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  1. Very best wishes to everyone. I wish you the best Christmas possible under these trying circumstances and a hopeful and happy New Year. All things must pass.
  2. We used to make wine when we lived at Eastwood. The lady next door was a member of the local wine circle and introduced to may boozy do’s - lit by candles in wine bottles; slightly inebriated folk wandering around saying “would you like to try my pea-pod?” Went to many judgings and won a highly commended for our blackberry! Somebody once gave us a marrow, and not knowing what to do with it we made some wine. It was toxic! I put it in the garden shed (more a large rabbit hutch) and shortly afterwards somebody stole it. Saved me the effort of pouring it down the sink. Often wondered what th
  3. What constitutes a “quality” poster?
  4. Yes, Nonna. Just came back to say that! They’re running that promotion now.
  5. Best wishes Carni. Hope it’s a mild dose and clears up quickly.
  6. Free delivery, BK, and lots of movies and series to watch which is good in these lockdown times. You can cancel anytime you want so you can pay £7.99 for a month’s subscription and see how you go. We watched the newish “1917” movie the other night for free (meh!) and have just binge watched a scandi-noir series called “Those Who Kill” which was good. Give it a whirl for a month. (The “Bosch” series based on the Michael Connelly books are also good). Make sure you have a smart TV with the Amazon Prime app on it,
  7. Just got back from eye casualty. I was assembling one of those perspex front door canopies and I’d taken my glasses off so I could see what I was doing (I’m of that age!). I’d got one end of the bracket on and was bending the perspex to get the other end on, when it shot off, and propelled by the spring of the perspex, hit me right in the eye. Apparently I’ve scratched my eye all the way across, fortunately missing the pupil, but can see okay. Antibiotic ointment for 5 days, drops for a month, and go back Sunday for another look. To add insult to injury, they put something in my eye which
  8. My daughter is a TA at in inner city school where 90% of the pupils’ parents are not British born. Some of them are touchingly thankful for the education their children are getting, and at term ends she comes home with many gifts - mostly home baked. Some of them (and it seems to be one ethic group in particular) seem quite arrogant, are all “rights and no responsibilities”, and use the school as unpaid child care. I learned, today that she is not at work at the moment. Two parents, both of whom have tested positive, have decided to have a break from their kids and have sent them to scho
  9. I know you can edit a post, but can you actually cancel one?
  10. Prompted to re-read “Wolf Hall” after watching the dvd again. Exquisite stuff! “Bring Up the Bodies” next, and then hoping “The Mirror and the Light” will be out in paperback for Christmas.
  11. On the library site? I think you have to have a library account to access the magazines etc. Do you have a library card? My library membership number starts D followed by 8 numbers and is printed on my card. I think if you can find the library website where you are (where you can renew your loans), and open an account, you can access the eMagazine section. Perhaps this might help ...
  12. The RB Digital app is available free from the App Store and looks like this ...
  13. Errr... sort of, but not quite. I have an account with Nottingham Libraries which I only used for renewing books. The website was ... On there is a section (scroll down) for eMagazines. Then I get ... “Library members can access a range of free digital magazines. You can do this from both library and home computers. There are 150 titles to choose from. You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to read a magazine wherever you are for free.” Then a few images of magazine cover
  14. There’s some art mags on there BK. No, not THOSE kind!!!
  15. Eyup, BK. Just go into the app store, go into search and type in rb. The RBdigital app should come up for you to download. It’s a red rectangle with a “rounded” rb on it. Let me know if you have any problems.
  16. I might be preaching to the converted here, so forgive my ignorance if I am. I was vaguely aware that it was possible to “check-out” online the magazines that you might find in your local library. After a little (very little) research and downloading the RBdigital app onto my ipad I now have access to loads of up-to-date magazines .... for free! I’ve often paid pounds for a digital photography magazine only to be disappointed by its contents, or fancied reading one article in Country Life without having to pay for the countless ads for multi-million pound properties. And now I can. So far
  17. Have always thought St. Paul’s is quite a forbidding building. Perhaps because it features heavily in the lives of my father’s family ... who were also quite forbidding!
  18. I don’t get it often (thank God!), but I’ve also had a few instances of sleep paralysis and it can be absolutely terrifying. I am usually in an innocuous situation which for some reason is extremely frightening, and although I know I’m dreaming I just can’t wake up to stop the fear. I try to cry out so that the missus will nudge me awake, but can’t make a sound. I get so confused and scared that eventually I don’t know whether I’m awake or still sleeping. Very, very scary. I remember when I had my heart op the nurses said that nightmare’s could be quite common for months (although I had
  19. I take medication to combat the side effects of my medication!
  20. Saw Dylan at the Arena a few years ago. Warned the missus that it wouldn’t be “Mr Tambourine Man” and “Like a Rolling Stone” and that we might be leaving in the interval. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Good stage set as well. All honey light and an old time saloon feel.
  21. As we’ve gone a bit off topic, mentioning other coins (never!), I though I’d post this. It’s a silver groat of Mary Tudor, “Bloody Mary”. Although you can’t see him it’s actually a Philip and Mary groat as you can see his name on the back. Dates from 1554 to 1556 ish.