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  1. I was born in 1948, so what follows is a family anecdote, and I assume that it relates to the night of 8/9 May 1941 ( the Nottingham Blitz ). My maternal grandparents then lived in Charlbury Road, my mother then aged 22 worked in the quality control department of Players's No.2 Factory, As the raid progressed my grandfather who was doing a bit of amateur firewatching in the back garden suddenly rushed into the house shouting that everybody should put their gasmasks on as the Luftwaffe were dropping gas bombs, he could distinctly smell it in the air and that all the neighbours should be warn
  2. For fans of John Harvey's Charlie Resnick, the 12th novel in the series "Darkness, Darkness" is scheduled for release on 22 May 2014 . A bit of a surprise, since Harvey had previously stated that he had completed the Resnick stories and wouldn't be returning . Provisional cover art does state "Resnick's last case."
  3. Thank you all for your contributions, given that there was not in fact a flooding event up to Tudor Square in the 1950's, I do wonder if say as a 5 or 6 year old in 1953/54 , my father gave me such a vivid description of the 1947 event, that it has remained with me as if I actually witnessed it. That would appear to be the most logical explanation. I do apologise if the thread title is now misleading and hope that it does give rise to confusion.
  4. Odd isn't it, the memory is so vivid, but appears to be of an event that perhaps didn't happen !
  5. We lived on Burleigh Road West Bridgford until 1962, when we moved to Bramcote. I have a memory of my father taking me down Gordon Road to Tudor Square to see the flooding that had reached as far as the Gordon Road shops, it wasn't very deep at that point, perhaps an inch or two, I guess this would have been sometime between 1953 and 1958, but does anybody know precisely when please ? I do remember my father pointing out that this was a very good reason why you should never live close to a river, and that even a few feet of elevation would save you from flooding, it must of made a strong impr
  6. Well, there was always the proposed GWR *inland route" from Exminster to Bishopsteignton, which was going to be built to mainline standard (double track throughout ), but it would have had stiff gradients and quite a long tunnel through Haldon Hill at the back of both Dawlish & Teignmouth. This route was proposed in the middle of the 1930's, put on hold because of the Second World War and not officially abandonded until 1949.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply, My brother and I were often allowed to strike the gong either for lunch or dinner. We all sat in the semicircular sun lounge at the front of the hotel before the meals , my parents with a gin & tonic, dry ginger ale for us boys. My younger brother & I would get up early in the morning and sneak out of the hotel for the short walk to the seawall to spend an hour watching the trains before breakfast.
  8. Very interested in this. Do you know when she may have sold the business ? We had at least 3 family holidays at the Seacroft in the period 1958 to 1962 and the owners ( or perhaps resident managers ) were a Mr & Mrs Ridd. Obviously given the Lorna Doone connection, Mr Ridd was called Jan by everybody, including his wife, ajthough he was at pains to point out that this was not his real first name.
  9. Yes, most certainly Brandy Snaps from the cake counter at Burtons, either plain unadorned or with a cream filling. Also excellent meringues, chocolate eclairs and vanilla slices. and the now very rarely seen Jap Fancies, a smaller nutty type meringue concoction ( which I last encountered in a small independant cake shop in Letchworth Garden City about 15 years ago ). In the latter part of the 1950's if occasionaly my mother was shopping in the city along with myself and younger brother, we were taken to Burton's where we allowed to choose one cake each as a teatime treat. I remember the cakes
  10. In the summer school holidays August 1961 I was one of a group of four 13 year old schoolboys from Bramcote Hills Grammar School who undertook "a grand day out" to Grantham station from Nottingham Victoria. This trip was specifically made in the hope of seeing the then brand new Deltics which had recently been introduced. I think about ten or dozen of the class were already in service. We all took a packed lunch and a small thermos of tea. On arrival at Grantham we set up camp at the far north end of the bay platform which served the railcars from Nottingham, well out of everybodies way. We
  11. Guilty as charged I'm afraid, My brother Roger & wife Elaine ( nee Hunt ) still live in Bramcote. Mr Cunnington was a pussycat really, but then, I liked geography, and so we always got on well. Garry
  12. The Carlton Road shop was not to my knowledge ever called "Ernest Whiting & Sons". The property eventually comprised of 27, 29 & 31 Carlton Road plus the "back shop" in Handel Street & the three gold balls pawnbroker sign was above the door to 31 Carlton Road, although the pawnbroking side of the business was exclusively ( at least post WW2 ) conducted in the back shop on Handel Street, The business was started by my great grandfather John Whiting, and traded as "John Whiting & Sons" At the height of the business there were 6 shops at various locations around the eastern and
  13. From 1959 to 1962 the family lived in West Brigdford & I was bussed to and from BHGS by Lamcote Coaches of Radcliffe-on-Trent. In 1962 the NCC Education Committee decided to gradually phase out the mass county wide bussing of pupils to the secondary school of choice and refused to provide a bus pass for my younger brother, To circumvent being thwarted by the county council bureaucracy my parents moved house to Bramcote, a move which totally enraged the Director of Education who during one interview with my father actually stated that we couldn't move house! The interview went rapidly down
  14. Yes, we moved from West Bridgford to Bramcote in August 1962 in order that my younger brother could also go to BHGS, My parents bought a house on Balmoral Drive. The house move took place whilst I was on the school holiday to Innsbruck led by Mr & Mrs Cunnington. Garry
  15. Hello folks. I'm Garry Whiting, been living in and around Leeds since 1970, but was born in West Bridgford and subsequently lived in Bramcote. Educated (?) at West Bridgford Preparatory School , always known as "Miss Marriots" 1952-1956, South County Junior School 1956-1959, and then Bramcote Hills Grammar School 1959-1966. Might be able to contribute to one or two threads, memory permitting