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  1. They dont Benjamin, were about 10% of the population i believe
  2. cant`t use my right hand or foot for love or money.... it annoys me when the computer mouse is situated on the right all the time , eg in libaries, airports etc , i have to unravel the lead to get it to the left, also signing in places at receptions . again on the right , i have to rearrange it so i can sign in , didn`t Hinder me in the least being a clever so and so lol
  3. Thanks everyone ! Merthyr imp. As regards teachers at blue bell hill i can only remember 1 Mr Gibbey was his name ! I think he was the head master . As im having a guess here . I left about 1970 -71 when the bulldozers were about . I was aged 8 - 9 then went to huntingdon junior school .
  4. Hi everyone well im new here suppose i better introduce myself a little my Names Stephen was Born and Bred in st anns.... 12 Alfred street south. from 1962 to 1970 went to blue bell hill school. Then the New Huntingdon junior school St Anns Then on to Manvers Pierrepont Carlton Road. stumbled across this site by shear luck having a good read already many memories have been flooding back , ive a real good memory back then when i was a kid, not so much now with modern day life ! Have a Good Day Folks.
  5. i watched the documentry yesterday, and to be honest some things on there did ring home . such as the outside toilet at the bottom of the yard . its was horrible cold, damp , spiders etc , in the winter the water was frozen , and the heating was non existant apart from the massive fire place in the front room , which i enjoyed watching burn every night , the tin bath was our only means of bathing in front of the fire, was freezing when we got out , then the sparks out the fire used to jump out at you ! was proberly the same for everyone else that lived in the old St Anns, we weren`t that poo
  6. Peter coffee and john coffee was my next door neighbour when i lived at 12 alfred st south .