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  1. It wouldn't be right for us to know what happens after death. We'll all find out one day.
  2. As I mentioned before, I lost my dad two years ago and my mum in 2013. I found my dad on his stairlift. He'd made a pot of tea after coming in from the shops, gone upstairs to put on his pyjamas and never got to drink that tea. His sopping was on the hall table - he'd even remembered to buy his great grand-daughter a birthday card. He left the house to us and here we now live, where we all moved into in 1953 when I was just two years of age. I feel my parents presence in every room. I know they are keeping an eye on us.
  3. Thanks Mick and Happy Christmas to the lot on yer.
  4. The usual. But most important some well-earned time off work.
  5. Don't panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Sadly a way of life probably lost for ever in this country. To a lesser extent it was like that on the railway. As I said on another thread. I loved the old nuts and bolts railway. It was hard work and dangerous but we had to move on. Imagine if everything that burned coal in the 1950s still did.
  7. Sorry about that. Never mind. One could learn about King Arthur by standing on Southampton Station. But the Patriots confused me. Why did Eric Sykes get a naming but not Hattie Jacques. (sorry)
  8. And here's me thinking Pretty Polly were stockings. (whoops).
  9. Don't knock Radford. Dad was born in a house on Croydon Road. My mum brought up on Salisbury Street. One aunt lived on Bright Street and another on Denman Street although most of their time was spent in the Dover Castle. They said my uncle was an artist. They were right. A p---artist.
  10. Too right. Either cycling locally or getting the train to such as Manchester or even further. And the classes. Jubilees were about the Empire. Scots about the regiments. Not to mention the the western Halls, Castles, Granges and Manors. Then if you liked Walter Scott there were plenty of ex-LNER locos to help you out. What an education.
  11. I think I've mentioned on this forum that all the lights on Nottingham Ring Road go to red as you approach them.
  12. I said to my wife the other day I know a great way of getting us warm in winter. She just told me to grow up and anyway we're too old. Was worth a try.
  13. I have a great booklet about the ghosts around Wollaton Hall. Quite scary.
  14. As a lover of industrial heritage, coal mining was very interesting to me from the primitive bell pits from 2 to 3 centuries ago to the modern pits we ended with. However............ We have to live with the times. Coal mining is a dirty and dangerous occupation. Who would really want their sons (or even daughters) working down there. I certainly wouldn't. Also...... As children we nearly all had coal fired homes but although it was warm, romantic (!?) and good for roasting chestnuts, it was also a chore. Gas and electric fires will nearly always win hands down. So now we have activists who
  15. I did have a bit of a crystal set when I was about 13/14 age but up to so many things, something had to give. My garden is my passion and de-stresser, but I'll always love steam trains, railway and other transport history as well as buying and selling collectables.
  16. Welcome Fredgee. There are loads of us train people on here and plenty of back posts to look up.
  17. There was quite an article about it in NEP Bygones some time back.
  18. Well done Ashley. How many olduns are going to die this winter because of selective environmental hysteria. Impose green taxes and save the planet.
  19. Hi Tony. I tried to send an email to the address you PM'd me but it won't have it. I have replied to your PM.
  20. From Bagthorpe Jc going north turn left towards Basford north and follow the Friargate line to Stanton Jc. Going south it should not get as far as Bagthorpe Jc but turn right at Bulwell South Jc to Basford North and carry on as above. Simples. I can still see it all in my minds eye.
  21. ValuerJim, I looked at your website and clicked on Annesley crew past and present. I found a photo of my granddad in the cab of a black five at Nottm Midland station with Roland Davies and Jeff Pearson.
  22. Toast and marmalade usually, but in the course of my work I often help prepare cooked breakfasts and serve them up to operatives at wherever I am working.
  23. I see the old Arkwright St. station. One of only two on the Great Central with side platforms as opposed to island platforms. The newspaper train used the off-load there and bundles of papers would be tossed down a kind of helter-skelter ramp to the waiting vans below.