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    Nottingham Forest , Country Music, playing guitar and singing, writing, history, internet, travel, gardening and finally beer drinking but not all the same time .

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  1. Lates one is a text from saying I'm liable to a £100 fine. Census is a not a com but a CON ! beware
  2. I'd be scared if I had anything to hide or if men in black suits gave me a visit but I think the most important thing they are after is your spending. Advertising is their main aim.
  3. I was going to ask Echo / Alexa about machine guns , bomb making and baseball bats just to see what pops up on my computer next.
  4. Second Jab (AZ)yesterday no side effects so far. Figures going the right way, I hope everyone is sensible after two big lockdowns. Light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Earlier this year we saw a hares in the field opposite our house and this morning a partridge on the garden . Two first for Annesley. There should also be some comical answers to look forward to
  6. I think we've gone all religious here ....burnt offerings by the smell of it ... SLAP ! ouch
  7. Enjoyed Terror and couldn't predict the ending, enjoy
  8. My dad having a car we went a lot to Great Yarmouth, most folk in Annesley in the 60's went to Skeggy, Ingoldmells and Chapel. I was lucky to have an aunty in Wainfleet so we had plenty of Skeg as well.
  9. After 'big shop' at 6am and cement mixing etc in garden til 2;45pm then it all turned and Forest won awaynow for beer.
  10. Pickwick Papers, Charlie Dickens is hard to read phew !
  11. I've come off Facebook its not the same when you get to Elections , Brexit and Covid I get fed up of so called 'keyboard warriors' I found I can follow Forest , Country Music and a bit of history on Instagram and put my odd picture on there. I have also made sure I do not follow or be followed by those on Facebook who take it so seriously. I spend less time on me phone as well. I have lost few contacts and distant family but if they wanted me then I'm sure they would find me.
  12. Alas feeling sorry for Harry. Harold got shot in the eye around 1066 but that is that a rumour ? The tabloids would have a field day. Sorry I'll get me coat.
  13. I had Oxford and no side effects. Missus had it yesterday and was looking for side effects lol , but after a burst under the bathroom sink she forgot all about the jab. Can't wait for the next episode . Stay Safe everyone