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  1. Dont remember that bit about martin. Beverley baker was the name i forgot. Michael butt i remember. Penny was who i hung around with. She lived up mapperley. There was a sandra greenwood. I was 14 when i went out with johnny. Jeff sellars i knew as he lived in gedling too. Will look through photo box this weekend.
  2. Hi. Not sure about the timing but i left in 66. Names i remember are a good few of those you have said. Few more r martin bayley, stephen hind, penny barrand, maureen hemingway, robert webb, mrs. Lilley taught me french. Mr barlow - english. Miss. Mould came in somewhere. Biology i think. We used to do lot of house parties in those days too. Helen woolston and beverley ? I was from gedling. Johnny lived on ousebridge drive i think. Charlie was the rebel leader. Thinking cap back on in a bit.
  3. Hi Adi Can't pick your name out of my memory at mo but everyone of those you mention I was at school with. Even went out with Johnny Joyce in my teens!! But I am one of the girls not the rugby team. What years were you there at Arnold? Janet
  4. Hi Most of our family and friends left Gedling School 1966/7 and 8. Pete Lowton was known as Float. Kevin Rolfe. Family were Ann Barnard and Vivienne Hubbard. I was at Arnold High till 1966. Janet Barnard. Relation Susan Barnard left in 64 I think.
  5. Hi again. Went to the Beatles at the Odeon 12/6p (in old money). Also saw the Who at the Dungeon but can't remember the year.
  6. Moved from Dobsons to Metropolitan Gas Meters. Sugar Beet was across the road.
  7. Think the 'Kenya' Coffee Bar is the only one I can remember back in the 60's.
  8. #12 Hiya I worked at Dobson's 1966 to 68. Colwick Industrial Estate. Changed to Hilary's Blinds now I think.
  9. Hi Banjo48 Not the girlfriend he married but things happen. We got married 20 years ago. Yep, Pete was a 'sparky'. Not sure who first job was with as he is in Nottingham at mo looking after grand daughter. Back on Tuesday. Two main jobs were British Sugar and then British Gypsum. We are living in Cardigan Bay near New Quay now. (What does pm mean?) Regards Jan
  10. That! S the man I! M now married to. 20 years now.
  11. Hi Carni. You know the name Lowton from Chatsworth.?
  12. Not the one. He lived on Coronation Walk near cricket field at that time. You remember the name Barnard?
  13. Hello, Left Gedling 7 years ago. Now living in Cardigan Bay, Welsh Wales. All the family, 2 daughters, three grandsons, 2 granddaughters, step son and stepdaughter, sister and all her family, all living....You guessed it...Still in GEDLING.