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  1. This wasn't meant to be controversial or trolling. I genuinely wanted to know why. But, its okay, I accept that some people like walking and some like watching trains. I don't have any problem with that, . What I do have a problem with is , because I ask a question that I genuinely wanted a bit of knowledge and I anticipated people asking " why" what I didn't anticipate was being called a troll or should I say " accused of trolling". That is why I will not be posting on this site again.
  2. This may be the worst post I have ever made...but just what is the point of this fanatical looking at trains and tracks. Its just a bit of machinery designed to do a job and now its old and been superseded by yet another bit of machinery. Why bother walking along a bit of track that's been abandoned and overgrown when you have buses and cars that do the job quicker.? I am standing by for a veritable hail of indignant postings and shed loads of Hate mail but its all beyond me.
  3. Wasn't "distant drums" by Roy Orbison the flip side of "Blue Bayou?
  4. Many thanks for that information. I had always thought that it was because of slag heaps from gedling Pit being dumped there. So , now well informed again.
  5. Somewhat off thread but close enough. Does any one know why , and how, Lambley Dumbles became so named. My children love it but always ask what it means, and I cannot explain.
  6. I once worked with a Captain Bacon who later married and named his son Egan.
  7. Serry, being a derivative of "sirrah" as told by my father, comes to notts vie the yorkshire pits especially those close to Barnsley.
  8. As post number 7 indicates , many people from other countries see london and assume that it is representative of the country as a whole. . I holiday in the States several times each year and am well aware of that problem. I always respond by asking them if they think New York is representative of their State which makes them think. So, I think that we all agree that the Counties of this country are different in structure , people, history band culture yet all are linked in a greater way, especially through the terrific history of this Nation. So, why not have a series of programmes about each
  9. So no one thinks them good idea's?
  10. Two things that have puzzled me for some time now. 1/ As we are now in the digital information period and people want to know, why haven't the city used the facilities of Universities in this area to produce a sellable disc of Clip art and pictures of the County for tourists to this place, a disc that can be sold for a small sum which would be a locally produced item that children can take away to recall their visit or to help with school work e.t.c As the University is in the County surely their must be artists who could use their skills to both create the images and then get them collate
  11. a small boat made out of cooking fat is a lardy caique.
  12. Its a strange thing...At school I can remember my English teacher talking about various words and him saying.."we never start a sentence with the word GOT" if fact we try to avoid using it altogether". So! in america they use the word "gotten" which to me always seemed to be incorrect. Eventually I went to a"usage and abusage type of book to read up on it. I found that it is one of those words that is correct english but has gone out of fashion and yet we still recall its use when using such as "misbegotten" So I now find it a welcome return when reading it in some one's threads and posts.
  13. My parents, especially my mother who never had a chance at school, always insisted on learning being the difference between having lots of money and not having much. One thing I did learn was the beauty of the english language. Here is a very good example of the use of the language.
  14. Many thanks for that information. I had always believed that it was released in the early seventies. Don't know where my info came from and quite obviously in error so for that many thanks.
  15. It seems to me that Fame and Fortune are twin sisters of evil. For every one person who seeks and finds both fame and fortune and lives with them in peace there is yet another one or two people who find that they cannot control either fame or fortune. Sad but seemingly true.
  16. My new years resolution was to stop making any more resolutions that I cannot keep to.
  17. My favourite Everley,s song is "it,s my time" also covered by dolly parton and porter waggoner. Came out around 1971/2 and never got the airing it deserved.
  18. All I can recalls is that he worked there for so long.I think his sister Georgina also worked there for a while. He suffered from some form of skin problem which inhibited his socialising to a great extent He did most of his drinking in the Beeston area but I did bump into him coming out of a pub on Derby hill some time back. Lost contact after1969 or thereabouts.
  19. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the newly acquired bit of kit and your EOS 60 D. My camera and I am wanting the same mike. Went to a camera shop and found that they sell at £ 137:00 so "no deal".
  20. Had occasion to pass through the George Bush airport in Texas last year. There in the concourse was a vending machine that was dispensing iPads and Pods. Present the plastic and remove your I Pad.
  21. Top Left, looks like Sooty or Sweep, and just below sweep is a huge three toothed mouth. ( or am I still cloud-gazing after all those years)
  22. I never attended this school as I passed the "eleven plus and was sent to Eastwood and then county schools. But I did live on Phoenix farm Estate. The reason that I am writing this is that before leaving Gedling, and by default , Nottingham, I spent my sixteenth year working in Luxfers after a short stint at Marshalls. During my time at Luxfers I began a friendship with a big burly guy known as Malc Leckonby who took a girl whom I had a crush on, and married her. He later joined the police force and moved to Newark where he spent time in the Police force there. I managed just once getting rou