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  1. Not sure if there was a pownalls yard on the corner of Garfield road and Wyville St mid 70s, Can anyone confirm this? Also I do recall Jackie was a boxer????
  2. A song about Rock N Roll............. Always liked this one cranked up with a few bevies
  3. Wonders of a idiotic brain never seizes to amaze me, what's gone off in that cyclist head is no small problem, What a spoon.
  4. I use Netfusion or netobjects... nice professional easy to use software and would recommend it.
  5. One from Koko Taylor
  6. Right then guys I hope this works as its my first video post.... introducing Joe Bonamassa, Saw him at rock city years ago now he's doing places like the royal albert hall.... hope you enjoy.
  7. I was at that school and left for Glen Bott in 1975...... Teachers I remember are........ Mr Carter( mad about playing a clarinet) Miss Newton, Miss Gear, Mr Sayers(head teacher) Mrs Brown(the secretary) And what I remember there was a old picture hung up in the main lobby of My Sydney Pearson himself... Anyone remember? The kids at that school I remember are...... Roy Francis, Mark Pearson, Nancy brown, Peter Diamond, Debbie Husbands, Sandra croft.. Sandra who I still know quite well, Also on our school dinner time and breaks I remember there was a dear old man who wore glasses and a flap cap who used to come and give kids sweets and biscuits, One of the main sweets he gave was those little biscuits with the little twirl of icing on top of the biscuit. I think us kids called him Mr Clements. Can anyone remember him?
  8. Yes I would agree with most and should be banned. we ban most things what can cause a danger to life and property and lanterns no exception. we have to look at the divided line between harmless fun and the harm caused by these lanterns which is now evident enough that lanterns are causing more harm then good.
  9. I think the spitfire what fly's around Hucknall nowadays is owned by rolls themselves and was built in Aston.. It a regular sight around hucknall when it attends the yearly open day which the aerodrome holds in June/July time. In earlier post it was mentioned that the lighting was took from service mid 80s............. but I think that they kept two lightings on for high speed radar targets down at Hendon for quite bit of time after, Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Some fantastic pictures of old shippos lorry's..... enjoyable to see
  11. If we are talking about the brothers Chris and Tony Richards? I was one of Chris's mates form school but managed to bumped into him through pure luck after years with no contact after leaving school, I was delighted to see a old mate again and tony too, they are two nice genuine chaps. I text Chris to wish him a happy new year and was delighted to hear he just become a granddad, He seems to have loved his boxing for along time and Liverpool fc for as long as I known him... 11yrs old
  12. Hello Mike2me, I think we could be both right here, There was a Grocers shop on the corner of Garfield road and Colleridge street, The one I had in my mind was a off licence further up Garfield road and I believe that was called Moffatt's or Moffets. As I remember the brick work to the shop was painted white, The Grocers I think you picture I used to live directly opposite but strangely enough I forgot about that one until you mentioned Grocers shop.
  13. Thank you Commo, I will sure browse and post and like you said the site is great.... its certainly brought a few memories back form my days in Radford 64 to 1979. Just need to learn how to post my own post and ill be well away. Thank you Sir.
  14. Amazing pictures.... Garfield road the road I was brought up on. Thank you for posting