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  1. I noticed the ants were eating the black fly on my beans so they doing me a favour for a change. BTW I planted marigolds next to my beans but still got Black Fly.
  2. There's a Georges opposite the Badger Box in Annesley, reckon it must be franchise.
  3. Bad news for me. Missus just told me we on a cruise on May 25th and that is Cup Final day (Reds are still in the cup). I never wanted to cruise in the first place.
  4. I remember the bad one in the early 60's In Annesley we sledged down the Church Hill and made slides on the school hill. Bad winter ? it was brilliant as a kid. Power cuts , roaring coal fires, and the skin on the rice puddings made in the coal fire oven. Oh and the 'hot-aches'
  5. We were in the Newmarket having a quick one before the Tom Jones concert and across the road they were queuing like mad to get in the Pryzm ([Palais). Told the young barman we were waiting for the queue to go down. He looked bemused and gave a nervous laugh,
  6. Big thanks to Stevie Cooper . Got us from the bottom of the Championship to the Premier League and survived the first season. Great time at Wembley in between. He will always be a legend in the history of Forest for me (a supporter for over 60 years).
  7. I' ve heard the fountains on the Square will not be switched back on.... Oh no what shall we do ?
  8. My Missus and Sister in Law visited Emmerdale recently and they loved every minute. Julie got her picture took with Cain Dingle, I don't think she loves me any more
  9. £500 and I don't even feel like a pensioner (age 68) but don't tell the government
  10. I see the tree has gone up in the Market Square. October 30th is this a record. Time to get the Easter Eggs in now.
  11. Yes I thought we'd got a reasonable score and took an early wicket. They looked good at the start then I got my Granddaughter from school got back home and bang its over. Hope the Reds can do the same tomorrow.
  12. I suppose J27 , M1 which is nearest to home if I was sad enough to reply to this thread
  13. In the East Midlands some of the seams were known by the name of where they outcropped ie Tupton, m(Low Main ) and probably Brinsley . Not sure how Waterloo and Hazle got their names . We were told that the coal went deeper to the east and there was coal measures to last a hundred or more years . The plan was to win the coal then sink new shaft and so on. That didn't happen and we were on the dole