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  1. Thanks Jill and Margie. The pain went for 90 minutes when the Reds won and secured Prem football but I've still got a feeling sunburn after over a week of it. You can't take anything for it but I id try beer at the weekend , that helped lol
  2. I thought shingles were little bits of gravel and pebbles but not my kind at the moment, ouch!
  3. Well the Royals history brings loads of tourist money into the country , so I've nowt against em. Lets face it they haven't even got a good football team in London so what else is there to see. There were no street parties in Annesley and the last one was when it was Pit village times change but the moaning goes on. Long Live The King and I don't just mean Joe Baker
  4. Chris Ashley knew how to wind us Forest fans up, but it was a laugh (especially when we were winning)
  5. I remember two tone Levi's Sta-Prest from there and a suit jacket. My ma said it was about time I smartened meself up . An ex Skinhead lol
  6. Still Have mine from around 1970 tho.
  7. First went in there when I was 15 and just got my first pay packet (Moorgreen TC NCB )Got me yes knocked up there once but still went back on Friday nights. We had to catch two busses to get there and leave a 10:10pm. I remember seeing Paper Lace there and Mud before they got in the Pop charts. Two pints of Tartan Bitter and on the dance floor. Must have stood out a mile with the Doc Martins on. Good times
  8. My Granddad Willie Roe's brother Arthur played for Luton Town at the time and there were most part of the team called up to a Middlesex regiment in 1914. He did survive to play again . Granddad harry peach would never mention the war according to my late mam.
  9. Both my Granddads fought int the Great War. Harry Peach was in the Northumberland Fusiliers even though he came from Nottingham. I can't trace my Granddad Willie Roe as his name may have been changed to William and/or Rowe at the time he joined up or stated work at the Pits. Its a shame you have to pay to check up on our heroes records but somebody is always there to make shilling or two......... its a pity they didn't take the Kings Shilling like them . .
  10. Im still trudging through me Charles Dickens collection ,keep falling asleep with Edwin Drood
  11. As a kid I was amazed at the one in the Co-op at Annesley. I was often prompted to buy what I came in for by the staff with my written note in hand with Co-op number as well. Maybe I should be telling this to a psychiatrist ??
  12. I was down at Nottingham General one day after a Pit accident and there were three Corned Beef tin injuries there (all cuts). I was glad I worked at Newstead Pit instead of Fray Bentos, it was sfer.
  13. You must have a drawer full of spare keys if we need one then
  14. Opposite of this topic I just realised something that has never changed in my lifetime.... the method of opening a tin of Corned Beef, we still use the key! Never seen Corned Beef without the key.