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  1. Hi all who are interested in Old radford and the Great War ..as many of you now know the memorial on the banks of the Trent is now complete . It's pleasing to know thatNottinghamshire has the unique position of the only county to place all the men from their shire onto one memorial . A few minor touch ups are going on at present around the path and site. The. Fallen are listed alphabetically in years they have been listed as died or killed .i have found 4 memorials from in and around Radford that were not listed and passed the images and lists of men to the main researcher Dr David Nunn . They are apes ent being researched. To add their names to the memorial if not listed . any further help on any of the names . From Radford please post me a message . rearguards . Brian ...p.ss am in Thiepval until Saturday ..if you require info on any man missing on the Somme .please post message before 12.00 today
  2. Hi , Melissa? , if you live on Garfield rd and are interested in Old Radford history ..... Are you aware of the first world war memorial that once stood above an entry on Garfield rd ... It was raised by the members of the families and Garfield rd community who,s sons fathers brothers and lovers who were killed in that war ..... Although it is still around . It no longer resides on Garfield rd . It it inserted into the wall of the church of St. Peter's on St. Peter's st ... On a back wall far way from the eyes of the general public , very sad .. I've cleaned it twice in the last 10 years of moss mad marks .and cleared bottles plastic bags and cans away from it .. I,m thinking of starting a project to get it moved into the church for safe keeping ...... Especially as it's the centenary of the war this year ... Regards Brian
  3. Hi , this year I was at wollaton park for the vintage car rally , think it was 1st June . On one stall bizarrely sat a framed photo of the J.Players and son Roll of Honour of their war dead and the regiments the served in and the dept they worked in . A guy from Chesterfield had the stall and was selling the photo for 4 quid .... I went to asked him where he,d got it from ...... When another guy picked it up and paid for it before I could make my purchase ..... Hey Ho .... He was kind and generous enough to let me photo the photo which was in a glass frame ... So didn't get the bet result . However I have managed to transcribe accurately all the names of the men ......... Now who were you looking for ? I may be able to help you . Regards Brian
  4. My grandad used to drink in the white hoss and the marquess ..... Family legend was that Alan Sillitoe was my aunts Barbara's first boyfriend .... Well a couple of years before Alan died he came to waterstones in nottm on a book talk and promotion . I went along to listen to the legendary man . After the tallk he was signing books , I had purchase two and asked him whilst he was signing if he could remember the Sisson family In particular Barbara ...... He talked for 10 minutes on his memories of the street of Radford and his first kiss with Barbara ....... He was a wonderful raconteur .
  5. I have found a Charles Stevenson 1 battalion grenadier guards died of wounds 17-9-16 born and resident in Radford ?
  6. Hi Bilbraborn ..... There was also a James Hill from Radford who was killed in the first war ..... Any idea if he was a relative , he was commemorated on the Christchurch memorial .... Now demolished. My grandparents lived off Salisbury street cheek by Jowel. With the sillitoes ... Would be interested to see your grandfathers documents at some point . William who was gassed ... Strong men in those days what they endured is truly heroic. The Robin Hoods were the 7th battalion notts and derby regiment who had it bad at Gommecourt . Does his paperwork say were he was gassed?
  7. Gran , is she told you otherwise , it was children should be seen and not heard
  8. Hi all Radford and Sodom searchers , I am looking for info on men and women who served or were killed in the great war 1914 - 1918 . Was your ancestors in the conflict
  9. I used to play football with my mates in front of chesil cottages in the 60's my mate Segs father owned a shop of Canterbury rd and st Paul's st .
  10. Hi my grandad worked down wollaton pit and radford pit .. His father worked down Clifton pit and radford pit . His father was killed down Clifton pit in 1863 evening post carries a full post Mortem report . Only found this out when I visited the Wakefield library with all the volumes of pit accidents in Great Britain in the last 150 years . My ancestors have worked down pits from trowell , wollaton bilbo rough radford since 1750,s .
  11. Hi Bilbra born . What was your grandma called
  12. Unfortunately the Nix on the st Peter's St Sunday school plaque is a G, Nix ...... I wonder if they are related W. Nix and G.Nix in the same street areas of Radford ....... Seems plausible ... I know Dorset street quite well , and some of the residents from the 60 . Mathews , Hopkinsons Winfield's, Bamfords , plus 2 widows who's husbands who were killed in the Great War . I was in France last year just photographing war graves of men from Radford . We lived at no 1 Canterbury rd on the hill next to Atkeys garage which changed to Honda motorbikes then ...... Whatever . I moved out in 77 as the last of the clearances took place . How do I start a topic on the subject of men from Radford in the Great War ..... Is it a goer support and advise will be well received . Hope the newbie ... Meoweed. Gets in touch soon . I may still be able to help .
  13. Well , I've found out my list is for St michaels and All Angels not All Souls ..... This was the church that was demolished at the junction of Hartley Rd and Alfreton rd .... I wonder if this is what the guy called Hans had on his fire place in the large picture frame . As Hartley rd does not adjoin Ilkeston rd . I have been trying to research Radford war dead from 1914 -1918 for a few number of years now . If his frame contained all the men of Old Radford , New Radford and the streets surrounding .it would contained the names of approx 650 plus names . They would certainly fit into a 4 ft by 3 ft frame but be very small writing . However each church was recommended to illustrate the names of all the men who were serving as well .... Hyson green has a fine illuminated copy as an example . Which is hanging just inside the church . If anyone has information on any men from Radford who died or served in the Great War I would be very grateful ... Getting back to the original quest .... I have a photo of the St. Peter st Sunday school Were I attended in my childhood, it has a memorial .... All those whose remember the Sunday school , The entrance was by a side door on Bramcote street and you went downstairs to the function room and upstairs to the meeting area . Well in the main meeting area there is a brass plaque behind the projector screen with all the men who attended the church or Sunday school and were killed in the Great War .... Nix is on this plaque ..... He's not on St Peter as ascertained by the meeowed ...I hope this has been of help to you ..if I knew how to upload the pictur I have I would send it .... I still live in Radford . I can make a copy or photograph it again for you and send by email ... Bugsy . P.s my Grandfather used to have a small business on Bulwer rd with a horse and cart selling firewood can anyone remember him and his sons who worked for him .
  14. Hi , I'm new at this game too but have put 2 message s up for you about this I'm an old radford chap born on Canterbury rd , I have all the name a of the radford men who's names are on the All souls church memorial , it was demolished but a choir boy or a church member wrote them all down prior to demolition , I have a copy of this .