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  1. After migrating to Australia in 1956 I started my trade course at Ultimo Technical College in the heart of Syney.One day I went to the store and asked the storeman for a"6 inch clamp". Son I don.t understand what you are saying,hang on I get someone else ,I repeated my request only to get the same response. Better write it down,which I did. Mate you want a "Claaaamp" you were asking for a "Clump" or something like that no wonder we didn,t understand. Just shows how a "Nottingham " accent was difficult to understand "Downunder" More broader English accents were even more difficult for the Aussi
  2. This is the strangest thing. I emigrated to Australia in 1956 aged 13. I have fond memories of Nottingham Castle and of course Robin Hood. I live between Sydney and Brisbane. Last week I was playing golf at my local club,On the 9th tee I hit this booming(exaggerated) drive down the fairway but it finished in long grass on the right hand side. After a couple of minutes I find a yellow golf ball, this is the crazy bit, the ball had on it a picture of" Robin Hood" and the wording "Nottingham Castle". We could not believe it, here am I 64 years after leaving Nottingham 24000 Ks away and in the mi
  3. Hi DAVIDW, Thanks for the info. Louisa Ellen was my Grandmother, Charlie my Dad who I mentioned (Jessiman and Stutely) Joan my mother and Alan my brother (now deceased). I really appreciate you taking the time. Regards Keith
  4. I was going through my family history when I came across details of my Fathers fish and greengrocers shop at 30 Nuthall Road. "Jessiman and Stutely" in 1949. I was seven that year and recall an incident where my fathers business partner Mr Stutely, chased and caught a man in the middle of the street and a fight ensued. I was, as a witness made to attend Nottingham Courts over a number of weeks. It,s all very vague now. I believe it was reported in Nottinghams newspapers. Can anyone help dig up the newspaper article. I would appreciate any advice to enable me to add to our family his
  5. Hi All, You have probably seen all of the reports regarding the bushfires in Australia. Where I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW between Forster and Taree. Only 5 weeks ago we were almost evacuated because of fires near us.Driving down to Sydney 400ks south the temperature reached 47 degrees Now we have in 3 days had more than 20 inches of rain.Since spring I had not mowed our lawns once(normally twice a week) Now after the rain I have stuff growing everywhere and mowed twice in 4 days!!!! Our farmers are loving it,after the crippling drought they are once again"farming". Sad
  6. Hi All, Thanks for your postings.I still have images of my Dad riding his bike to work wrapped up against the cold,worked for Avro aviation in Nottingham.We had little money as was the case with many at that time. Things had to change for him and us after the war, Australia was the answer. It changed his whole life around,job with Qantas,able to buy a car,etc. Sadly he died aged 63, a result of smoking as many did during the war. Sydney was where I worked but now live on the Mid North Coast near Forster,a most beautiful place to be,lakes, beaches,unspoiled countryside, and great golf!!!. When
  7. I often wonder how many Notts people emigrated to Australia? I went to Ellis Tech school and with my family emigrated to Australia in 1956. My Dad was in the RAF during the war and after hearing about Australia from Aussies in the forces decided that after the war we would emigrate. Not so simple, we were declined a few times because he at the time he was running a fish and chip shop in Nuthall Rd.and the Australin Goverment did not want fish and chip shop owners?, It wasn,t until he got a job with QANTAS that we were accepted. The drama continued when the Suez crisis began,several departure d
  8. Hi All I thank you for your information. I was born in 1942 and I believe I was 1 year older than Robin,he was a good swimmer and may have furthered in that sport?
  9. Hi OZTALGIAN, I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW just out of Forster 4 hours by road to Sydney. We built here 2003 on a golf course estate,still playing golf but as we get older the game becomes a "mystery". Can you recall what year you new of Robin,I would imagine he would still live in the area,maybe listed in the local phone book. Regards Keith
  10. Hi Alpha, You mentioned "Robin Soar" in an earlier post. Robin and I where mates in the early 50.s before my family emigrated to Australia in 1956. Lost contact all those years ago. His dad was a coal miner and they lived in Cyril Ave. My Dad ran the shop next to the Post Office, did fish and chips and groceries later. Do you know of Robin,s whereabouts? Probably a long shot but someone may know. Regards Keith
  11. Interesting what a topic like "Fish and Chips" can dig up.Cliffton I have googled No 30 before. We Lived there 66 years ago. I remember The Mill cafe well my mother ran a hairdressing shop on the opposite corner. We used to sled down the hill from near the railway bridge dodging the trucks as they came from the Mill cafe.I see the "Nags Head" is still there,my Dads drinking hole. Over the years I have tried to find my old mates who lived in Albert and Cyril Ave but had no luck. Names were John Perry and Robin Soar. Any clues?
  12. I don,t recall "Pinketts" His shop was next to the then Post Office, corner of Albert Ave. My Dad also made "crisps" in his shop which he delivered to the local pub,s. I also believe he made the first flavoured crisps. Also a fire broke out in the shop,attended by the local brigade. The story goes that he put on the beer for the guy,s after they put the fire out !!!. I would have been about 10 at the time and went to Whitemoor primary school. How,s your golf going?. Regards KJ
  13. Jem, I don,t recall that shop. My Dad had a fish and chip shop at 30 Nuthall Road. Anyone remember that one,would have been early 50,s
  14. Hi Jill,

             I was just scrolling through posts on Bobbers Mill when I came across your post on the Wheatsheaf Hotel. I remember it well, I used to fetch fish and chips for the drinkers in the beer garden.I would climb over the wall where the swings used to be,and across to the fish and chip shop. It would have been around 1952 to 56. What a shame that it is to be a Macca,s site. I now live in Australia emigrated in 56, attended Whitemoor and Ellis schools. I have tried to contact old friends with no luck.

    1. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Yes, I remember The Wheatsheaf very well. Your memories will be a bit earlier than mine but I do remember the swings. It was a quiet place to sit outside with the family on warm summer evenings. Like everything else, it's all changed now. It's some years since I was in the area.


      Don't give up on the search for old friends. It's amazing who stumbles across this site, given time.

  15. Hi Oldie, We must have been in the same choir, I am 74 so would have been 12 or 13 at the time. did you know Cannon Leeper ? your thoughts about him? I lived at Bobbers Mill and later at Cinderhill. Wow such a long time ago.
  16. I used to sing in the choir at St Micheal and all Angles. Cannon Leaper was a great man and had a great influence on me. He would spend countless hours with the choir boys,teaching us about many things. He later went to Southwell Cathedral. I believe the tower was incomplete due to lack of funds.Weddings were conducted some Saturdays and I used to get a couple of bob for singing Ave Maria while the bride and groom signed the registrar.Even though no spire was built their was still a bell tower which we would ring 3 x 100 times before Sunday,s sermons would start.I was sad to learn that the old
  17. I remember Cyril Ave quiet well. As I recall at the location of the arrow behind the houses there were old cars dumped there.As a youngster I would sneek in and sit behind the wheel of the wrecks, I guess it would have been around 1952/4. My mother had a hairdressing salon just down from the Nags Head. I note an earlier surname of"Soar" in a school photo I wonder if she was any relation to a Robin Soar I knew,lived in Cyril Ave, his Dad was a coal miner. I spent many a Saturday fetching fish and chips for the drinkers in the Wheatsheaf beer garden.
  18. Hi Paulus, just a hunch, I notice you live in Romney Marsh, in recent research of my family I came across a marriage certificate of my Great Grandfathers second marriage (John Jessiman) to Louisa Ellen Bransby,in 1910, giving their address as Bristol Cottage, Lydd. Do you know of this Cottage? I used Aspley library 1954 to 56 it was great place to stop on my way home from school. I guess the cottage is long gone, the mystery I am trying to unfold is his first marriage and a possible half brother to my father. I note nostalgia as an interest so if this "tweeks" anything I would be happy t
  19. Katyjay, We have been to the Canyon, awesome,must be a great place to live. Wife and I travelled a bit around the Sates, hired a car, did all the tourist spots, loved the country. Yes my wife and I still play golf, we live on a Golf estate called Tallwoods on the mid north coast of NSW,moved from Sydney when retired 13 years ago now. At the moment we have had no rain for 3 months, and you may have heard we have raging bush fires all around. Poohbear, Aspley cinema? I used to go there once a week, cost me one shilling I think for a bar of Cadbury,s and entrance,
  20. Hi Katyjay, You have jogged my memory,I do recall Dr,s Hargreaves and Rutherford, I would not have remembered their names until you mentioned them, I can still picture waiting to see them,what a small world, you are in Arizona and I in Australia, hows your golf?.Where did you live?. There was a girl I had a crush on, lived on Nuthall Rd, could have been you.If you left the Doctors, crossed the road to the Barleycorn, past the small shop, turned right into a cul de sac, that's where I lived. Do you remember the Shipstones horses parked outside the Barleycorn, the little old lady from the shop
  21. FAIR DINKUM Jackson it appears I touched raw nervre somewhere, how you misconstrued my comments as being sexist baffles me?. If you read my comments in my next thread you would see that I apologised for a typing error re your name and signing off as KJ 792!!! As Poohbear commented where,s your sense of humour.I posted on this site because after 58 years away from the old dart I started researching my family history,and Ellis, Nottingham,Skegness, Sheffield, are areas my family resided and I hoped that maybe a conection could be made. 49 years of marriage qualifies me as a non sexist male. KJ79
  22. Poohbear,Jeezs mate you are unbelievable!!! You hit the nail on the head, yes that is exactly where I lived, in fact the train line was almost in our backyard,the drivers would wave as they passed, as I recall they were very small Loco,s and travelled at a snails pace,on the other side of the rail line were market gardens.Giga I remember Broxtowe Lane very well, before school I would take my 3 year old brother up the hill and catch the bus to Wollaton and deliver him to my Aunt to look after him whilst my mother worked. The lady conductress, if we were late would wait until we arrived. can you
  23. Hi Poohbear, Remarkable photo, can,t say I can figure the exact location, whats the building bottom right John Barleycorn? 523 Nuthall Rd was in a culd e sac, probably built 1954/5 the road in was about as I recall about 300 metres up from the Barleycorn,on the same side, in all about 8 houses, 4 on Nuthall Rd and 4 set back. I used to deliver papers from the old shed newsagents next to the park in Stockhill RD. Regards KJ792
  24. Hi Beduth, Thanks for the photo,s I can only recognise sports master Oglesby and Woodward. My name is Keith Jessiman, I left Ellis !956 when my family emigrated to Australia. I was either in class 2 or 3 A when aged 13. Played for the cricket and football teams representing Ellis. I can recall classmates "Tilley", Ted Breffitt who,s family owned Breffitts Garage on Nuthall Rd ,Bingley, Tomlinson, Briggs, memory fades. I lived at 523 Nuthall Rd Cinderhill, used to walk home at times with geography teacher Bank,s I think his name was?. The education I gained at Ellis from the technical aspect wa