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    Really enjoy finding out the pasts of the places I'm living in now, spent time over the last few years living in City Centre, Radford and now in The Meadows.

    Work for Nottingham City Homes so I'm especially interested in some of the history of social history surrounding Council Housing estates in the area :)
  1. 28th July 2014 - Abbey Court is no more!
  2. Here's a photo I took of the demolition yesterday And here are a couple I took in June of the robotic demolition on top of the site! There's plenty more where they came from, too! Let me know if you'd like to see any more
  3. No worries, I'll just send them to my home email and do them one evening - there are some great shots so I'd like to share them
  4. Is there any way of adding photos without using photobucket or similar? I've got loads of pics from a photocall event we did over in Lenton i want to put on here but our work computers block file hosting websites. Thanks in advance!
  5. We've got some newpaper cuttings from when the flats were first built, saying how much they cost etc, I can't for the life of my remember where I've put them - I'll keep trying to dig them out. If I remember rightly the lenton blocks cost around £1.6 million when they were built in the 60's. If anyone is a keen mathmatician it would be fairly easy-ish to work out how much has been made back in them in rent over the years. But then I suppose there's additional costs of works completed over the years at them etc. Then there's the issue of the fire a few years ago, although it was covered on ins
  6. I've just posted a video showing the demolion of Lenton Court on another topic, here is the link to that topic http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11827&page=2#entry214868 Enjoy!!
  7. As promised - here is the timelapse footage of Lenton Court being demolished. Some really cool stuff half way though with cameras inside the flats as the high-reach digger comes in. Well worth a watch! The video was produced by Inside Out Timelapse, a local company who have also been prodcuing the on-going videos of transport projects around Nottingham
  8. We've had the timelapse video from the video producers, will be posting it soon when we've done the press for it
  9. It seems as though the general thing is that people tended to quite enjoy living there or absolutely hated it! That even seems to be fairly similar now too - there are some tenants who were only too happy to move on and others are sad about leaving the area and the friends they've made over the years.
  10. This is so moving! Glad I'm at work, if I'd have been at home I reckon that would have proper brought a tear to my eye! I can't even begin to imagine some of the things the troops back then lived to see, no wonder it was hard for them coming back to a country that was pretty much in tatters and didn't have the means to support them. Especially considering ptsd and such associated things were not as widely supported as they are now - it seems it was very much 'send them back and let them get on with it'. Interestingly enough (well to me, anyway) I live on Wilford Grove now. I often look out of
  11. That does sounds awful, such a terrible accident and loss of young life! I'm not surprised that his mother needed to move after the incident, must have been some really painful memories for her!
  12. That's really cool! Just shows some off the stuff we chuck away without thinking about what it could be worth one day! Saying that, I'm terrible for keeping stuff! I've heard some pretty interesting stories at work about what's been left behind in some of the flats now as they've been being emptied, although nothing as interesting as old war postcards!
  13. Sorry to hear about your friend falling out of the window, sadly it seems as though it wasn't an uncommon problem over the years as many people came to the same fate. It's really interesting what you say about the flats being warm and cosy - loads of news reports from the time they were built say the same thing, however part of the reason we're replacing them is because they're terribly hard to heat. It just shows the differences in people's expectation between then and now. We've also found when looking through old news reports that the quotes about the reasons for slum clearance were along
  14. Kids playing on the building site!! I can imagine the sharp intake of breath I'm going to get from the builders we've got on site now when I tell them that one!! I must admit though, I've been on site a couple of times now since work started and find it really interesting, so it's only to be expected that kids would love it if they could get on and have a play!
  15. Thought this may be of interest to some people, too. It shows Clifford Court in Radford being demolished earlier this year. Builders are on-site now and construction work is supposed to be going full steam ahead soon.