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  1. Salt is supposed to be bad for you but I save all my ration for Chips! Chips egg and sausage any time.
  2. Station Hotel (now gone) in Newstead was just known as The Pub, mainly because there was only the Miners Welfare (Stute) and Station Hotel in the village. It had other names by locals Jug and Bottle , Shearers Arms , Supply Gate.
  3. I still call it the 84 and the 61 for us in Annesley Rows
  4. Noddy used to ask folks the score after the game but I think it was just a habit to reassure himself. Still he was a legend.
  5. Here's another I'm not sure of. I am getting a text to say my Apple pay is now suspended and to follow the link. I haven't. Also a man claiming to be fro Severn Trent wanted to come in for a water sample to test. My missus said she was too busy and he cleared off; ST didnt answer my quiery . BEWARE everyone
  6. Going back my dads was a Hillman Huskey, then we had a Hillman Minx de lux. ARR 405B
  7. This season under Steve Cooper has be a breath of fresh air. Every game has been a pleasure to watch . So whatever happens from now on this season I still class it as a great season. COYR FTID .
  8. In Annesley Rows when I was a kid it was 6d at Tommy Lane's down the road . He did it in his front room. He didn't charge for cutting your ears now and again when 'short back and sides' was the only style he did.
  9. I would have burst the balloon first episode and series over
  10. Liverpool ticket bought "Que Sera Sera"
  11. I only hope the powerful Russians (Oligarchs and Military) overthrow the madman. Thoughts with Ukraine and the people