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  1. Brilliant , small world hey . i told my Mother and yes she remembers the names now , thanks .
  2. My mothers remembers the couple at number 18 , they had a daughter called Lynda , and the he was a miner .
  3. Hello again , we lived at number 16 Enfield Street so we must have known your Aunt and Uncle , what was their names ???
  4. Not sure what number we lived at , will ask my mother , and also if she new who lived at number 18 , They may have been our neighbors .
  5. Thankyou , yes i know Belton Street , i'm sure i walked up there to go to School ( Sy Marys ) on Beaconsfield Street . Pete
  6. Thank you Michael , i dont have that many memories of Enfield street ( apart from falling down the cellar ) because i left their when i was about 4 years old which is probably when then knocked then houses down for the police station , i moved to Sherwood but i still went to St Marys Hyson Green School on Beaconsfield St which is still there so i knew the area quite well . Pete .
  7. Absolutely Fantastic , perfect , i was to young to remember exactly which house was mine but i will ask my Mother she will know ,i do remember there was a scrap yard at the bottom of the hill tho , many thanks you have made my day , Pete .
  8. Have you a closer and clearer view of Enfield Street which is to the left hand side just off Radford road and near Gladstone Street , thanks Pete .
  9. Hello everybody , i am new to this site but have enjoyed looking at the old maps etc , i was born on Enfield Street in Hyson Green in 1969 , Enfield street no longer exsists and i believe it is under the police station on Radford road which is near to Gladstone street . I have seen it on some of the maps but just wondered if anybody has a closer views of it and the surrounding streets , thanks Pete .