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  1. Ex Summerwood Lane and Pinewood Gardens 1963 to 1966
  2. To clarify the original post the pub pictured was the Cow, formerly the Beech Tree. To my knowledge it was never the Royal Oak, that pub is on Villa Street on the other side of the High Road.
  3. Where I think I might be wrong is that the Labour Club has been most recently called the Embassy Club. It closed about a year ago. The name Embassy is similar in many ways to Mayfair (in terms of era etc) , so I feel I might be confusing myself. The Labour Club/Embassy Club is currently being modernised by builders. I walked past there a couple of nights ago and it looks like its been divided into 4 separate units and looks like its going to be shops of some description. I recall there being discos in the Labour Club in the early 70's, but never went to any. I'll ask around and see what I c
  4. The Mayfair Club did exist. I've been racking my brains trying to remember. I think it was where Brennans now is, that used to be the Conservative Club, on Regent Street. I think that was the Mayfair. Not 100% sure though.
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    And Notts won the cup in 1894 not 1892. Do your research before you type.
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    And what would you say if you could talk??
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    Maybe, radfordred, if you hang about on Trent Embankment you might meet someone who will do it for you.
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    Thanks for the offer radfordred, but I'm straight, so the thought of sucking your bollocks doesn't appeal.
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    Cheers radford red you inbred, get back to your slum.
  10. Scanlon was one of the best players I ever saw play in a Notts shirt.
  11. Its in the Long Eaton Advertiser today that the Litten Tree Pub (the Old cinema) is closed and for sale. They are blaming the smoking ban for its demise.
  12. Sorry just seen this. I went to Sawley Infants, Dovedale Junior and then the Long Eaton School. I left in 1979 so our paths wouldn't have crossed.
  13. You are quite right, the hut from Auf Wiedersehen is at the sea scouts. It's the HQ of 15th Long Eaton Sea Scouts. The hut is the blue one behind the main brick building. Access to the site is off Tamworth Road Canal Bridge on the Sawley side or off a gated entrance off Clarence Road. You might not rem,ember Clarence Road because its only been there for about 10 years or so. It used to be light industrial land just off North Road, that was actually a mud track not a road. I think there was a tyre yard or something there when I was at the school. The Long Eaton School, formerley Roper, h
  14. If this works, have a look at this, not a bad site
  15. Eric Mc Manus Pedro Richards Craig Short Dave Needham Ray O'Brien Peter Reid Don Masson Geoff Pike Ian McCulloch Charlie McParland Ian Scanlon