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  1. can somebody put me out of my misery. remember dancing away in 1971 but can remember the name of the place. played lots of beatles, motown...... and danced away, had a parking area to the side where we got pickedup for ome. remember dancing, dropping off picking up at the door, what was it called? only one floor for all .. great times. dirt parking area at the side, got packed with family picking up, but not late as these days, more like 11 or 12 at night. pretty early these days!"
  2. how about disco Ken, always out. loved the jamaican sounds...
  3. Hey Oldtyke do you know about the manchester to notts run on the coach back in 70's? did it run from the same station back then ?
  4. my cousin used to travel notts to manchester back in 1970s not sure if that was the same bus station.
  5. Welcome TinaW to nottstalgia enjoy the banter and post sometimes gets a bit heated but were all friends really.


  6. I too, have been looking at Smith, but its a nightmrr so far. More recent tho, around 1971 now. Notts, Ranskill, or thereabouts !!
  7. Love it or hate it, this time of the year...Do you remember teenage birthdays in the 70's .
  8. Hi Annswabey She was around 16 Or 17. Single. Worked in the North. Manchester but visited mum in notts!!# Thank you v much....
  9. CHERRY TREE. WALK 1971 Anybody looking in?? Trying desperately to find Tina Smith. Do you know how I can get info on addresses...anybody... Thnx sooo much
  10. Happy Birthday Tina if you are looking........

  11. Craig, 70s music will go on, can you identify a disco type venue for me? remember walking quite a bit from it , past The Arboreturm and up near forest ground. Can you give an idea of any discos that were in the area? Maybe they are demolished nowl....... black guy was friend then, it closed around 11pm T