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  1. Can anyone remember the name of the club / bar based at Tollerton Aerodrome circa 1960s - 1970s?
  2. I'm trying to find out about the old Nottingham Football Post newspaper, issued after the Saturday afternoon matches. From memory it was pink? Also remember a green version and come to think of it white too? Does anyone have any information on this, or maybe a photograph of the pink/green/white paper? Thanks - Smiffy
  3. Thanks Ian123 and everyone else too. My Brother has just informed me that it was indeed Latham Street, should have gone to Tabsavers...
  4. I'm looking for the location of Leyland Street, Bulwell. A company called Millers 'The Tea People' had their office and warehouse there in the 1960s. Does anyone remember this company? A search on Google fails to find the street or the name of the company... It was owned by Tom & Bill Miller and one their daughters, Yvonne.
  5. My Father who is 95 later this year has asked me if anyone on the Forum can perhaps remember (or maybe has a photograph) a massive crane that used to stand on Colliery Road (1930s- 1940s?) He says it was next to the National Laundry and was possibly used to load coal barges from Clifton Pit.
  6. Dat47 a Nottstalgia member sadly passed away a few years ago, but his family very kindly let me see the photographs he took during some of his many trips by train from Nottingham Victoria to Grantham. I have taken some time to photographically enhance all of his images prior to creating a gallery on my website about Grantham. The photographs were taken on different dates but represent a typical day trip that Dat47 would have made from Nottingham. I've also added an introduction and a suitable caption for each image. You can find the gallery here
  7. Sounds interesting, what's the full name of the website please?
  8. Not about transport, but I'm currently reading a book by Joy James 'Yo'd Mek a Parson Swear' It's very well written and full of funny, sad, interesting and nostalgic memories of her life growing up in Nottingham the 1940s & 50s. With an eye for detail the author takes the reader back to those good and not so good old days during and after the second world war. I've just found out that there are other similar books by Joy James so I'm looking forward to reading those too.
  9. A nice memory of trips to the seaside in the late 1950s - early 60s was 'newspaper wrapped' fish & chips with loads of salt & vinegar from a place called the Linga Longa. I can't remember exactly where it was on the east coast, but does anyone know if the Linga Longa Chip Shop is still around? If not when did it close? To me the best fish & chips in the world that I've ever tasted and nothing to match since. Anyone else remember it?
  10. My first visit was in 1959 hauled by steam. There's an article about the turning triangle on under the heading 'Railway life at Grantham' then 'Footplate and the Loco' then scroll down to the bottom of the drop down list to find it 'Turntables & Triangles'
  11. I'm currently doing some research on the change from steam to diesel on our local railways, in particular the Nottingham (Victoria & Midland) to Grantham services. If anyone has any personal memories of rail travel on this route in the mid 1950s to mid 1960s, especially using the early Diesel Multiple Units / Railcars I would love to hear from you. Thanks in anticipation of your replies, please post on here or if you prefer send me a PM.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice if the powers that be at Wollaton Hall moved the model back to public view or perhaps offered it to the Castle Museum or some other place, thus allowing the people of Nottingham to see what things were like 'in the old days' I wonder if the damage occurred whilst it was in 'storage' or was this the reason for it being removed? I seem to remember that it was well protected from potential damage by a transparent casing. An educational gem sadly locked away.....
  13. Can anyone remember a model of Clifton pit inside Wollaton Hall? The model included a cross section through, showing tunnels going underneath the Trent. Is it still there, the model that is? Thinking about, I wonder if the tunnels are still there or would they have just collapsed over time?
  14. Still not seen Zulu despite recording it some years ago! Was it on over Christmas again, or perhaps the new year period? The only Zulu I've seen up to now is the one at Drayton Manor Park...
  15. Went for a nice early morning walk with the dogs on the beach next to the Seal Sanctuary at Mablethorpe to just past Theddlethorpe. Christmas dinner? A couple of ham sandwiches followed by a flask of coffee. Surprised by how many people were about on the beach, but the sun was shining and despite the breeze it was quite warm (11 degrees) Decided to drive into Mablethorpe itself in the late afternoon but the place was like a ghost town... deserted. I couldn't recognise any of the frontage, although the last time I went there was around 1959! Next a meander through Sutton o
  16. I remember as a child going in a lift at the Co-op for the first time up to one of the floors. It was a Christmas Party for the children of R Cripps & Co employees. Must have been fairly young as I wouldn't get out when it stopped and the doors had opened. I had to be semi forced to step outside and go and join the other children. The same thing happened when the party had finished, I didn't want to leave!
  17. Thanks for your interesting reply David. Looks like Christmas 'proper' began about a week before the day and finished promptly on Boxing Day, not the 3 month extended epic it is now. I have a vague memory that the tree was donated by a Scandinavian country as thanks for our help during the war, or was this the Trafalgar Square tree? I remember too the wonderful Christmas shop displays in the 50s put on by places such as Griffin & Spaldings etc.
  18. Does anyone know when the very first Christmas tree was put up in the Market Square?
  19. Can anyone remember the Clifton (or was it West Bridgford?) Standard newspaper? Must have been late 1950s or early 1960s..
  20. Hello Chulla, Since I first posted the above, way back in 2014, a new website has been created that I am sure you will enjoy:- We are in particular looking for memories from people who visited Grantham Station from Nottingham, so if you or anyone else can help, that would be great. Thanks! Smiffy
  21. Looks like Fairham school was burnt down last night according to reports on Radio Nottingham.... Mixed emotions of my time there from 1961 - 1966. Not sure of the damage but maybe time for redevelopment?
  22. Does anyone know why the "Ropewalk" was so named? Thanks - Smiffy49.
  23. Interesting story.... Assuming that you live in Peterborough, were you travelling via Grantham and then catching a connection to Peterborough?
  24. Anyone remember Mr Warren at Fairham? Also Doc Chapman the French Master? One name that escapes me is a teacher who left to go to Africa and about 6 months later we heard that he had been killed over there in a road accident I think?