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  1. Re: the original topic - Someone invented the transistor, I should know who but I don`t. No moving parts, just three connections, get a million in the volume of a paracetamol. Most items already mentioned by others on this thread depend on transistors. Life changing for every one of us and life saving for many. Fynger has a point. If a future researcher is faced with a mountain of waffle, with say 4% useful information diffused among it, he`ll go elsewhere. I note that one contributor`s post count went up by 3,000 in just a few weeks.
  2. mick2me @ #24 Like your new avatar. Too true Betteroffaghtonit!
  3. However, I suggest a possible workaround. When you post your message and it has turned into a solid paragraph, immediately hit "Edit" at the bottom of the reply panel and go back into the text and insert paragraph spaces. See if they stick. Thanks for the input Cliff, I have tried that as per my third paragraph @ # 30, but unfortunately, no joy.
  4. Thank you Stu: Yes, have done that but also composed the piece direct into the reply panel. Both methods still suffer the same problem. When I first experienced it, I wondered if it may be because I typed to the full possible line width in the reply space. So I tried only using about two thirds of the available width. For a couple of posts, that appeared okay, but the next I tried, it reverted to the problem again. On a few previous `offending` posts, I`v used the re-edit facility, corrected everything throughout a post, posted it yet again, and still it gets reorganised.
  5. I know this is the wrong thread but I don`t give a toss. I have a technical problem with posts, I`ve asked for help before but so far cannot correct the problem. I compose a post, it looks fine. I paste it into `reply` panel, it then appears, having been totally changed into one solid block of text. (See #27 above.) This not only makes the writer appear an ignorant prat, but far more important than that, it is now difficult for readers to use. It will be a problem with my system at my end, or one with the Nottstalgia site. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in
  6. Nice one Cliff. Thank you for the use of. 1. `Bendigo`s Ring`/Glade hill. 2. Edward`s Lane road over rail bridge. (Daylight visible under it) 3. `Poplars`, a residence during my time but later an infant`s nursery. 4. `The Limes` @ Arnold Rd./Ted`s Ln. junction. The one with the high, Bulwell stone retaining wall and the two vicious chows always barking down at whoever walked around that corner. Today, diagonally opposite, is the Police Station, on the site of a small unofficial tip. Between the tip and the Oxclose pub was a typical three-shop Co-op unit. 5. Scott`s farm, just
  7. I`ve been having problems editing text in posts. The final post always condenses the text into one continous block of text, without paragraphs etc., which makes it difficult for others to read, and in certain areas, distorts the meaning intended. I click `edit` and re-compose the piece. Then click `save changes` or `submit.` The intended post then shows with all the paragraphs ignored and condensed again. I go back, re-compose yet again, and again it `unedits` the work I`ve just done. Annoying. I`ve just tried using `Use Full Editor` for the first time, and this appears to work so
  8. Mick #11: In your example, where it reads, "Nottstalgia Forum Christmas Skin!" Underneath that there is light grey text which happens to be over a grey/white background. Are you saying you actually see that text as black? If you are, then these varifocal glasses are going back to the Poundshop sharpish - and I`ve only had `em three days! On the other hand, to be serious, maybe you prove Cliff`s point at #9 and you never even noticed the light grey text? In Cliff`s example, not only is there the light grey text, there is text below that in an even lighter grey. Look carefully,
  9. Ben, (Mr Definitive Bestwood!) Arnold Road was concrete surfaced you`ll recall. Between each bed or pouring, there were expansion gaps, filled with pitch. In the hot years, the concrete expanded, squeezing the soft pitch upwards We used to pull chunks out and chew it for hours. We`re still here though.....Did yo Bestwood lot try any? The parallel section of Arnold Rd., opposite the shops,where the houses were built later - did you sledge it? Start right at the top, on the level, not far from the original terminus for the no. 6, really long run, steep, a bit of a winding curve an
  10. Excellent Cliff, that all looks quite logical. Many thanks.
  11. Cliff, may I pick your brain yet again? I`ve tried using `search` but could not get a solution. What`s the procedure to get multiple images into one post from Photobucket? I don`t like taking up your time, direct me to an existing answer, by all means. Thank you.
  12. Dat #4: What was it you said two years ago that`s upset them? In your visits of recent years, were you aware of an ex teacher, Mrs Kwiatkowski, (formerly Cawthorne or Corthorn?) I know she taught there for quite some time. She is an ex neighbour of ours and is now a very good friend.
  13. Ian, ahv wokked it aht yoth - the latest reg. plate visible is `W` so it`s 1980 at the earliest. B.T. was privatised early 1984, that enabled me to buy the SLR. With the novelty and excitement, it didn`t take long for me to decide on a trip around the City at night, using available light. So, it has to be around late `84, 1985 at latest.
  14. Hi Pev If you fish the Embankment, you`ll have to carry your gear, and have no cover for toilet use. It`s all free ,yes. If you want to try it, do it in comfort. On the Google shot below, is Clifton Bridge. You`ll know it well and how to get there. Off the traffic island under the bridge, is Lenton Lane, the dotted yellow line gets you under the bridge. I`ve red arrowed a gate which is normally open in daylight, it`s right alongside the Sat Bains Restaurant. The Eastern section of the pink line, is Notts Fed. water, daytickets are quite reasonable. The Western section o
  15. I would have guessed a bit earlier Ian, although I`ve nothing really to go on. It was from my old, film type SLR, so no EXIF data available. Consoled? We`ll believe ya!
  16. Pev # 29: The Embankment is all still free fishing. May not not be as easy to park though, as you remember it. Try it, I`d be interested to hear how you get on. Most local club waters on the river are now abandoned. Take your pick!
  17. He did indeed Katy, me old pal me old beauty!
  18. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Kevin. I`m a bit puzzled regarding the dates. I went to this school from 1947 until 1951, aged 7-11 years, and as far as I know this was the normal routine. If your mum was born 1937, I wouldn`t expect her to have still been there in 1949. Possibly the school also had a primary department, which I wasn`t aware of. I don`t see any familiar faces on your photo, but I may have been a pupil in another class at the same time. We tend not to have much truck with others who are three or four years older or younger at that age, it`s half our lifetime`s diffe
  19. Thank you yet again, Cliff. Most helpful.
  20. Anyone else recall the `Utility` buses, mid-forties into fifties? No upholstery at all, just wooden slats to sit on and as backrests - highly uncomfortable! Here`s the Utiity symbol, on all clothing and footwear at the time: