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  1. Hey Oldtyke do you know about the manchester to notts run on the coach back in 70's? did it run from the same station back then ?
  2. my cousin used to travel notts to manchester back in 1970s not sure if that was the same bus station.
  3. Welcome TinaW to nottstalgia enjoy the banter and post sometimes gets a bit heated but were all friends really.


  4. I too, have been looking at Smith, but its a nightmrr so far. More recent tho, around 1971 now. Notts, Ranskill, or thereabouts !!
  5. Love it or hate it, this time of the year...Do you remember teenage birthdays in the 70's .
  6. Hi Annswabey She was around 16 Or 17. Single. Worked in the North. Manchester but visited mum in notts!!# Thank you v much....
  7. CHERRY TREE. WALK 1971 Anybody looking in?? Trying desperately to find Tina Smith. Do you know how I can get info on addresses...anybody... Thnx sooo much
  8. Happy Birthday Tina if you are looking........

  9. Craig, 70s music will go on, can you identify a disco type venue for me? remember walking quite a bit from it , past The Arboreturm and up near forest ground. Can you give an idea of any discos that were in the area? Maybe they are demolished nowl....... black guy was friend then, it closed around 11pm T
  10. Yes carni, thanks for that. Maybe equally, she doesnt spend a lot of time looking into her past, so still worth pursuing long term. Takes time, as you will know, to locate and find, particularly after so many years has past. I will continue, nonethelss, who knows who will turn up or what ..
  11. Trying to find memories of police station on the main road heading away from sherwood forest/arboretum, quite a bus ride from memory but can anybody enlighten me>>>> till there ? Heading towards ranskill, direction , vague memory , it was over 40 years ago.
  12. Are you Tina Smith, or do you know her? Do you know Cherry Tree Walk from 1970s ? Need to link the two.......