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  1. Noddy used to ask folks the score after the game but I think it was just a habit to reassure himself. Still he was a legend.
  2. Here's another I'm not sure of. I am getting a text to say my Apple pay is now suspended and to follow the link. I haven't. Also a man claiming to be fro Severn Trent wanted to come in for a water sample to test. My missus said she was too busy and he cleared off; ST didnt answer my quiery . BEWARE everyone
  3. Going back my dads was a Hillman Huskey, then we had a Hillman Minx de lux. ARR 405B
  4. This season under Steve Cooper has be a breath of fresh air. Every game has been a pleasure to watch . So whatever happens from now on this season I still class it as a great season. COYR FTID .
  5. In Annesley Rows when I was a kid it was 6d at Tommy Lane's down the road . He did it in his front room. He didn't charge for cutting your ears now and again when 'short back and sides' was the only style he did.
  6. I would have burst the balloon first episode and series over
  7. Liverpool ticket bought "Que Sera Sera"
  8. I only hope the powerful Russians (Oligarchs and Military) overthrow the madman. Thoughts with Ukraine and the people
  9. Silver Cross Wayfair , Pram push chair etc for sale £250 very good condition
  10. Just seen the post Mercurydancer and it was a clue in my crossword (now solved) and like Michael Booth folks had picked Blueys around Annesley so probably the same thing .
  11. Glad it worked in your favour, lord knows weve spent enough in the past COYR