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  1. I remember Chris Ashley winding us Forest fans up. He was brilliant at it, so we tuned in when coming back from the match but he always had an answer even when we won
  2. Beatles for Sale, from Frank Sissons in Hucknall. Used the money I'd saved for my holidays.
  3. Have they won a European Cup ? There's a lot of media attention
  4. Would have loved to spent a day there for one full day
  5. Unsung hero, one team man he never seemed to panic and played against some top players. Law Charlton,Greaves etc
  6. My first packet in 71 and I was proud to give my mam me board. I felt like a man at 15yr old. Went out and bought a Johnny Cash LP next in me pocket for the first time, what a feeling
  7. Bad school report at 15 , NCB Moorgreen TC, Newstead and Annesley pits 22yr, picking in fields 5 yr, Prolog warehouse work to present. 6 yr to retirement who knows.
  8. Dreadnought, but I have got to play them so darent use net
  9. The missus if she don't stop nagging
  10. Ive used this and been succesful
  11. Compo you an old Annesley Bulldog then?