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  1. I think I should explain a little more about this topic. Maybe the title is not exactly what I wanted to say. I came on to this site earlier with very little time to write too much. I just wanted you to share these videos with me. The two videos were sent to me. They are American videos in English, but after watching them they made me wonder about my past and if I was really sincere when saying thank you. This topic is not about Nottingham, but it does involve a lot of people in the Nottingham area, especially during my early years. And in a way Nottingham did shape me into what I am toda
  2. I have only stopped by for a minute today, as I want to share something with you. I do not know if this topic should go here. Below are 2 videos that I would like to share with you and gain some feed back on your thoughts. The first video was attached to a thank you email from a past student. The second one was also passed to me by a student regarding a topic we discussed last week. Both are short videos only about 10 minutes each. If you open them please view all the main content of the videos.
  3. My first school was Carlton Central Primary School 1952-1958 I think Mr Lockwood was the headmaster. My first teacher was Miss Marshall a great young woman. I don't remember names of the other teachers. But a Mr Pugh springs to mind. 1958 to 1962 Chandos Street Boys school.
  4. Ayupmeducks #28 Thank you for the name of the book. I will try to find it. To be honest I learn something new about the English language almost every day. I may teach English, but there is always something new to learn.
  5. And thank you too Micheal Booth. Please keep adding to this topic. Don't forget idioms. It is a steal. Steal is to take something that is not yours. The idiom means It is a bargain. Another one. You can soar as high as you want to go. But never cry when you arm is sore. I want to go to the fair tomorrow, I hope it is a fair day and we get fair prices on the rides.
  6. I live in a community where children still ride their bikes and scooters. Sometimes too early in the morning. But I have no complaints being woken up early in the morning to children's laughter and fun. I have 2 boys living across the road from me still play with toy guns and home made swords, and they have girls joining in their fun. Taiwan really does bring back the memories of when I was a child in Carlton.
  7. Hi Carni Thank you very much for your support.
  8. English is becoming like politics and religion. It generates discussions, debates and also arguments. Never to be brought up in a pub. In school we were taught that dived was the correct past form of dive. Over the years things have changed and even in some parts of Britain dove was used as the past form of dive, but more in spoken language than in the written form. Many of the regular verbs have taken on the use of an irregular past participle as an additional past form and vice versa. We as individuals have the right to decide which past participle we want to use. Both are acceptable n
  9. #6 Dive is the base form dived or dove are the accepted past forms in both British English and American English.
  10. #1 Michael Booth Excellent post English isn't easy. Everyday as I teach it. I am asked Why? Why? Why? I am sick of why In fact it was only last night I had to try to explain fill in the forms or fill out the forms. I never realized how hard English was, until I started to teach English as a second language (ESL) It is surprising how we took everything for granted and never questioned anything at school. I can't remember any student during my school days saying "Why do you have to do it that way?" or Why do you use the same words for different things. I was teaching Business English
  11. This site may be better
  12. Sorry the link does not work. So I will post some of my own photos later.
  13. This is a link to a good blogsite that has better photos of our night market. Most of the night markets are very similar to this one some are bigger so are smaller. As I have said I would not eat in the Night Market but a lot of visitors do and seem to enjoy the food. You can also read some of the responses to the night market on this blog I hope you can appreciate these photos.
  14. #11 ChrisB I am afraid I do not remember any of the cafes names. Just had the pic in my mind. But the photos are bringing back some memories.
  15. My first crush was my year one teacher at Carlton Central Primary school 1953 or 4 Miss Marshall. She was young for a teacher of that period. I remember sitting in class not being able to take my eyes off her. Fell in love with her. Cried when I went to year two. When I started school it was still close to the end of the war and most of the teachers were old. Miss Marshall was like breathe of fresh air. She is also the only teachers name I can remember, so she must have had some impact on me.
  16. #4 Basford Red Bridgette Bardot brings back memories. Once saw one of her movies at the Mourlin Rouge (excuse spelling) Fell in love as soon as I saw her. Notice I only once went to that cinerma. Once was enough.
  17. I would like to say I am sorry to the people who were looking forward to an update about the Lantern Festival. It rained for 15 days, on the last day (the 16th) we had sunshine and 300,000 people attended the light show on that day, so the local government decided to extend the period another week so that more people would get the opportunity to see it, me being one of them. The next day it started to rain again and it stayed until after the lantern festival finished, so I did not get the chance to visit it. Therefore I have nothing to report. This brings back memories of the English Weath
  18. I have the same problem. When I first joined this site I noticed that I could put myself on the map. I thought excellent idea, so for many weeks I kept trying and all I got was "unable to locate your address". So I gave up. I don't mind putting myself on the map, I live in Taiwan, but I will draw the line at putting my full address on it. I don't want every Tom, Dick and harry knocking on my door uninvited. But Tabatha, Doris and Harriet will be welcome. Maybe the map thinks I am Chinese so it is politely telling me to p*** off. Seriously, I have tried every way I can think of to put m
  19. #203 Bilbraborn So true, but they still need some freedom to be allowed to follow through on their inquisitiveness and also need adults to answer any questions they may have truthfully. Many parents (mainly the parents who have to work) and even some teachers do not take the time to respond to children's questions. As for computer games, my English classes start with conversation, with questions such as What have you been doing? 98% of the answers are playing computer games or watching TV, so to get a conversation going I have to ask; "And what games have you been playing? or and What movie
  20. When I was a kid in Nottingham, I used to enjoy the field trips, some were abroad or trips to London etc. These trips took the kids out of their comfort zones and helped them to adapt to different situations. In Australia I had a thriving business. I used to organize school field trips for the schools (mainly primary schools). In the contract I organized the bus, food, menu and activities program for a 4 to 5 day trip. All equipment was supplied, tents, cooking equipment etc. (we had a fully equipped trailer). The camps were usually conducted in National parks which had limited facilities
  21. #27 Trevor thank you for the information sometimes when I am posting I wonder if I only dreamt some of the details, as I am not sure how reliable my memory is from the 50s and 60s. That is why I will always state I am not sure about the accuracy if I have doubt. Also could you tell me what PTP is? I am seeing it often in posts and do not know what it means. Glad to hear you will go back to the UK soon, if you get to the Ferry Inn have a drink for me. I hope you enjoy the trip. One day I will go back but not too sure when it will be. Babs thank you for your info too. I thought they may
  22. #39 Trevor you are right the partitions were only about waist high with an opening for entry. They had tables and benches, I can remember I had to cock my leg over the bench to squeeze in and sit down. The cobs and tea was great. #42 Yes Poohbear I do remember Markins too. #44 Clif Ton. Thank you very much for all the pics. Even though they may have been before my time. It looked as though the place did not change over the years. And the last pic of the outside of the market in 1968 really brings back memories as I left Nottingham in March 1969. In Taiwan we have what are called trad