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  1. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    I find the whole Brexit thing almost funny, this is not Political,,its just an observation,,, we voted for summat we didnt have a clue about,,leavers and remainers,, now we all fall out with each other about it,, but still don't understand it,, UKIP have vanished,, can't blame em,, but they did start it,, suppose its all part of being British,, no other country are like us.............
  2. I know what you mean Ian,,even in the good times always felt ""got to be summat else"" I never blamed anyone else for my mistakes,,all down to me, always looking for ""Rainbows end,,waiting round the bend "" ey up song coming on,, CARNIE. Lol
  3. benjamin1945

    Back In Time For School

    I thought Rose hill,,because the lad next door to me when growing up on Bestwood estate went there catching 2 buses, He was six years older than me and a very bright lad,,who suffered with Astma,, so thought Rose hill was for Astma and the like sufferers,,sadly he died at only 18,
  4. benjamin1945

    New Member Here, Hi From Greece

    Yes he would have loved having a smoke out back at Wetherspoons,,with me, Chulla, and Trogg,, Me talking about ladies and clothes, Chulla reciting his Poetry,,whilst Trogg could keep us supplied with Coffee's,, Lol,,
  5. I left Nottingham in 1975,,after being offered Sales Manager position for East Anglia,,so up and went,, As much as i love Nottingham would do the same again,, came back divorced,,skint and single parent,, its been a rocky ride,, never a dull moment,,loved Peterborough and Norwich,, ahhh love to do it all again,, well most of it,, lol,
  6. benjamin1945

    New Member Here, Hi From Greece

    It was about ten years ago,,and the Byron society had the painting to display in the church, As always there was a funny side,,i was asking the main man from the society where Byron was,, ""you're bleddy standing on him"" says he. Lol,
  7. benjamin1945

    New Member Here, Hi From Greece

    Don't know about his heart Jill,,but his body is in a tomb in Hucknall church,,i had the pleasure of looking after the painting of Ada lovelace,,overnight in the church,, just me,,lord byron and Ada,, can't say it wern't spooky,,
  8. benjamin1945

    Forest Manager

    Keep hearing and seeing the Media refer to these two as ''Legends''.................Legends they are not.........!!!!
  9. Sorry Margie,, i wouldn't be so cheeky as to suggest Viagra.........i was refering (sp) to the Worming Tablets,,!!!"
  10. And so expensive,,,,couldn't afford em.....even if i needed
  11. Paul doesn't take them, does he Margie ? lol
  12. benjamin1945

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    Close then miles ?
  13. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Always prided myself with a great memory.......but the other day 'bumped' into a bloke who ive known all my life and see quite often,,,,,''Ey up'' Donold i said,, his name is
  14. benjamin1945

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    The only thing that looks familiar Red is the ''Line of trees'' in the far background ,,which would be Bestwood estate,, so are you standing in Hucknall ?
  15. benjamin1945

    Keep One Drop One

    Floor Walker
  16. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Had a spending spree in Bulwell this shirt,,3 pairs socks. and 3 T shirts all for £25 Wife also extravagant £3 on socks,,, tut,, Also had the pleasure of 'Bumping'' into an old friend off Leybourne drive,,more a friend of my late Uncle John,,,he used to run Bestwood Old Boys football team in the 50s,,...........he also remembered Trogg and family who he said lived 2 or 3 doors away ?.........Barry Clark''' Trogg if you remember him? he had a bother Tony and sister Kathleen,,.
  17. benjamin1945

    Back In Time For School

    Rose hill?
  18. benjamin1945

    Remembering Nicky.

    My thoughts are with you Commo,,...........
  19. benjamin1945

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Whitemore Prison,,nr Chatteris,,did some work there,,and bought a Transit Van, £200,,
  20. benjamin1945

    The Lost City.

    Forgot all about them,, had a few nice Shirts from the one in mens clothes shops in Bulwell now........
  21. benjamin1945


    Raised again on the news today,,,NO Prison sentences for shoplifters.........and now even Burglers...........
  22. benjamin1945

    Vanished shops

    I took a girl out from there Lizzie,,beautiful she was,can't remember her name,might have been same time,,i had to do a runner she found out i was going out with someone else,,and got her brothers from St Anns on me case,, lol
  23. benjamin1945

    Vanished shops

    I remember the one on Mansfield Road Sherwood,, from when i managed Thrifty opposite side of road,,about 1967,,from memory it was between Pork farms and Brittons fruit and veg shop,,they always seemed to have the more mature lady assistants,,
  24. benjamin1945

    Buses in Nottingham

    Yes Den,,when i said London that was Croydon,
  25. benjamin1945

    Buses in Nottingham

    Blackpool Sheffield Newcastle London Nottingham Birmingham/Wolverhampton Would guess the others in Scotland Glasgow/Edinburgh,,? Nearly forgot Manchester