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  1. Cheers, Cliff Ton. Some good stuff there. I'd forgotten it was originally called GEM.
  2. Spot on Radford Red #9. It's nothing like Home Bitter. More like another one of those over-hopped, light coloured impersonators of traditional English Bitter which is (should be) a copper/medium brown affair. The Post (and the new owners of the name Home Ales) made a big show of relaunching "Home Ales" but in the same article declared that they would not be using the old Home Ales recipes. So really they're depending on the old name to sell totally unconnected beers (stop laughing Scriv). Unlike the Shipstones relaunch, which IS based on the old recipe and brewed by a former Shippo's brewer,
  3. When Asda first opened in West Bridgford, didn't WB buses run a "special" between the store and Clifton? I seem to remember seeing it at "top shops" on Southchurch Drive.
  4. Two best ever gigs - Ian Dury at Rock City 1999 & Cream in the refectory at Nottingham Regional College of Technology early 1967. Same place for Jethro Tull. Once saw Tyrannosaurus Rex as a two man band at The Albert Hall. But some of the best gigs I've been to were in recent years (2000's) - Steve Winwood at The Rescue Rooms (no upper age limit!) & again a couple of years later at the Concert Hall. Also at Rescue Rooms - Calexico, Aynsley Lister, Wilko Johnson (with John Otway as support). I was a regular at the Boat & Union Clubs in the late 60s, but much preferred Blues and Roc
  5. Hi Serrie #32. Yes, sad to hear of Julian's passing. I didn't hear about it until last week when my sister rang to say she'd seen the announcement in the Post. As I've said in my earlier posts, I'd known Julian at Elms Infants in the 1950s & then met up again by a "fluke" in the mid '90s. He lived just off Edwards Lane in Sherwood (can't remember the street name) at that time. Another name from the Elms is Kenneth Medd (Mead?) - is that a name you know?
  6. Ah yes! If it was the 1950s and summertime and mum & dad's combined wages would stretch to it - Mablethorpe, there we went! I've got photos by Wrates in the same location as those posted here, as have my cousins. Once or twice both families went together, and always in a Boarding House. What never ceases to amaze me is how much luggage we seem to need for a holiday nowadays. And yet look...........Compo and his grandparents had all they needed for a week in just that one small suitcase (#03) ha ha!
  7. I'm a bit behind the news here, but would like to add my condolences Oldace. I met Douglas and Margaret just a few times at the back end of 2013 when helping to prepare the Saturday Night, Sunday Morning exhibition at the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham University. He came over as a lovely modest man and entertained us with the tales behind some of his pictures and how he and his wife made numerous trips back and forth to Carlton to help save the huge collection of glass plate negatives from Marshalls Photographers. I don't know if you're aware, but he gets a double-page spread in today's Post. I
  8. Sorry for delay Merthyr Imp & Den1945 - I really should check in more often! MI: Julian was a friend that I never forgot, despite leaving St Anns for Clifton in 1957 at the end of the Elms Infants years. Then in the '90s I was out with a couple of ex-Fairham mates, one of whom brought along a friend of theirs - Julian! Couldn't believe it. Now out of touch again though. And there's a connection with High Pavement too - my best mate in the Raleigh Labs was Richard (Dick) Chambers. Did you know him? He may have been a year ahead of you though. Den: The Elms school had only been open a few
  9. Thanks Den1945. What you say confirms what I found at the library, but it's good to have a first-hand account. Interesting that Chick Zamick had a dry cleaners at a time when some footballers had betting shops and/or hairdressers. Today they have Hotels! (Giggs, Scholes et al). An old Elms Infant schoolmate of mine worked at the Post - Julian Gaylard - ring any bells? It would have been late 60s.
  10. and now the gossip is that Fawaz himself may do a runner! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31144052 and if that doesn't work (why not) just go to BBC Sportspages.
  11. Thank goodness I don't wear a hat - I'd have bad indigestion by now! As for SP being offered an "advisory" role - what's that? Five more members of coaching & backroom staff gone now, not clear whether they didn't fancy Freedman or he gave them the boot or they're fed up of the way Fawaz handled SP's departure (or did SP "advise" them all to leave!). Don't see much hope on the horizon now, but Gary Brazil is still at the academy (at time of writing) so hopefully "the kids are alright"........
  12. You're right Cliff Ton, it's Michael that runs the place and he also owns most of the property in that block now! I knew the name was something Polish- sounding so my memory's let me down a bit there. But I'm sure we used to say "Kadjik's". Maybe that was the old man's first name?
  13. Is it SP's fault that Assombalonga and Antonio have lost their sense of where the net is, or that a defensive back header doesn't have enough power on it? They seem to be creating the chances, but no-one can put them away. Just two weeks ago, we were all in football heaven, having beaten that lot from down the A52 and SP was in charge then. If SP goes, who comes in, and how long does he get? Expectations at the beginning of the season were unrealistic (boosted because it was SP) and results were mainly gained over teams who still sit below Forest in the table. We all want the Reds back in the
  14. My first proper memories of trips to the barbers all relate to "Kadjiks" on the Rivergreen/Sunninghill Drive shops at Clifton. This was in the late '50s and there was "old man" Mr Kadjik (spelling?) and a younger assistant complete with brylcreemed quiff and winkle pickers. He always called me "chief" as in "what's it to be chief?". As an 8 to 10 year old this felt pretty special. School photos of the time show that I too was a victim of the "short back and sides" school of thought. I do remember once following his advice to have a "Boston trim" and again felt pretty good with myself. An hour
  15. Some great names there Basfordred! I was a regular around the same time as you. Whenever I tell people about seeing the Jeff Beck Group I always say I remember Rod Stewart wearing a yellow vest (not t-shirt) while on stage. Other bands were Savoy Brown, John Mayall with Mick Taylor and a very young Andy Fraser (Free) on bass and If, who must have been on one of their first gigs, 'cos the vocalist was reading the lyrics from a sheet of paper! We used to nip across Trent Bridge to the Town Arms at "halftime" to cool down a bit. And John McVie used to pull his cheeks and make a filthy noise in th