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  1. Who was the radio Trent DJ with the big mouth who used to insult all the callers when they rang in. Think he did a sports program. Also not sure when he joined but Kid Jenson was also at Radio Trent back then. I remember because when he left to join Radio one, I sold him a pair of Koss headphones (I was working at Laskys at the time) Apparently you had to take your own back then. One other memory I have about Trent is that I remember being in a queue to get into a nightclub on Wollaton street back in the late 70's (The name of the club escapes me) Dale Winton was in the queue ahead of me and
  2. Laskys moved to the side of the Council house in the early 80's it was actually brought out by Comet as I remember then closed down. The branch I am talking about is the original store that was next but one to Boots on parliament st. I joined there in 1975 and left in 1979 to work briefly a Jessops (John Lewis) in the hi-fi department (Briefly as in two weeks. then I moved to Greens (Now Currys digital).
  3. I have been trying to find some photographs or memories of Highbury Junior school. I went there from Cantrall Rd school (can't even remember how long for but I remember going back to Cantrall prior to going to senior school) I know the school was subsequently demolished as was the Highbury senior school, which you had to pass to get to the junior. I remember there were two old air raid shelters in the playground and you could actually go into a narrow section of each on the right hand side and stories used to go around that there was a dead German in the main part (actually I might have start
  4. It was in >general chat about Nottingham. I clicked, Reply to this topic, following a question from kevindolphin which started Hi this is a great site (It was back in 2008). The annoying thing is that it kept telling me it was auto saving...
  5. Earlier today I typed a rather long reply to someone's question about "Do you remember Tristram Shandy" a group from a club in Nottingham in the 70's. when I tried to submit my reply I got a message come up saying something about a mismatch and that I needed to log in again. It did seem to show though that my typed entry had been auto saved. Thing is I can't find it! any clues out there?
  6. Does anyone remember Laskys (Hi-Fi and electrical shop) on lower parliament street? It was next to the Golden egg a very upmarket (NOT) café and the MIltons head pub. I worked in Laskys from 1975 -79. Various managers and staff come to mind including Luke Weiss, Graham Wells, Ash Taylor, Alison, Julie, Rex Coker, John, Hank, Andy, Tony, Jane. I remember Graham and I borrowed luke's MG midget, one weekend and drove around Newstead abbey listening to pink Floyd with the roof down and the sun shining. Feels like yesterday even though it's forty years ago. Just brought a midget actually about the
  7. Until I saw the Comet speakers I thought I might have sold you that system in the 70's lol. I used to work at Laskys on lower parliament st, next door to the Miltons Head pub and the Golden Egg cafe. My first system was a Yamaha Sa600 amp, Technics Sl2000 turntable with shure M95ed cartridge and Ambassador speakers which I soon upgraded to Kef caprice 2's I also had an Audiotronic dolby cassette deck (Lasky's own cost £39) oh and a pair of Sennheiser HD424 headphones. I remember selling Kid Jenson a pair of Koss headphones when he left radio trent to join Radio 1. He had to provide his own hea