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  1. Yes, I remember Brassey Street rec. I thought it was a good idea to bury my silver charm bracelet given to me as a bridesmaid gift on Brassey Rec. Of course the next day when I went to dig it up I couldn’t find it. We lived in three different houses on Independent street, number 69 from 1956 to 1962 then we rented the shop on the corner of Independent Terrace, 70a, and lived there for a few years until we moved into number 69 over the road. My Dad had a haulage business which he ran from a warehouse on Independent Terrace. He supplied peeled potatoes and chips to chip shops. We lived next door
  2. Phew! Thank you for taking time to respond. So I haven’t made this up!
  3. Help please! I hope I am not imagining this. I was born in 1951, I lived on Independent Street and went to Douglas Road school. I remember walking home and cutting through what must have been Radford mill. I walked up Garden Street then went left into a factory area. I walked through and came out on Norton Street. Now here’s where I am struggling, I vividly remember seeing small boats floating in a small pool on the right hand side as I walked through. Was there some sort of boat repairer there? My brother who is 3 years older than me thinks I am making it up, I can’t find anything about it so