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  1. I started work as a trainee receptionist in the hairdressing department at Griffins in 1965, it was terrifying you had to address all the customers as madam or sir and scurry around dusting the counter as the boss used to run his fingers along the counter to check for dust. It was very posh on the outside but behind the facade there was a lot of swearing in the back staff As the lowest form of life a junior you were ignored generally. When leaving at night you went out the back entrance, I can't remember the name of the place. If you had purchased anything you could not collect i
  2. I stand corrected SFB my husband said the same the Mushroom bookshop was on Heathcote street.. as you worked there you'd know ....... place.
  3. I thought it was on George Street just a bit further along from the George Hotel on the same side. I can recall going in there as being a veggie in the the 70's put you straight in the weirdo class, they used to have a few veggie cookbooks on variations on a lentil burger can anyone remember Stewarts garden shop just opposite the George hotel, they closed a few years ago I believe.
  4. I was saddened to read of Gina's passing they were always together at school. You have a good memory I could not remember how old Mick Phelps was when he came to TB school. Thank you for your reply, best wishes for 2014.
  5. Does anyone remember Miss Bailey from Australia, she used to drive a pale blue VW Beetle and when you got close to hear she reeked of onions. A really brisk woman who often wore a cape coat. She taught art and I think she was the 4B form teacher, when you finished your painting she you to tell you to hold it up and go along each pupil saying either okay or bin! lol The art dept was in the new block over the road from the main senior school. I remember Mick Phelps he was a nice lad and I think he lived in West Bridgford. I was in 4B and recall a few others, might be a bit vague on the name
  6. Wow thanks folks I was really uplifted by the response and felt that old Medders spirit again. You have me wondering now about Metcalf's pet shop the old memories not so sharp have to confess... I do if I may say recall the gentleman who used to serve me had very arthritic fingers and I recall his wife being a petite lady they always said hello to my little dog. I don't recall Helen Green I lived at the Wilford Road end near to Doris Keelings wallpaper shop she used to have a little dog sitting in the window and a parrot in the shop that used to speak, can't remember what he said, she was qu
  7. Hi to you all, I have just joined but have visited the site before so wanted to say hello. I lived on Saby Terrace on Kinglake Street in the 1950's/60 and worked in Boots on Wilford Road. I can also remember Mr Peel the barber next to the Loco pub and then Jens shoes shop...I think. Also Fords, Meadow dairy, Clays sweet shop, Sandersons tripe and cow heel shop, Copes the butchers. Near to the Waterway Street end I remember Haywoods newsagents and Morris's ironmongers my dad used to do odd jobs around the Medders and often got notes left at Morris's when someone wanted a job doing. Anyone