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  1. With all the press coverage on the revamp and finally work starting on Broadmarsh , a few of us were chatting about what it will do for our city and then... we starting comparing the City, it's shops and nightlife to the past... So might as well start with Broadmarsh which gets a right slating but for me it wasn't always bad....In fact I think back in the early days it was actually better than Victoria! Forget Intu lol Broadmarsh always seemed brighter for us south city lot! Shop wise it had some corkers... fav was the Co-op it seemed so vast as it was very open plan , water foun
  2. Does anyone know who the teacher is the photo? I went. To Brooksby in the late 70's so she would be a lot younger here ( but she looks familiar)... Teachers that I remember were| Miss. Harrison,Richards,Simpkin,Welch, Bennet,Beausivel,Mr Higson , Mr Harris Mr Hall who was very tall. Mr Adkins... Miss Joss who took over from Miss Harrison as head circa 81. Can't work out why this site is not a school as it had fantastic grounds to run and play in...