drove to the Children's hospital on Chestnut Grove. When we got to the gate there was an ambulance comi g the other way. A collision was imminent but at the moment of impact nothing happened. The ambulance had disappeared. I never did work out what happened.
  5. Sorry not to have posted for a while but have been very busy. I'm retired now but having moved backed to Bilborough into the house on Wigman Road which I grew up in, I have plenty to do bringing it up to my wife's exacting standards. I was at BGS from 1962 until 1967. It was not a very happy ride. A long spell of pneumonia in my first term set me back so much that I never really caught up. I remember being in 1c with Miss Louden in charge. Enough to put anyone off school. Most of the teachers were fine and given that I was a rebel and could never keep that hole under my nose zipped up, it's a
  6. Sorry about my scrambled posts. My tablet just seems to do what it likes. I'm now back to using my computer. I meant to say why my dad nearly got the sack from Middleton BVD co-op. One of his posh customers asked to see the garden furniture range. She made a decision and told him she wanted a seat with a canopy. My cheeky dad replied "A can of what?" He had to go and see the manager for his crime.
  7. Sorry if my posts are all scrambled. My tablet just seems to do what it wants. I'm back on my proper PC now. My Friday writing group at St. Martin's in Bilborough Village is hosting a poetry recital during the Bilborough Arts Festival. It will be visited by Henry Normal, co-writer of TV comedy series The Royle Family. Henry (not his real name) is a Nottingham man who started his life in St. Anne's but spent his teen years living on Baythorn Road at the back of Bracebridge shops in Bilborough. He is now retired and living in Brighton but still writing poetry. He was also the founde
  8. I think everyone in my family worked for co-op at some time. My dad was at Middleton Boulevard before the war as a delivery lad. He nearly got sacked for being cheeky to a posh customer. She had asked to see a foldi g garden seat that had a canopy. My mum worked in the Co op house offices, later using her divi to uy my school uniform. I worked on the milk rounds in the 70s first at Beechdale then at Long Eaton, both depots now closed. At the same time I was working part time as pump attendant at Co op service station on Wollaston Vale.
  9. 5Hello all you Nottstalgia so. Sorry I've not been posting for a while but when my old mate Firbeck died 2 years ago it put me off a bit. Anyway, I'm retired no Sorry. I'm still getting the hang of this new tablet. Probably need a six year old to show me how to use it properly (lol). Be hearing more from me hopefully.
  10. Hello all you Nottstalgia so. Sorry I've not been posting for a while but when my old mate Firbeck died 2 years ago it put me off a bit. Anyway, I'm retired now and have a bit more time on my hands. I have recently become a Great grandfather to Carson. Did I say recently? The little beggar is 15 months old now and comes up twice a week to wreck the house for us. He's a little monster but we absolutely adore him. I'll be showing him around all the Bilbrough haunts especially the new swing park near the stadium.
  11. Around 1964 my friend and myself (who was in fact the late nottstalgia member - Firbeck) managed to access the filter block through the vent shaft, and no it was not us who nicked the metal. Realising where we were, we got out very quickly. The next time I visited the site was in 1984 with my children just before the surface barracks were demolished. Everything in the old cutting had changed. I still like to explore disused railways but I am careful where I go these days
  12. Sorry but I just can't keep away from Car Boot Sales and Jumble sales. Yesterday my little lady and myself hobbled along to a jumble sale at Nuthall Methodist Church. Found a little Lilliput Street sort of model of the Trip to Jerusalem. It was mine for 20p. As for sentimental. I still have all my dad's old joinery tools and his textbooks from college just after WW2.
  13. I try to get on when I can but I'm very busy these days. Still working but not quite so many hours. I am trying to do up the house which I inherited. Also doing a lot with the Bilborough Local History Society. And on top of all this I'm still Gerrinode!! So I tend to read myself to sleep in bed at night.
  14. Great to see others like collecting books. I have a fairly good collection of Nottingham and Notts books including many by Douglas Whitworth, also stories by Alan Dance, Joy James and Joan Wallace - authors who set facts into stories. I also collect railway books, mainly about the railways around Nottinghamshire. I also have books about Medieval history. I am also trying to put together a collection of local authors for the benefit of my grandchildren. This is on top of my personal local history research which fills about 80 binders. I'm half expecting the house to collapse under the weig
  15. Hi jopip. I was actually born at 135 Wigman Road but we moved to one of the BISF houses between Graylands Rd and Glaisdale Drive. I left there in 1969 to get married. Meanwhile, my parents bought the house. When my dad died in 2013, I inherited the house so I am back here. I went to Glenbrook Infant and Junior Schools but at the age of 11 I attended Bilborough Grammar School. St. Martin of Tours Church in Bilborough Village was restored by a grant from the Lottery Heritage fund. A lot of work has been done including the beautiful murals which were painted on the chancel wall just af
  16. RIP. Always sad to hear about the death of one of us.
  17. There is an amazing Flower Show next weekend (14th, 15th and 16th July) at St. Martin's. Unfortunately the Lottery Heritage funding comes to an end at the end of this month. However, we have formed a Friends group and hope to continue with many of the events surrounding Bilborough Village.
  18. For anyone with roots in Bilborough, or indeed anyone who may be interested, There is a very lively local history society which meets in St. Martin of Tours church every 2nd Wednesday evening of the month and every 4th Wednesday afternoon of the month. The Afternoon meetings are mostly open discussions and at present we are taking one road per meeting and evoking memories. We have already done Strelley Road, Wigman Road, Bracebridge Drive and last month did the industrial units on Glaisdale Drive. The next afternoon meeting is on 26th April from 2:30pm until 4:30pm. We will be remembering the
  19. Ayup Denboid. Sorry not posted lately been up to my neck in work. Welcome to Nottstalgia (a bit belatedly). I lived on Wigman Road and also played on that fantastic adventure playground called Glaisdale Drive woods. I remember a lot of the people you mentioned but some of the older ones terrified the hell out of me. The Greaves family (along with Paul Tomlin) lived at the back of us on Monkton Drive. Alan Greaves could play all sorts of musical instruments. I knew him again briefly a few years ago but have lost touch. I knew the Prendergasts very well as I had friends on Staverton Road, lik
  20. Thanks for that. I've had a very busy couple of months at work doing 12 hour shifts catering for the elderly at a care home in Dronfield. Hopefully things will calm down a bit now that they are recruiting for the jobs I am covering.
  21. I saw our former member, Jackson today and she was very saddened by the news.
  22. Welcome Ben. I have just read your post. Your dad, Wilfred Junior certainly was my cousin. Like a lot of families, we were close when we were young, but just drift apart as we get older. We used to have family parties at my Granma's house in Wollaton. I can remember one of our Sunday morning get-to-gethers at Granma's house. Your dad and I got kinda bored so we had a wander around the local allotments. When they found us we were having a paddle in the stream which came from under the (long gone) canal. I lived in Glasgow at the same time as your dad. My son was born there. Were
  23. Thanks for replying to us Wendy. It has really upset me. When we were at Grammar School together we were more like brothers. We didn't always see eye to eye, but we had some amazing escapades. I would happily go back and do it all again He is with the Dad that he adored. May they rest in peace.