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  1. A few years ago i jumped a red light under the m1 at Tinsley viaduct ,i was talking to my passenger and just not paying attention,the police pulled me straight away,they had me bang to rights,while sat in the police car i said,yes guilty i was just telling my mate ive worked up here in Sheffield alot and the people are really nice,AYE SAID THE COPPER,BUT WE: ARE FROM ROTHERHAM
  2. humour makes the world go round,i am sure if people saw the funny side of life more often it would be a better place,shame its not taught in school. ive found humourous people all over the country. even in yorkshire
  3. Shane mcphilbin from Bulwell is a prime example of boxer/bouncer today, won the British title only last year and still works as a doorman,i believe he also runs a boxing club for aspiring younsters in the Bulwell/Hucknal area
  4. Ashley do you remember her dogs name//?
  5. used to supply security (bouncers) (doormen) to boxing shows in and around Nottm,victoria baths,albany hotel,mansfield leisure centre among others,had some memorable times,mostly funny but some a bit airy.One that stands out was at the Albany around 2001,a famous (infamous)gang from Bestwood attended in force,must have been about 15 of em,and iam sure several undercover coppers were there as well.everything was going well,until the Brummy comedian came on,his jokes were naff and his accent you could hardly understand. This didnt please the Bestwood fraternity and all hell broke loose,objects thrown into the ring and loads of verbal,my lads managed to get him out the hotel unscathed and he even refused to take his money,vowing never to return to nottm.once he had gone it all calmed down,and it was a really good night.
  6. before jet travel and even afore we all had cars do you recall the day trips to exotic places like Belle vue,dudley zoo,skeg,cleethorpes,away matches to see notts or forest,wickstead park,and the old buses.sometimes organised by a pub or just someone down your uncles used to be members of the Old angel pub fishing club and often took me with em days i will never forget
  7. just recalled some more,wollaton thursday,ncs dairy,notts fire service,
  8. dont recognise garfield st but as it was adjacent to denman st i ought to ,worked there at vernons grocers in the 60s
  9. thanks for that LizzieM,YOU ARE RIGHT,there are nice folk down south as well,and yes the laungage of nottm. has changed
  10. apology accepted darkazana, :biggrin: anyway i agree with your sentiments,cmon Lizzie m ,wheres yours
  11. my question was,#1,do you feel more north or south,i know we in the midlands
  12. man living on the England/Scotland border ,it ran thru the middle of his house,was asked by the local authoritys, WEVE GOT TO PLACE YOU IN ONE OR THE OTHER,WHICH COUNTRY DO YOU WANT TO BE IN? england he said, WHY ?they asked,he replied "CANT STAND THE SCOTTISH WINTERS !
  13. the county borders are well wobbly,did you realise that parts of notts are further north than parts of yorkshire and even as far north as Liverpool,so we cant be midlanders can we
  14. #3 So why was lincoln in 3rd division north,and south of the Trent,anther conundrum,only joking,Andy
  15. I know geographicaly nottm is in the Midlands,but when iam down south they call me northern and vice versa a southerner when up north,ive always felt more northern,the way we speak etc. i just remember when the 3rd division in football was split north/south and the daft thing was Notts were classed as north and Forest south.would love to get your thoughts
  16. unlike most people i like the the Brummy accent and find them very humourus,a couple of years ago i made friends with a Brummy on holiday he had just retired,i asked him what he used to do,HIS REPLY,i was a cornsithere,A WHAT,i asked,HE SAID AGAIN A cornsithere,WHAT THE HELLS THAT? i asked,HE SAID I WORKED IN A THEATRE AND I USED TO TELL PEOPLE YOU CANT SIT HERE, :biggrin:
  17. one of me mams favourites, yo a bigger liar than DICK HART,,, can anybody tell me who Dick Hart was? mam was from Bulwell
  18. could have known em,wont tell you how LIZZIE,