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  1. R.I.P Graham Stark you made me laugh what more can I say
  2. Went to Chaucer street to have my tonsils out back in the fifties such dark memories
  3. Just remembered another one when it was time for bedwe were told to go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
  4. When asking what was for tea mum used to say " A run round the kitchen and a kick at the pantry door
  5. Other old car dealers were Morkel and Carnell on talbot street and Cripps (sold Routes Group cars) on lower parliament street also Oscrofts on castle boulevard these were the original Vauxhall dealers and lastly the carter gate motor company next to the corpo bus depot on parliament st
  6. The only local band from the 60'S I knew were called Frankie and the Lance B trio played at the Wembley club on Sneinton dale and I think The Union Stewards club off St Ann's well road
  7. My dad was a pork butcher and always made a pork pie for Christmas breakfast
  8. I was a mod went to all the clubs in the lace market did all nighters and drank too, much also went to the 99 club just over Trent bridge
  9. Hi Katyjay Yes Connie was in charge of the bar and it was John Revel he left to run a pub in a village called Muggington in Derbyshire we went out to see him a few times. You might remember my mum her name was Dorothy (Dot)she worked on the control desk for a while do you remember big Fred worked on the club door
  10. Yes I can remember Geoff Hart worked with him Catfan I started there on the carrier bikes taking parcels to the bus station Geoff did deliveries on a motorbike with a side box we then both worked on the counter and phones serving customes. Geoff works for a motor factor in Ilkeston and I bump into him now and then. I went by the name of Alan there so as not to get mixed up with the other Michael
  11. My first car was a Standard 8 Bit of an old tub as it smoked like mad And needed an engine rebuild But it got me on the road and stopped dad moaning aboutborrowing his old Bedford CA workbus
  12. moved here 17 years ago from wollaton and now would not live anywhere else. still loyal to Nottingam Forest though
  13. is there anyone out there who went to Nottingham bowl in the late 60's when Sid Vaughan was the manager. and remembers the great Saturday nights in the Club room,
  14. Hello all Found this forum when looking for info on the old Fairham Comprehensive School in clifton which i attended between the years 1959-1963 went into the motor trade from there, worked at a small motor accessory shop at the bottom of derby road first called Ingels then a motor Factor on Parliament street (Replacement services) moved to Hooleys next then Mann Egerton, Shipsides followed, then finshed up at AFG at Clifton Bridge and various other branches before moving on to the computer industry in 1990
  15. my mums was 38150 do not think i will ever for get it and then we used to go for the divi just before christmas each year