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  1. East Yorkshire driving school,Friar lane,Nottm,1964,16 lessons,instructor named Keith,passed ist time,car was Triumph Herald
  2. back in the 50s all schools football was played on sat.mornings,kicking off mostly at 10 am,i plyed for Henry Whipple then Padstow and remember catching the bus to different school grounds,we played local Derbys in Bulwell against,St.Marys,Rufford,Springfield,Highbury and Bonnington,and travelled to foriegn parts to play haydn rd,Claremont,Huntingdon st,Berridge,William Sharpe,Players,Cottesmore,Whitemore, dont think they play sat.mornings now,could be wrong,thinking back we took the Teachers for granted who gave of their time,had some brilliant ones,H.L.taylor,mr Barnes,mr Harris,mr walker,m
  3. it certainly was,on at 1pm mon to friday
  4. ah yes, Lunch box,noele Gordon and dont forget the Gerry Allen Trio,
  5. had one in 2003 ,i was walking the hills in staffs miles from anywhere,luck saved me,i used to go every wed.and never took my phone for some reason Donna my wife insisted i take it that day, just managed a 999 and they found me in time took me to hospital in Stoke,there for week.and never looked back,used to be a bit of a drinker,not now except on special occasions,luckiely no scarring didnt need stents,then got other aint a bed of Roses,you be ok CAFTAN and as the nottm saying goes,dont let the Bastards grind you down,
  6. sorry that was meant for bilbra born,but all others welcome if it rings a bell
  7. i am from a railway family,both Grandads Shunters and wheeltappers Annesley ,Dad shunter and guard,i did 6 months as a Van Lad Midland Station 1960 on leaving school,Grandad was Secretary of the NUR Bulwell branch,plus i was Barman at BRSA Bestwood rd Bulwell circa 1963,does anything resonate with you?
  8. i know u will think iam tick thick but how do i i post I LIKE? TICK
  9. yes Henry Newton,year older than me,played with him at city boys trials,he was exceptional a wing half,he went on to play for FOREST AND EVERTON,AND I THINK ENGLAND UNDER 23S
  10. thanks Andy,i was only joking mate,i know you started it,and me and the wife laughed our heads off when i found it,i am certain it will help,so thanks again.
  11. ay up bilbraborn,bet i know you,obviously ex railway was you Derby or NOTTM?
  12. thanks piggy/babs/old ace/ you are all very kind,you are so right about the comarady already met some great blokes with lots in common at differnt sessions ive been to,their sense of humour and just talking makes you feel so much better,i am lucky had great family support wife and children,even ex wife
  13. when Birchenall was playing for Notts at the backend of his career,he told me he could hear someone in the crowd shouting,GET HIM OFF HES RUBBISH,turned out to be his DAD,
  14. Thanks for your kind words Lizzie, funny int it i came on nostalgia after diagnosis to keep my mind off things then some silly bogger does a topic on it
  15. just realised my wording above didnt read right,ie good to see!hope you all know what i meant,
  16. brilliant Trevor s,got diagnosed with prostate cancer myself in November,now on hormone therapy and start Radiotherapy in a couple of weeks,good to read all the above in similar circumstances and once again some terrific notts humour it has lifted my spirits.
  17. yes Ashley forgot Birch was at leicester,he still lives that way,Mountsorrell i think,and he still works on the promotional side for them,i think micky played for a few clubs before injuries forced him to retire.Saw em both along with David Pleat ex Mundella school then forest,at a reunion at notts co meadow club a few years back
  18. When i was at Henry whipple Junior school in the mid 50s we had some ding dong battles at football against Haydn rd school,and they had 2 players who really stood out,namley Alan BIRCHENAL who went on to play for Chelsea,Sheffield United and england under 23s,the other was micky SUMMERS,who Brian Clough sighned for Hartlepool,i think his career ended early due to injuries, anyway we still mostly beat em
  19. i was born in March 1945 on the old bestwood est about 6 weeks before the war ended,so i dont remember owt directly,however i grew up surrounded by lots of uncles and aunts and used to listen to them talking about war times.most of them very funny and my favourite was regarding my Grandad and grandma,bill and mary jackson,the story goes (and it may have been exagerated for effect)that during a raid Grandad was running for the shelter with his brasers trailing behind Grandma was running behind him(she was known for having big feet)and stood on his brasers whereby they shot violently into his ba
  20. 1st job at 15 1n 1960,van lad Midland station,7.30 to 5pm 5and half days per week,wage £4/10s,loved it still remember the drivers,Arthur Parr,Ernie Keetch,Don Brittain,Noel widdowson,Bill Howe and a German we called Gerry,lovely bloke was a prisoner of war at Wollaton and never went home,bet we couldnt call him Gerry nowadays,did job for 6 months then went to MARSDENS,
  21. a few more old favourites. Barkers potted meat,Binghams salmon paste,Parrs sausauges,Richmond sausauges,wonderloaf,Sunblest bakery and blanchards,duck eggs from melton,Bostocks Bacon,pyclets,colwick cheese,lard weighed in the shop,soaked peas with a steeper,ulster Bacon,Bev and Bon coffee ,there i go again,back to Marsdens