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  1. That will be no then.. i'll get my coat...
  2. I have inherited an Xbox 360 from my lad and am looking to swap games. I have quite a few but they are not my thing. i enjoyed the Fallout series but cant get on with driving games. Anyone out there interested in swapping any? I Have.... Crackdown 2 Omerta Transformers Fall of Cybertron Saints row 2 Oblivion Fable 2 Halo 3 Call of Duty Ghosts Assasins Creed Revelations Red Faction Lost Odysey Assassins Creed Brotherhood Mass Effect 3 The Bureau Blacksite Enchanted Arms Quake 4 Bioshock 2 Too Human Cheers Barnze
  3. Welcome to the mad house.. How can i buy your produce.. Am local and interested in a drop.
  4. A few trees at QMC. i pick up a few on my way past this time of year.
  5. They put on a good do atthe Castle on Geo's day.. Working on the day so no jollys for me.
  6. Still got myTash.. Shaved it off twice Then the Lovely Mrs B wants it back.. She says i ain't me without it.
  7. Me Mam allus said "Don't touch the dogs tabs cuz you'll get Canker" Me Dad allussaid " Dunna put penneys in ya marf yul get Canker" I did both things--- Never got Canker.
  8. Sorry to hear of your suffering.. I was a victem of the 2007 Man flu pandemic.. I still can't do the ironing proper even after a few years of phisio therapy! Try a beer and curry diet.... It helped me through a bad time. Take it easy and keep ya chin up.
  9. Gets excelent reviews..Will be having a portion later in year.
  10. I did the dungeons in York a few years back. Very good. Let us know how you get on with the ghost tour. Hope you lot enjoy your visit.
  11. Has anyone done the gut n gore tour in Nottingham? Someone at work said it was good & only 6 quid for about an hour n half. Sounds good but would like to hear any reviews you lot have.
  12. I like the she'll be apples attitude of the aussies. Also they are so multicutural that where we lived in Greenslopes we me every race i reckonapart from an eskimo.. Never met one of them. I think they are called inuit now.. Pardon my ignorance!
  13. Barnze

    I'm Back!

    A lot less input on Face book and selective viewing. Though i never make much sence at the best of times.
  14. Do as they do i reckon. Some good friends made and i was happy to be a Pommy B4stard..
  15. Barnze

    I'm Back!

    Face book kicked it into touch Work place taking to much attention to it..