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  1. I know it has been a long while Cliff but your link was fantastic! There's even a photo of me in Chapter 10. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for that Kay. Being a tenant there all those years ago, and actually hating it, I was surprised by the tinge of sadness I felt watching it. But the new buildings look amazing! I would have loved a veranda.
  3. I grew up in the 70's, in the bungalows of Wollaton Park. As a disabled child I was a weekly boarder at 'Thieves Wood School For Very Severely Disabled Children'. (What a title!) I came home one Friday evening to discover my mother had redecorated my bedroom. My walls were an insipid lilac colour, and every possible surface of my old Victorian 'brown' furniture and been covered in Fablon in a typical 70's design of bright orange, yellow and green big flowers! It was hideous. I also had one of those bri-nylon quilted bedspreads in deep purple. But the worst was yet to come. Somehow she had
  4. We have an old map of Nottingham on our kitchen wall to remind us of our origins!
  5. Born in Basford above a greengrocers my parents owned, then to Dunkirk aged two. Moved to Bilborough aged 7, then Wollaton Park aged 9. Lived there till I married then to Lenton flats, then the Meadows and back to Bilborough. Got divorced, moved to Dunkirk, then Sherwood. Got remarried, then moved to Wollaton Pk again. In 2000 moved the whole family to a small island off the North Welsh coast. Daughter now married, lives on the island with us, in a village a few miles north. Son lives in London. Most of my family remain in Nottm. Reading this back it appears that for most of my earlier lif
  6. I used to shop in here as a teenager! I once bought wool for a friend's mum to knit me a Mansfield Town FC zip up cardi. She knitted a yellow stags head on the back and the letters MTFC across the front, all without a pattern. I was amazed and treasured it until I outgrew it. I went to Thieves Wood boarding school for physically disabled children, on the A60, and we had a close relationship with MTFC who raised money for the kids, trained with us when we were preparng for the paraplegic under 16's national games (which fed into the Paralympics). Went to loads of home games each season througho
  7. I lived in Willoughby court for four years in the early 80's, I hated it, thoroughly. I mean, what kind of council puts a wheelchair user on the 5th floor of a block of high rise flats whose lift systems were always breaking down? The times I was carried down those stairs by my husband so that I could get to work in the morning. And I must have missed out on the community spirit, because I never knew any of the other tenants on my floor. The sooner the better as far as i was concerned. Whilst I lived there, there was a murder on Frederick Grove just across the way; an old fella had come out o
  8. hmm... not sure about that. I had a dear friend die of prostate cancer last April after fighting it for six years, and my friend's father has just been give three months left due to pc, too. Guys, get checked out, don't ignore th op's message. Better safe than sorry.
  9. I object to this steroetypical comment. I have been severely disabled all my life. I worked 40 hours a week for Nottm City Council for over ten years when leaving college, even returning to work when my first child was just six weeks old. However, my condition worsened suddenly when I was 29 and I had to resign on health grounds. Three years later my husband had to leave his well paid career to care for me. Since then I've not been able to return to the workplace as my condition is progressive. Additionally, fro the past five years I've been battling cancer. Comments like those above de-value
  10. thanks David. I think it was run by, or has something to do with, The Guild of the Disabled or some such title. originally it came under the name of the Guild of The Poor Wee Things (what a title!) I am come back home (Notttm will always be known as home for me) in January. Where might I view the later Evening Post archives? The Saturday Club (as I knew it was called) closed when teh Albert Hall became too run down, and was replaced by a similar 'club' run only in the summer holidays by County Hall, and held every day in a guide hut in West Bridgford, I used to love that too.
  11. The 82nd Airborn camped on Woolie? wow! My other half loves Band of Brothers. Wait till I tell him...
  12. I had a new freezer last week. It stated in the instructions that food can last for years in the freezer as long as there are no power outtages. Food that has been in more than a couple of years may be affected flavour/colour/texture wise but is perfectly safe to eat. I have it in writing... We were really bad off when I was growing up and on a Saturday evening dad would wait at the back doors of the Co-op on Crown Island, when he'd get everything being thrown out, particularly bread and cooked meats, for pennies in cost. On Sunday and Monday our dinner was always called Co-op hash! He also g
  13. Ay up my owds! Im wondering if there's anyone here who remembers The Saturday Club, run by Miss M Beazley, at the Albert Hall on Derby rd? It was a kind of creche/club for under 10's (I think), mainly for disabled and underprivileged kids. I went during the late 60s (eligible under both requesits!). We used to play board games, have coffee, tea or squash and a biscuit, then finished by watching cartoons on a big projector screen. Every Xmas we would have a slap-up dinner on long trestle tables. There may even be photos in the Evening Post archives somewhere of me with a Crimbo hat on! Th