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  1. I still have Terry Hennessey and did have Forest Team Spurs team and Jim Baxter like that and was gutted he wasn't wearing the Forest kit. I couldn't wait for the tea caddy to be empty. Then we went back to Indian Prince tea (2/-)which was more expensive but there were some luxuries in life me Dad liked
  2. Me and young cousin at Winthorpe. Notice the snake belt ?
  3. I saw my first Panto along with missus, daughter , boyfriend and Granddaughter (aged 4). I was reminded by my daughter that we never ever took her to one until our Granddaughter came along. Well better late than never. It was enjoyable mainly watching Layla's (Granddaughter) reaction to it all. For her it was the trumping bit and the slapstick bits but she really enjoyed it and her favourite was of course Muddles (Joe P). Definitely going to the next one!
  4. I got mine didn't know what it was for until now . ta
  5. I have tried various pub sunday dinners (not lunches ) but prefer my missus' dinners. Usually four veg, beef and Yorkshires. I told her it was better than eating out and she just said I am tight.We were both right for a change.
  6. Take a market stall put a bit of tinsel round it and then its a Christmas Market, oh and up the price of everything HUMBUG
  7. So where is the best Pork Pie around Nottingham ? Any recomendations ? Barlows Butchers do a good one.
  8. Bring back Bounty and scrap VAR and it will make my day
  9. Im fro Annzlee and I think I need subtitles when I speak lol
  10. Unfortunately no one celebrates All Saints Day, Nov 1
  11. Looks like its back for an extended period to make up for the missing years. Anyone had a look. Hoping to take Granddaughter 3 1/2 yrs old down for first time if its worth it these days for kids. A bit excited myself its its still got a bit of tradition as I haven't been for years.
  12. Salt is supposed to be bad for you but I save all my ration for Chips! Chips egg and sausage any time.
  13. Station Hotel (now gone) in Newstead was just known as The Pub, mainly because there was only the Miners Welfare (Stute) and Station Hotel in the village. It had other names by locals Jug and Bottle , Shearers Arms , Supply Gate.