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  1. First went there as a 16 year old on a Monday nights, I don't think alcohol was on sale ;does anyone know? Later years I used to hate wearing a jacket and a tie and trousers instead of jeans. Young clubbers nowadays don't know how lucky they are. lol
  2. Annesley MW , football and cricket pitches are now an estate.
  3. Robin Hood Half marathon went well except for a few Facebookers who were against some lanes closed for a short while
  4. I wonder if Blilly still has his files. Seriously a football club owner shouldn't have two clubs we are just a sideshow for Marra . Ive been a supported since 1964 and the whole set up this last ten year has been pathetic. Well at least no season ticket rise in L 1.
  5. In Annesley the road which was Station Road leading down to where the train station was alongside the pit is now a part of Annesley Cutting for the new houses built on the pit site. I suppose Station Road sounded a bit too common. All the new roads and avenues are still 'the old pit yard ' for me
  6. Just done it but I think my answers don't make any impact at all to the present situation . They should have been asking how we were treated by hospitals, doctors surgeries and dentists. How were were treated when wanting refunds for situations out of our control and naming names ! Which shops and supermarkets looked after us best and which broke most government rules etc etc
  7. My mam and dads (1960's)was Kirkby in Ashfield 2279 then it went to Mansfield with a 75 in front
  8. Washers gone A retro launderer hey ! I think my mams method was Whites -colours- woolens- jeans and darks then me and me dads pit clothes
  9. I get the Dreft its Per se l ovely you take an interest Surf ing the forum in Comfort.
  10. Free if collected hardly used Harris Classic twin tub washer. plastic body. Harris Classic XP68 2001SD1. Lightweight
  11. At least we matched them in normal and extra time. I don't class a team as winners when its a penalty shoot out. They should be banned in a final.
  12. Unfortunately I won with Italy but it would have been worth that to see us win it.
  13. Newmarket Pub and Old Market Square or Slab Square for me
  14. Covid or not Footballs Coming Home , Ive got a tenner on Italy , the Missus got tenner on Danes ; we both want England to win WIN WIN WIN situation pity our reps at Wimbledon couldn't do better .