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  1. Back in the 80s I was living in Cromford, Derbyshire. If any of you know that part of the world you'll doubtless know the wonderful book shop there. If you don't know it, they mainly sell second hand books. Well I was working there (Thatcher's time so needed two jobs to help pay the 16% mortgage rate) and one day a customer came in and asked about antiquarian (rare) books. "Oh, yes", says I airily pointing him in the direction of the books relating to fish and aquariums.....oops.
  2. Hey, so do I, near City Hospital. Spooky.
  3. I'm talking beginning of the 70's when I was late teens. My bit older bruv was in Elliott House - I'm assuming you went to Fairham Comp
  4. Oh my days, Catfan - that's it exactly - although not shiny after all are they, ha ha - memories that deceive
  5. Ha, ha Beekay. That's right, pre decimal indeed when chocolate bars cost 3d or 6d.
  6. That's right, Cliff Ton it is. It was Clifton where I used to catch the paddy bus to, which I presume you were/are from - don't know why I think that though!
  7. Nobody has mentioned the absolutely best chip shop in the world, ever. I've never tasted anything like their chips before or since. It was opposite the main bus depot in Sneinton, is it called Manvers Street? Always went there in the 70's whilst waiting for the paddy bus.......did anyone else used to catch the paddy buses? It was back in the day when the services stopped about 11 and they ran after midnight to take the drivers and conductors home........eee, conductors with their lovely leather money bags and the wonderful shiny ticket machines - I always fancied clicking out a mustard, sugar bag blue or terracotta coloured ticket........can you remember them too? Time to finish this and leave you with memories - good old Nottstalgia, thanks for being here.
  8. Yes, I remember it as Topo Gigio's. Topo Gigio was a puppet mouse on the TV in the 60s and there was a picture of one similar (probably not paid for the copyright) on the billboard. Yes, it was upstairs.
  9. Hmm, very interesting but going back to the 70s it was called something else - blowed it I remember what - can any of you lot remember? I bet you can.
  10. I remember a fur shop near Sisson and Parker called the Canadian Fur Company - I bet you wouldn't catch them selling rabbit fur (that was what Coney was doncha know)
  11. Benjamin, you've caught me out. When I was posting I was trying to remember exactly, and I can't. All I know (think) is that it's (coming down) before Haydn Road on that same side (right-hand).. I will check it out and get back to you.
  12. p.s. re Bubblewrap's link, I have a feeling they may not all be Nottingham signs.........
  13. Aah, ghost writing I didn't know that. Ta. There is one on a wall in Sherwood, main Mansfield Road, advertising Scriven's Greengrocers. Me pretty new to this area (only lived here 20 years) so I don't remember it, does anybody else?
  14. Ooh, I absolutely looooved the Union with DJ Petal. He certainly helped form my music taste in the early/mid 70s. Leon Russell, Roll Away the Stone (not the Mott the Hoople song), Taj Mahal, Statesboro Blues,, Chicken Shack, Tears in the Wind, Chicago, 25 or 6 to 4 and Ides of March, Vehicle to name just a few. Songs you never hear played the radio. How about you Nottinghamians? Any tracks that you remember that seem to have got lost in time?