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  1. If not fussed about TV, goto Plusnet. Watch out on Money Saving Supermarket as there will be some more £100 cash back deals shortly . It's all on the BT Infrastructure and doesn't use outsourcing in the support department.
  2. Sandon St has never been Sandon road , all the plots were auctioned as 'Sandon St , Late of Newcastle St'....
  3. so, no movement on this yet? ;-)
  4. once the transponder is off - the only things that can spot a plane is primary radar , WW2 era, which looks for metal things in the sky. It cannot identify such things. Very little of the earth's surface, including overland, is covered by this.
  5. the exact same thing goes on today via the fares wars. The number of start-ups that nctx has muscled out by running loss leading fares on a temp basis is disgraceful. Frankly, as the council own most of the shares, you'd expect them to try and shine some sort of moral light on the pratice
  6. cheers all. Just waiting on an additional lens then happy snapping
  7. I think for what you get, the fares are decent.If they were going up and you didn't see investment, then I'd moan. Sure some costs are rising, and the fuel VAT refund allowance is being hacked - but it is there to make a profit, or not to be subsidised at any rate. There are always exceptions, naturally, but I find the buses clean, a good frequency, and relatively piss free.
  8. Ok, I confess. I'm a Londoner, and my Notts knowledge extends to about 8 years. So, for that reason (i) I dont know the surrounding area too well, and (ii) I couldn't drive if my life depended on it so rely on public transport (or possibly a well-bribed other half). Recently done a massive kit upgrade and keen to get out and about. Unfortunately my job means I am only home at weekends for the near-term. So, could any reccomend 'dead certs' for landscapes that could be got at with public transport? I'm initially thinking just head out to the Peaks, but hey, thats a big place when you've only
  9. a very very long time after the OP, but did you get the group up & running, and is it still there?
  10. getting the bus down all good, but I've had issues coming back if there are delays. If there are 2 or more of you, 120 squid from the folks at D&G has someone waiting for you on arrival, and dropped at your front door
  11. yeah, its interesting stuff. I've seen quite a lot of 'about 18xx' when it comes to some of the birth dates on the older census.... Yup @DaveW. I can see the age gap is a bit too much for those two to get married, by any standards. So I'm left chasing the mysterious Dorothy, potentially of 6 Shakespeare St. I would end the quest at the stage, as the Soar's have now moved out of the house and I should start on the next bunch, BUT, they still own it for a while, as I've seen adverts of Ben jnr renting out flats in it, so they are still caught up in the timeline. Hopefully the chaps down the arc
  12. I walk past that nearly everyday. Perhaps there will be one of those engraved stones above one of the entrances to help identify it...Might take a little stroll.....
  13. dam, I'd looked at picture the past, but I could see there were c16 schools listed the area along radford road at one point, trying to pull them apart was nigh impossible. However, maybe a process of eliminaton could be employed - I guess there couldn't be too many female head mistresses at that time? Have set the other half to work on that. In other happy news, the story of the original inhabitants are now complete, they are all buried in one plot around the corner, and even tracked some old news clippings - it would seem Mr Soar was quite a cad.....
  14. Hmm, so it seems you could put pretty much you wanted on some of these forms? And there I was worshipping the accuracy of Victorian & Edwardian bureaucracy.
  15. I've no kids on that particular path of descendants.It gets a bit messy. Found a potential Dorothy Frances Soar who was born in Notts and died in Chichester. Then I started down an alternative route where an Anne Marie Smith married a Ben Soar in 1902, with a kid along in 1904 - Lilian Mary Soar. It looks like she was farmed out to her uncle in Codnor as per the 1911 census. However, I stopped pursuing the Anne Marie theory due to the primary evidence of this 'widow' of his at 6 Shakespeare St. Whilst browsing the papers archive, I also came across a little gem about Sandon St itself. A bit
  16. My quest to track down some folk continues. Would anyone know what became of Radford Rd Council School , potentially aka New Basford Council School. I know it was in business in the early quarter of the 1900s at least, but that's all. Cheers
  17. even then I'd still need a certificate ;-) q-widow question. She shares the same surname, could she be described under probate as that if it wasnt her married name?
  18. the mystery continues. It appears their daughter, DoraM died a Spinster in 1910. The sons future is harder to trace. I've got a death certificate tying in with a probate that has him down Shaftesbury Ave, Notts with a widow 'Dorotht Frances Soar', but cannot find a marraige record, but likely have a son Ben who married Bertha (you couldn't make it up!), but the lack of marraige record riles me. The other possible path is he married someone called Anne Marie Smith in 1902 in Basford, having a daughter Lilian born Codnor 1904. @Michael Booth, do you think either of these routes are your ancest
  19. Theres a John H Hickling in the 1911 census, born 1901 in Radford, and was as schoolboy living at 33 Forest St Hyson Green. Quite a squeeze - there were 8 of them at that address. Still, not much different from some of Radford's current HMOs '-) Adults George & Fanny, children John Henry, George ,Frank x2, William and Nelly.
  20. excellent stuff, how do you access the old newspaper archive, is it possible online?
  21. perfect, thanks. Got the Nottingham archivists digging into them for me as we speak, and can then start to work out from there.
  22. thanks for sorting that, I was scratching my head, and that of me retired miner uncle, to locate this mystery pit at the end of st - especially as the coal survey cam back fine!
  23. Hi All. Cliff-Ton. The theory comes from here, . suggesting Sandon used to be Newcastle. Going through the old Wrights directories, 2 Newcastle's existed at the time. One adjoining Parliament St and another listed in the park, so had to rule those 2 out. Michael - bit of a blank canvas. I'd like to put a bit of meat on the bones of all of those who lived here. I know Ben Soar married Dora, had kids of the same name, and over time, he worked up from clerk, to insurance agent to estate agent. No idea what his kid