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  1. #51 Circular Carpet is by Marion Dorn - she is a fabulous designer and the Midland Hotel Morecambe now have repros in the reception area.
  2. Hello David - actually this is me (I mean my web-site) - yes, I have found out a lot about the Byron but there are still gaps and I would like to make more of the feature on Carrington Lido as well and my local cinema - all still work in progress - thank you for your response.
  3. Hello - I've enjoyed this topic immensely as I developed a deep interest in J M Barrie when I worked on a trilogy of plays for the BBC entitled 'The Lost Boys' (way before Kiefer Sutherland requisitioned the name for a horror film) written by Andrew Birkin (brother of Jane, yes of Serge Gainsbourg and Je t'aime infamy) and produced by Louis Marks. Barrie was played by Iam Holm who went on to do LOTR and Mr LL_D was Tim Piggott Smith who became The Chief and Sylvia was played by the fabulous Ann Bell!
  4. Hello Everyone Every so often when I do a search I find myself here so have decided to join and hope to find some members who may have memories, facts or can point me to 'somebody who can.' I am trying to find pictures of many lost treasures of Carrington where I was born on Church Drive opposite the cemetery beyond which was the Carrington Lido, across the road was a Police Sports ground and further down Mansfield Road in the direction of Clarendon College (if it is still called that) the Curzon Cinema. If anyone has pictures of the Lido or the Curzon I'd like to see them. I'm also producing