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    Nottingham Forest , Country Music, playing guitar and singing, writing, history, internet, travel, gardening and finally beer drinking but not all the same time .

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  1. Washers gone A retro launderer hey ! I think my mams method was Whites -colours- woolens- jeans and darks then me and me dads pit clothes
  2. I get the Dreft its Per se l ovely you take an interest Surf ing the forum in Comfort.
  3. Free if collected hardly used Harris Classic twin tub washer. plastic body. Harris Classic XP68 2001SD1. Lightweight
  4. At least we matched them in normal and extra time. I don't class a team as winners when its a penalty shoot out. They should be banned in a final.
  5. Unfortunately I won with Italy but it would have been worth that to see us win it.
  6. Newmarket Pub and Old Market Square or Slab Square for me
  7. Covid or not Footballs Coming Home , Ive got a tenner on Italy , the Missus got tenner on Danes ; we both want England to win WIN WIN WIN situation pity our reps at Wimbledon couldn't do better .
  8. Didn't drive until I was 31 when my driving mates stopped going to Forest games. Passed first time in a Toyota Starlet . Instructor Dick Wightman (Annesley) I think , good instructor. After 6 lessons I drove to Skeggy in our car and it boosted my confidence. Took my test in Sutton.
  9. Tried SKY news on computer and its all football
  10. Can you still park cars on Victoria Embankment ?
  11. Lates one is a text from saying I'm liable to a £100 fine. Census is a not a com but a CON ! beware