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  1. I went to Hazel Hurst Prep School, then Plains Road Primary from 1953 to 1957/8. Played football on Digby Ave. Only names I can remember are Roger Street, Tony Spencer, John Wardle, and the first girl I ever fancied Wendy Grimes hahaha. I then went to Gedling. And became a motor cycle fanatic........... and still am. Hahaha.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. And cheers Tim in the North East for your link, it was correct, and I have contacted John, brilliant. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  3. Hi, I am looking to find my old best friend, John Decara he lived on Northcliffe Ave Mapperley. He married Pamala Philpott, and will be about 71 years old I was best man at his wedding, and have not seen or heard of him for over 40 years. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  4. Nearly forgot, there is still the reunion at the Cadland pub Chilwell, it was 3 weeks ago, Mad Andy and a few went, good night.
  5. Welcome Mr Cranson, You should go to the Rockers Reunion always the first weekend in August at the SHIP Skeggy. There are not many of us Aces left around, every Thursday night there is a Rockers night at the good old White Hart at Lenton. Just don't expect it to be like the old days. Although they do have a Aces room with all the 1960's and 70's photos all over the walls and memorabilia, and loads of Rockers with Ace Badgers on that were not even born when the Aces were going Grrrrrrrrrrr, soz grumpy old man kicking in. Cheers Paul Ayre.
  6. Wow not been on here for a long time, cos I am a computer retard................ But I have worked at Atkeys and they were on Church Street Lenton not far from the White Hart !!!!! I also worked at Cripps on Lenton Lane, and Replacement Services and Brown Brothers both on Parliament Street. Stan Raynor was my next door neighbour of Raynor & Wilson. Ooooooo and why was you swe62 not at Pete's 75th Birthday drink down the White Hart Last Friday ?? Cheers All Edgar Jessop.
  7. I lived in Nottingham for 58 years,now live in Ilkeston, been here nearly 9 years. I have traveled a lot in the last 8 years,going away abroad about 3 times a year plus the Isle-Of-Man. Just paid a deposit for a 10 week holiday to Oz and New Zealand,stopping for 4 days in Hong Kong on the way out, and a week on Fiji on the way home,my trip of a lifetime. Did you know a guy called Paul Ayre ? Where are you living now ?
  8. It has been a long time ! I also lived only 200 yards from Andy Waterhouse,he came to the TT with me once Andy and Gin and me and Paula. And sad that it is,I have been every year from 1964.2014 is my 50th TT. I lived at 103 Bennet Road,and another pal of mine Garth Woodward lived just down the road. I run a Honda FireBlade and a Kawasaki ZZR1400,I also have a Mike Hailwood Honda Race Replica. And have met up again with the Nottingham Aces at the White Hart at Lenton.
  9. banjo48, Not sure could have left in 1962,new all the people you have said ! plus used to walk or bus down Westdale lane with Barry Spackman,and Andrew Waterhouse who I think went to Cavendish.I then went to Digby College.And I used to live on Bennett Road Mapperley,and go to Gedling Minors welfare !! Used to play football with John DeCara he was my best mate,and lived only 100 yards from me.I was best man at his wedding.
  10. Yes I knew her,she was about 4 years older than me,I used to be very good mates with her brother John,who I have been trying to find for years ? They lived on Northcliffe Ave off Kenrick Road,and Carol went to Carlton-Le-Willows.
  11. Hi, Just found this forum,and seem to know a few names that have popped up on it.I left Gedling School in 1963 ( I think )...ended in Mr Wilsons class, Mr Taylor did P.E for the boys and Miss Cave the girls.Mr Daft Woodwork and Mr Scott Metalwork,there was a Mr Brewin I think,or somthing like that, I really cannot remember to much.Me and Mr Fowler had a run in one day ! I started in the A classes and ended in the G I think,so that tells you somthing of my great schooling ? My mates were Jim Evans,Geoff Russel, Richard Mabbott and Roger Street.There was David Lindley,Dave Redish,FLOG,canno