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  1. do you know if trev wood still around..i live in grantham now and an old bloke was telling me he knew a trev wood in notts, big hard bloke, would like to get in touch..they used to go on jobs together I believe, not quite sure what that means!--blokes name is VIC, aged about 71

    1. benjamin1945


      Trev Wood an old school mate of mine,,great character,,not seen him for about 4 years,as far as i know he's ok and lives in Old Basford,,last time i saw him him he did a job for me at an hotel in town as a Presenter at a Boxing event........known him all my life.......and yes a big hard bloke,,but if you really know him   a right pussy cat.....a typical Bestwood lad,, could tell you many stories of me and the man..............

    2. micksmith


      thanks for that --I have told the bloke I know in Grantham, would like to get in touch.

    3. benjamin1945


      Mick,,give me the blokes full name and how he knows Trev,,,and i'll give Trev a ring