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  1. I remember Maxine Griggs. She went to school with me at Haywood School in Sherwood. I also remenber Denise Minta. Her Sister Diane went to a different secondary School. met Karen Marshall too, but only once or . Does anyone remember the Murfins? There was Patsy, Barbara and Marilyn. I think their mother was German. The y all used to have really long hair and have it in a plait round their head.. I can remember when patsy was an Angel in the Nativity play. The first time anyone had seen her with her hair down. she looked beautiful..Also remember Christine Daykin who lived on Bluebell Hill
  2. I used to go to Marsdens on Carlton Road for my Mum. They. Had a big red slicing machine for the cooked meats and bacon, my Mum always had hers cut on number 5 so it was all nice and crispy. Marsdens was on the opposite corner of the street to the newsagents where I got my Bunty comic from. Lots of. Shops on Carlton road I remember from the 1950,s. A couple of sweet shops where we would ask to see the penny tray and spend ages choosing. Sunblest bakery, auty's veg shop where the owner would tell us stories about her daughter who was a ballroom dancer and won many competitions. A boy I was at
  3. Seems ridiculous that I can remember the divi number from way back but can't remember things that happened in the past week! Shows I am getting old...............
  4. I used to shop at Fords on Broad Street, just up from the Telephone Exchange. Best place for Jumpers and underwear.
  5. Can anyone remember the L shaped room coffee bar on Goldsmith street? I also remember 'Sutch' as he was usually to be found in the market square with all the Mods. I really do think we had the best of times. We all seemed to be clones of each other. Long hair (Cathy McGowan style)' Bell bottoms, white tights, jockey caps, daisy earrings fur coats black patent boots and coats etc. nights out at the Beachcomber (saw Jimmi Hendix there)all nighters at the Sherwood room etc: Fabulous times. I also remember the Nottingham group the Children. Steve Taylor's father used to keep The Wheatsheaf in Crop