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  1. Yeah, I've heard it was pretty rough.... I read about some people who held a 'squat party' there back in March this year (link: but nothing since... some really interesting pictures in the article of the state they found the venue in
  2. Sorry 'bout that, will keep it to one post in the future! Yes, I've heard it being associated with the name Black Orchid, was it called that before or after ISIS?
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any information/memories they could share on the now closed ISIS nightclub on Lenton Industrial Estate (opposite the Showcase Cinema?) in particular whether anyone knows if the interior is still accessible? I very much doubt it but I'd really like to get inside for a video project I'm producing about Nottingham clubs. Anything at all would be greatly appreciated, can't seem to find much info on the Internet so far. Thanks colsmith50