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  1. RIP. Very funny man. Sadly, we all have to go sometime.
  2. If it is the same family as Philip Soar, they lived on Bramhall Road which runs between Bilborough Road and Hanslope Crescent. I was at Bilborough Grammar School with him. Although he was in the year above me, we both attended the Railway Society on Thursday nights. I believe he is now a millionaire.
  3. I remember my old Vauxhall Chevette. KRP 822Y. So easy to do work on it. I also had an Austin 1300 MON 252F It had Morris hubcaps, a Wolsey radiator and parts from other marques. Sadly the gearbox gave up so it had to go. Lovely car until then.
  4. The awful stink of a badly steaming loco, the thick clag all over the place, the funny wheezing sounds of a very sick loco and of course the layers and layers of pure muck on all the rolling stock. Not forgetting the steam days infrastructure like semaphore signals, multiple sidings, proper station signs, saggy telegraph wires with rows of swallows sitting on them. The list is endless. Happy days.
  5. I shouldn't think it's a problem here in England. I don't think many people get married anyway. I can remember what school children used to say if you got your grammar wrong. YO FICK YO ARE!!!
  6. I am always have been and always will be a Royalist. The alternative is scary.
  7. I really adore all the heritage steam locos, but they will never create the true atmosphere of the railway when steam was king.
  8. It's probably all there under all the infill. Other remnants are the narrowing where the canal (now the Leen) went under Abbey Street, the bridge at Derby Road, the boatmen's pump neat Derby Road and the pound between locks 15 and 16 near where Old Coach Road crossed. Once the location for fishing contests, it has been retained as a sitting area but not very well maintained.
  9. When I was very young I used to be taken to meet my granddad at work on Middle Furlong Road down the Meadows. The sound of steam locos lifting their safety valves terrified me so much that on one occasion I legged it so fast it took them ages to catch me. I love them now. The only other thing that terrified me was my mum when I'd been up to no good. Interestingly when I lived in Glasgow there was an old chap living in the flat next door who was unable to talk. He just made weird noises. All the local kids were terrified of him but he was probably the nicest bloke on the street. My wife used
  10. Often when our bin gets emptied (usually while we are all out at work) we have to send a search party up and down the road to see where they've been dumped.
  11. AYUP. That's 'eck of a lot of posts!! Well done!
  12. So they destroyed that line but want to build another one and call it HS2
  13. And there are those that did it and got away with it.
  14. Oh and all those thingummies? Well what is right with me is the shorter list. I don't know right from left (I believe it is a form of dyslexia), can't ever remember names (never could). I talk to much. I keep repeating myself. I keep repeating myself. I keep repeating myself. Oh dear.
  15. On the first post on this thread, you said no one is perfect. Well I beg to differ. I am perfect. That is a perfect idiot most of the time. Also a perfect moaning old git. The list is endless.
  16. Lamp man Bless you. What a job!! We had to do the few signals operated from Engine Sidings No. 2 box at Derby until it was decommissioned. Just the few signals controlling the entrance to 4-shed. Going up those steps with hands full was ok in good weather but very scary in high winds.
  17. Ayup Moirab. I was brought up on Wigman Road (bottom end) and I am back there having inherited off my Dad. I had many friends from Melbury Road and Melford Road. I went to Glenbrook Schools and Bilborough Grammar. Although there are lots of changes to the shops on Bracebridge Drive, some still have the original owners. Like Baxter's hardware, Stapleton's greengrocery, the Co-op, the bank and Boots has moved across the road.
  18. Women seem to love those steam locos these days. My wife and granddaughter both love them.
  19. Same here. Loved the hosses but goodness didn't the place pong.
  20. Whatever the bearded one wears, whatever his politics, can't say I really like him, but I don't really know him. As for suit and tie? I am one of those people who never looks well dressed no matter what. My eldest son is the total opposite. However, I don't think you have to wear a suit and tie to look smart. I remember seeing politicians in hot climates on the News years ago. They wore suits with short trousers and I used to have hysterics.
  21. Very much a great guitarist, but I loved all the Beatle's music whoever of them sang or wrote it.
  22. Bilborough Shirley. I have the Email address of Natasha at the Bilborough History Society but not allowed to give it on here. However the next meeting is on Wednesday 24th February at 2pm in the St. Martin of Tours Church in Bilborough Village. If you can't attend, Google St.Martin of Tours Bilborough Village and lots of info comes to light.
  23. Thanks Albert. I remember Derek Bacon very well. I remember many drivers who are no longer with us. Particularly Stan Pritchard. When he died the Granby pub on Station Street closed for ever. Coincidence?