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  1. What's a belittling remark? Why is it a secret? What are you all talking about? What's the point of this thread?
  2. No I'm not and don't insult me. I don't insult you do I? Show me a single post where I have been abusive to anyone. Just one will do.
  3. But who is the culprit? Who is making the insulting posts that need deleting? I've not seen any. Where are they? Do they exist? Just say it folks, and stop referring to a person without referring to a person. Who are you all talking about?
  4. Yes. I won't get drunk or violent either.
  5. Yes. Read it from the beginning. Is it really that extreme that someone should be against boxing, pub brawling, violence on TV, Violent computer games, road rage etc. Society is violent - anything that promotes violence is (in my opinion) wrong. Get over it folks. When your grandson gets glassed or your husband/wife gets abuse in a road rage incident - I'm sure you'll change your mind.
  6. It's not going to happen. The UKIP bandwagon is losing momentum and the inexorable drift into a European Superstate continues.
  7. Not me. It's Basfordred that is following me around. He's the one looking for 'round 2'. He makes me feel like Jesus, at my elbow in every thread.
  8. It's called a sense of humour mate. Try growing one. BTW why are you following me around? Do you think I'm Jesus?
  9. It's got nothing to do with lightening up. I was at the Theatre Royal on Saturday when the cavemen were punching seven bells out of each other. It's YOU that needs to lighten up and get that violent streak out of your life, and out of society.
  10. Even the title of this thread, "Male Members" is cringe-worthy.
  11. So the consensus is then that dog fighting is abhorrent whereas human fighting is sport? I must have woken in an alternative universe this morning, Dog fighting is bad - though only dogs get hurt. Human fighting is 'sport' even though humans get hurt and killed. I suppose violence on TV and violent computer games are all good too? What a weird universe this is.
  12. Well it can't be me then as I've had no notification whatsoever.
  13. Well we still don't know who the 'bad' poster is or what rule they are deemed to have broken. If it is me then which rule have I broken? If it's not then I'll carry on as I am as I am not aware of having broken any. Will you stop the cloak and dagger stuff and at least indicate what the problem is?
  14. So who is it that is you are talking about that is making unacceptable posts? Someone that votes UKIP? Someone that is against boxing on the grounds that violence in society is bad? How about just saying who it is? Is it a secret?
  15. I've not seen anything that I would consider abusive. I don't care who votes for whom. So who is doing the complaining and about whom? Come on folks, at least stand up and be counted. Don't hide in the shadows.
  16. You people have to ask yourselves a question. "Do you believe in free speech? Or just free speech that you happen to agree with?" If it's me that you are skulking around behind the scenes complaining about - then just ban me and have done with it. Hardly the end of the world eh?
  17. A difference of opinion just cannot be tolerated eh? That would never do.
  18. It's often cheaper to get a man with a van off Gumtree.
  19. I worry about dog fighting too, but I guess I shouldn't really as no-one gets dragged to a dog fight. I should just shut up and mind my own damn business. I guess I shouldn't vote either, I should join you in the Apathy Party.
  20. Nothing to do with being miserable. I simply don't see how anyone can enjoy watching another human beaten up. There's wrestling and Judo that survive without the main aim being to beat your opponent into an early grave. Anything that mitigates violence in our society, thus making it acceptable to the masses is wrong. Sorry about that, but it just is. I must be a right miserable old git wanting a less violent and more fun loving society.
  21. Yes something will. He'll probably see someone beaten to death in the street. Try topping that.
  22. Well if boxing is in the same group as cage fighting and pub brawling - I need say no more. Oh and BR - do you think that all pro boxing should be run in the same way as Olympic boxing? Head protection, white glove ends and shorter duration? If not - then why not?
  23. It's no good listing dangerous sports. List another sport where the sole aim is to beat your opposition unconscious. Are you all in favour of boxing according to the Olympic rules and regs? If not - why not? When you see Olympic fencing they don't actually kill each other you know. I guess that's why it is such a minority sport eh? What a sick society that wants to watch one human batter another to the point of brain damage.